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Going Through the Change [PDF / Epub] ✅ Going Through the Change By Samantha Bryant – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Going through the change isn't easy on any woman Mood swings hot flashes hormonal imbalances and itchy skin are par for the course But for these four seemingly unrelated women menopause brought change Going Through the Change isn't easy on any woman Mood swings hot flashes hormonal imbalances and itchy skin are par for the course But for these four seemingly unrelated women menopause brought changes none of them had ever anticipated super heroic Going Through ePUB í changesHelen discovers a spark within that reignites her fire Jessica finds that her mood is lighter and so is her body Patricia always had a tough hide but now even bullets bounce off her Linda doesn't have trouble opening the pickle jar anynow that she's a manWhen events throw the women together they find out that they have in common than they knew one person has touched all their lives The hunt for answers is on.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 250 pages
  • Going Through the Change
  • Samantha Bryant
  • English
  • 03 June 2015

About the Author: Samantha Bryant

Samantha is a middle school teacher by day and novelist by night She writes speculative and women's issue fiction with a feminist bent.

10 thoughts on “Going Through the Change

  1. Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Shelby *trains flying monkeys* says:

    MENOPAUSE SUCKS That's why these women in this book all need a bit of extra help Linda starts using Dr Cindy Liu's soap That lackluster skin dryness it goes away Then Linda wakes up with a different body part one morning She's a dude Now I knew this was fiction because she did not poke her husband with it or shake it in his face Because that's what I would have done Anyways she is now a big Hispanic guy instead of the sweet little lady she once was Her husband is floored Her kids are pissed I kept seeing her as this guy Oh yeah she has superhuman strength too Jessica is a younger woman that has faced ovarian cancer She is in remission but it sent her into early menopause Coupled with a self absorbed husband she has been having depression issues Her mom's friend Dr Cindy Lui sends her some tea that might help lift her spirits In the air Literally Patricia is a busy woman She develops a patch of itchy eczema and her best friend Cindy gives her a salve to use on her backThat salve has a few side effects Then we have Helen Helen is having some hot flashes Bad ones Her hippie daughter brings home some of Dr Cindy Liu's power protector pills Now she can throw fire Now Helen is the one of the group who likes her new differences She wants to keep them Then Dr Cindy Lui She has been doing a few experiments to reverse the aging process Then when some of these ladies have these changes she becomes intrigued Now I will tell you I believe this book is the beginning of a series because you really get no concrete answer and the ending is wide open It's still a decent read

  2. Phoebe Prince Phoebe Prince says:

    Going Through the Change is about four women who develop superhero powers via naturopathy and pseudo science Can you tell the problems I had with this book? There were lots of things to like about it as well but this is one of those 'you touched all the wrong spots' books for meThe book opens with Linda turning into a man This scene is done well and it stays on the light hearted side of body transformations Of course I loved American Werewolf in London so I clearly have a preference for gruesome body horror If you're a horror light weight this book should work well for you All the powers and changes work on a lighter level and the pacing never overplays the graphic aspects It feels like Adam West Batman versus Christopher Nolan BatmanPatricia was my favorite character I liked Jessica as well and all three of the main protagonists Patricia Jessica and LindaLeonel are all likable They develop authentic relationships and Patricia in particular walks an interesting line between being likable and competent She also is the character with the most dramatic transformation which endeared me to herNow onto the parts of the book I hated All of the characters develop their powers via magic emerald dust made by Dr Cindy Lu the Chinese doctormedicine womanmad scientist Superhero stories get away with a lot of 'how we got our powers' absurdity which is probably why I tend to loathe origin stories and this book is no exception There's the magic soap the magic tea the magic skin creamyou get the idea It's all based around pseudo science garbage which made for a doubly uninteresting origin story Yes Peter Parker got bit by a spider and that's stupid but he didn't bathe himself in freaking soap That's a new level of dumbIf you can get over the ridiculous kick off plot which I wouldn't blame you if you can't the writing is lighthearted and the characters work well The idea is hooky what if older women were superheros? and the book revolves around these female friendships Helen is the only character I considered underdeveloped but the plot makes apparent why that is Cindy for all that I hated the stupid reasoning she was a mouthpiece for is a paranoid and fully developed character that's struggling with the limitations of human knowledge and technologyThe story ends on a cliff hanger too but I was relieved and less excited Yes I want to know what happens to Cindy but if it involves emerald powder fake science nonsense then I'm not sure I care so much Still the seuel promises to be about Patricia which is great because she had concrete character development from someone who distrusted people and doubted others competency to someone that could be a team player I liked thatRating 3 stars There's nothing particularly wrong with this story and the right person might love it It's a uniue twist on the superhero genre but too cutesy for my particular taste which are apparently bloody graphic and crudehttpshdlynnwordpresscom201608

  3. Susan Swiderski Susan Swiderski says:

    This book was a fairly entertaining fast read but it wasn't uite what I expected The whole premise cried out for humor which would have made it much enjoyable Sure there was a tad but the story leaned much toward the science fiction side than it did the funny laugh out loud romp I was hoping to read Still? The idea of menopausal women gaining super powers is inherently funny I mean why NOT harness those annoying hot flashes and turn them into fireballs a gal can throw around? And why suffer from bloating and belching when a saggy old broad can finally put all that gas to good use by using it to defy gravity? I mean just think of all the money and aggravation a gal could save if she were able to fly wherever she wanted without having to be strapped into an airplane in front of a kicking loud mouthed kid or having to wait in those interminable airport lines? And itchy skin? What the heck; why not just be done with it and develop bullet proof scales and plates? You never can tell when that might come in handy The fourth member of our menopausal uartet has a slightly different change She no longer has to ask her husband for help opening a pickle jar Or for help reaching something on the top shelf or moving heavy furniture See the change makes her much taller beefier and endows her with super strength a deeper voice and LOTS of facial hair It has also endowed her with a penisSee? Lots of untapped potential there for laughs However even though the book disappointed me for its lack of humor it was still a somewhat enjoyable read It was definitely DIFFERENT One downside for me that it's a gasp cliffhanger I hate cliffhangers because they don't provide a satisfactory ending They're just jumping boards to coerce readers into buying and reading the next book in the series Series I can handle Cliffhangers are just plain annoying and manipulative That being said I will than likely read the second book in this series I'm hopeful that there will be humor in it If not I'm still willing to give it a chance I mean how often do you get to read about old gal superheroes?

  4. Rosie Amber Rosie Amber says:

    Going Through The Change is contemporary fiction most suited to women who want a light read about the menopause Meet Linda a woman going through the menopause who has been trying Ms Lui's Chinese herbal products to help her with her symptoms She's been using Nu Yu soap and it really has helped her become a new person in fact it's promoted such a change in hormones that she has turned into a manPatricia is an old friend of Cindy Lui she's suffering from itchy skin as part of her hormonal symptoms A hard nosed boss at work the cream that Cindy suggests makes Patricia's skin so hard she becomes bullet proofJessica is a much younger character a cancer survivor she has depression she's been drinking Ms Lui's tea to make her feel lighter and she literally is light now as she finds herself floating around the roomHelen suffers from hot flushes she takes a surge protector pill to give her a new super coolness but the heat needs to go somewhere and she finds she has the ability to make fireEven Cindy Lui has her own discoveries not ready to be retired off she's taken her own medicines which make her younger But what has happened to all these women? Why have they had such extreme reactions to Cindy's medicines? In an attempt to study the women Cindy becomes a sinister mad doctor rather than a friend to those looking for an alternative to conventional medical treatmentsThere is an abrupt ending which I now realise is a cliff hanger leading on to the next book in the series I think I'm left worrying about what the menopause has in store for me in the near future and I'll be looking at alternative medicine in a different light from now on

  5. K. K. says:

    This is an interesting and original take on the superhero genre As a fan of comic books I'm used to the origin story cycling around characters who are young just entering into adulthood but what if the changes happened on the other end of the spectrum? What if the knowledge of years of living could be brought to a whole new experience? This is what the novel focuses on and does so brilliantlyKnowing my tastes I instantly gravitated to Linda She could theoretically be seen as the character that had the most realistic changes applied to her or maybe the most drastic How would a relationship survive if one of the participants changed sex? What if the person you've been with your whole life is different yet fundamentally the same? It's such a wonderful journey and I'd love to see Linda and her husband in the future if the author revisits this universe I highly rec this book

  6. Sharon Bayliss Sharon Bayliss says:

    I selected Going Through The Change to be my first beach read of the season I wanted something light but not cotton candy fluff I had so much fun reading Going Through The Change I myself chuckling uite a bit It's basically a story about women who get superpowers while going through menopause If that sentence alone doesn't sell you then something is wrong with you The story is funny and clever and Bryant did a great job creating colorful dimensional characters Perfect for a light fun read

  7. N.N. Light N.N. Light says:

    As a woman who is going through the change this book appealed to me I enjoyed it and it had me laughing out loud It's very creative and there's nothing like it on the market Well written and highly enjoyable I recommend it to all women everywhere My Rating 4 stars

  8. Freda Mans-Labianca Freda Mans-Labianca says:

    So much fun and a story I easily relate toOkay so I am peri menopausal I'm saddened that I am not harboring some new found powers thanks to the change These ladies in this story made menopause kind of fun Just think for one second here if you got one power during menopause what would you choose? This book is a creative look at menopause with a twist Instead of just raging hormones what if we turned into a man? Or instead of hot spells you could wield a ball of fire? Cool right? So this was a uick read and I'm glad there is to the series I need to know what happened to the villain that got awayWomen get a copy Especially if you are over forty You'll have a blast reading it

  9. Kate M. Colby Kate M. Colby says:

    Disclaimer I received a free electronic copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review Going Through the Change by Samantha Bryant follows five seemingly normal women all of whom happen to be going through menopause However the change isn't all these women have in common all of them have undergone inexplicable bodily alterations that have left them with unbelievable new abilities Eventually the women cross paths and three of them team up to figure out what has happened to them Once they determine the common denominator they go in search of the person responsible and get much of a fight than they expected Going Through the Change is a fun and uick paced novel While it is obviously geared toward women especially middle aged women as a young woman I still enjoyed the novel and found myself relating to the emotions behind the character's experiences The overarching theme of the novel is body and female empowerment Each of the characters have struggles be it managing a family body or age consciousness or dealing with a stressful job However each of the characters grows for good or evil and learns to respect herself and take pride in her new abilities As someone who cares deeply about female empowerment I adored this message and the playful way it was portrayedThe characters themselves are mostly well developed and Bryant does a masterful job of interweaving their lives Linda Patricia and Jessica are all well rounded and complex and their cultural and experiential differences keep the novel feeling fresh even as they go through similar or the same events Likewise these three women provide enough diversity that every reader should be able to relate to at least one of them Moreover Suzie and Eva two of the side characters are rock stars in their own respect and David Linda's husband shows his depth in the way he handles Linda's change and eventually overcomes it to support herA few characters that I would like to have seen development from are Cindy Helen and Nathan Admittedly Nathan is a very minor character and perhaps having one that is just a jerk is fine but I would liked to have had from him jerk ish or otherwise so he did not feel uite so two dimensional As to Cindy and Helen both of them begin with strong personalities and clear motives However I felt as if a switch were flipped and they changed into new people a little too uickly Granted going through a supernatural change must be rather shocking but I would have liked to see a gradual change or at least some sign of indecision or inner conflict from themAs previously noted the plot of Going Through the Change moves uickly which is something I like as a reader The fast pacing keeps the novel fun and the twists keep the reader engaged The chapters ended in ways that encouraged me to keep reading always wanting My only complaint is that the novel seemed to end rather abruptly It is clear that Bryant is setting us up for a seuel as there are many important issues left to be resolved However I felt like the book went from epic fight scene to stop in a rather short span of time with little to no winding down While this will be a fantastic asset when a seuel is ready to purchase right now I feel like a bit like someone turned off my movie three minutes before the creditsOverall Going Through the Change is a fun and exciting read It is inventive and unlike any superhero novel I have ever read In one of Bryant's author biographies she states that she is a fan of comics and Joss Whedon and it shows in her spirited novel and empowering themes If you love superheroes feminism and a dash of humor you will love Going Through the Change

  10. Barb Taub Barb Taub says:

    I was excited to read the blurb for Samantha Bryant’s Going Through the Change because I thought the concept was simply wonderful Take a bunch of relatively normal post menopausal women and give them superpowers What sort of awesome things would these middle aged superheroines get up to? With great powers what would be their great responsibilities—gun control? Health care? Education? Ashley Madison adultery websites? Would they need bifocal face masks? Forget each other’s superheroine name? Worry that they’ll be too old to legally fly and have to hang up the cape? Struggle to maintain their secret Fortress of Solitude and Super Buick on an income that’s only two thirds of the average male superhero’s take home? Would they face a glass ceiling that younger male superheroes fly past?Bryant does a nice job of introducing the various characters as they acuire their superhero trope powers—strength fire flight invincible armor We hear a bit about their normal lives before they go through the Change Only for these women menopause doesn’t just include hot flashes Their inexplicable new strengths force them to reevaluate their lives and priorities One woman turns out to be the supervillain and picks up a henchwoman One acuires a sidekick There is mention of the genre defining “With great power comes great responsibility” mantra We see these women as they start to figure out who their enemy is what has happened to them and how to combine their strengths to work together Reluctantly they realize that their “great responsibility” includes protecting each other and innocent bystanders ExceptExcept why is the “strength” superpower defined as turning into a male? Why is the real world Bad Thing that sparks the entire process not evil injustice or even a radioactive spider but age discrimination? Okay that last one could be pretty cool if it had gone to some kind of extreme but it was simply mentioned And above all why why WHY does the story not have an ending? Just as all of this realization is happening the book just stops Nothing is resolved or even defined If we want to know how anything at all turns out we will presumably have to buy the next book And—as I said in my cliffhanger rant here—that’s not acceptable behavior toward readers unless we’re talking a short serial with a new chapter coming out every other weekSometimes when I’m reading stories with superpowers I try to think how they would be told in movie or graphic novel form And I realized that this entire book would not exist The actual story would be the next book the huge conflict the big dark moment These stories are vignettes and they would be presented if at all in flashbacks or at best in brief opening scenes before the creditsSo here’s my review I’d give Going Through the Change three stars out of five for its great concept and character descriptions The writing and settings are professionally well done The pace is steady with plenty of tiny action scenes All that’s missing is the actual story But I think that author Samantha Bryant has that story to tell And with all the other things she’s got going for her writing I’d definitely take a look at that next bookI received this book for free from the publisher or author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

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