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Writing Smarts: A Girl's Guide to Writing Great Poetry, Stories, School Reports, and More! Epub Writing Smarts A Girl S Guide To Writing Great Poetry, Stories, School Reports, And More Author Kerry Madden Varunahuja.live This Title Of The Popular School Smarts Collection Takes The Mystery Out Of The Writing Process Girls Will Learn How To Use Words Effectively In Creative Writing And In Their Schoolwork, With Topics Including How To Find Their Voice, Create Characters, And Tackle Research Papers A Handy Reference Section Provides Quick Access To Commonly Misspelled Words, Irregular Verbs, Punctuation Rules, And Ten Tear Out Creative Sparks Cards Help Combat Writer S Block And Inspire Stories.

10 thoughts on “Writing Smarts: A Girl's Guide to Writing Great Poetry, Stories, School Reports, and More!

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    LOVE this book It s so pretty and full of different writing inspiration American Girl is brilliant also found this at Goodwill

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    This book is a helpful book on how to write better papers and great poetry Writing Smarts breaks down all the compounds of writing a paper into making a huge project be manageable In this book it also helps you to catch grammar mistakes and to use exciting words to describe instead of words that are used all of the time Writing Smarts introduces two different types of poetry and explains how to write them It also gives many fun exercises to get you brain pumping full of ideas.Even though this wasn t the most entertaining book I have ever read, I m very glad I chose to read this book After reading this book I think I will be able to improve my writing skills by using descriptive words and make my writing ...

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    This was OK The prompts were fairly inventive, and editing info was solid, but the writing itself was somewhat vapid There is no hint anywhere that writing could possibly be a struggle whenever writing troubles are brought up, the advice ...

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    not what i was expecting I guesss, and wrong age range Would be great for elementary students Loved the graphics tho

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    This book really helps get your creative juices flowing There are all kinds of creative tips and tricks from this book that will surely be put to good use

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    It was okay.

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    This helped me as a child to learn how to write better.

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    Good help for simple writing assignments in like middle school, though I ve caught myself looking at it during my early high school years.

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    this is a very special book and educational too I plan to read it many time in the future.

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    Geared for kids girls for writing in school Still helpful though for first starting off with writing.

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