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Will Power (Djinn #0.5) PDF Epub Will Power Djinn 0.5 Author Laura Catherine Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk Ever Wondered How Will, Pyke And Mia Were Given The Job To Find Kyra How Did They Track Her Down What Was Will Doing While Pyke And Mia Watched Kyra At School Go Back To The Beginning And Find Out What Will S Life Was Like Before He Met Kyra See The Struggles He Faced That No One Knew About And Get A Better Understanding For His Relationship With Kyra.See Just How Strong His Will Power Truly Is In This Short Prequel To The Paranormal Romance, Djinn.

About the Author: Laura Catherine

Laura Catherine was born in Melbourne, Australia where she spent most of her childhood creating fantasy worlds and talking to her invisible pet cheetah who ran along powerlines.She completed a Diploma of Writing and Editing at Holmesglen Tafe where she learned a lot about turning her stories into actual books instead of just ideas hidden away on scrap paper in her desk drawers.Laura self published

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    I finally got a little bit of a Djinn fix Review up soon.Full review appears on my blog All the Bookish Love If any of you remember how I raved about Laura Catherine s Djinn, review here you probably know that I had grabby hands when Laura Catherine asked if I wanted to review her novella Well, of course I did It s a story all about Will Okay, okay, Kyra does make an appearance because this short is about how Will went to get Kyra, but still, it s all about Will.I was happy to finally get my Djinn fix, because the first booked ended way too soon for me, that I read Will Power in less than half an hour First off, it s really good Laura Catherine really knows how to draw the reader in to the story, even in a short story Secondly, we get to see a different side of Will, because we are seeing everything from his POV view spoiler How he feels when he transforms from boy to dog, how it feels to feel Kyra s touch, how difficult his ability is to handle His emotions just jump off the pages Reading about their encounter with the Blooders, really made me understand a lot of the hatred From the ...

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    I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review As you may remember I have already read and reviewed Djinn Will Power is the prequel to the story being told in Will s POV While reading this book you get to learn about the Djinn and Will s abilities I really enjoyed reading this I love that we get to fall in love with Will on a new level While he is assigned a job he knows he has to follow the instructions When his best friends find out he is going they will stop at nothing to go with him.When Will finds exactly what he is looking for he has to face the fact that he might have some feelings.I would recomm...

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    An incredibly enjoyable short story from the Djinn series, Will Power is from Will s point of view and exactly what I had been waiting for It s not a simple exactly the same story spoken in another character s voice It reveals so much about Will and his motives,...

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    William 3Will Power, is about before the Djinn book1 This book was told by William s POV I learned some things about the guard djinns and William s ability I also fell in love with him With William being ordered to bringing Kyra back, things get interesting. I love this book I want of William

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    Was not what I expected.I had already read Djinn, so see the short had me believing it would be about the next adventure in Kyra s story Instead I am rereading the beginning before kyra which I don t understand was not in the epilogue of the first book It was enlightening to read what le...

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