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Dragons of Faith Download Dragons Of Faith Author Michelle Anderson Picarella Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Faith For Faith And Soul For SoulDivision Was The WarThe Halt For Peace, It Stopped The LoveAnd Alone, Their Hearts Were Torn Christianity Hinduism Judaism Atheist Satanism Confucianism Buddhism A Keeper For Them All.Seven Dragons Must Join Together In Order To Open The Ring Of Heavens And Stop Mankind From Continuing Its Own Demise.

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    I loved how innovative this book is, having one cohesive main story with bits told by different authors with different styles and featuring different religious beliefs to boot I thought it was very well put together and portrayed a great deal about humanity as a whole.Bernard by Julianne Snow I have read this author s works before and enjoyed it Unfortunately when I read this story and the next story, it was a while ago and I have since lost my notes for them So I apologize to the authors for this, but I do remember I enjoyed this story and the author is very good at telling stories.Sarah by Daniel Picarella Again I regret I lost the file for the notes I wrote after I read this, but I do remember the betrayal in the story and how heart wrenching it was Well done.Rashmi by Frantiska Oliver Good and fascinating story about lasting friendship enduring for millenia.Asher by Richard Graham I liked this and have known people who were shunned by churches and even family because of that family s strict beliefs I like how, in the story, Asher learned by watching someone else s experience and therefore wnated to apologize to his brother.Cynic by Sean Hayden Very well written I enjoyed the Los Angeles setting Will look for by this author.Daigu by Marc Quaranta A serious, introspective piece that made me think about my own life, I enjoyed this story that covers many emotions and phases of life Antonia by Michelle...

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    I admit to being an avid fan and reader of 7DS Books short story collections, but this book stands out from the rest Unlike the normal yet intriguing short story collections, this is a pass along full book written by seven authors, each holding the dragon of a certain faith Each author did an impeccable job of obviously researching their dragon faith and entwining a properly matching personality As the story went along, not only does the author have to carry off the proper personality of their dragon, but that of each dragon before them as well.The faiths stood solid and strong, and without spoilers, the tale, all the way to the ending was majestic.The history of hidden dragons being the keeper of mankind was a fantasy gold rush.This is a mus...