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Succubus Ascendant (The Telepathic Clans, #5) Read Succubus Ascendant The Telepathic Clans, 5 By B.R Kingsolver Nature Explore.eu Book 5 Of The Telepathic Clans SagaCorwin Has Led Clan O Neill For One Hundred And Fifty Years Nearing The End Of His Long Life, He Names A Twenty Three Year Old Girl As His Heir Not Only Is Brenna A Member Of Clan O Donnell, She S Also A Succubus, And Many People Disagree With His Choice When Corwin Dies, His Son Hugh Launches An Open Rebellion.But Brenna Is Named Heir Not Only To O Neill, But Also To Clan O Byrne, Where Clan Chief Fergus S Oldest Son Andrew Joins With Hugh And Finnian O Neill In Their Rebellion Faced With War On Two Fronts, And Rebels Using Terrorist Tactics That Capture The Attention Of The Human Press And Authorities, Brenna Must Fight Off Assassination Attempts While Trying To Consolidate Her Rule.As If All That Wasn T Exciting Enough, Her Friend Irina Is The Target Of Repeated Kidnapping Attempts By Members Of A Russian Clan Hoping To Protect Irina, O Donnell Mounts An Operation Against The Gorbachev Clan But The Situation In Russia Is No Stable Than In Ireland, And They Discover Irina Is At The Heart Of The Russian Clans Internal Plots.Confused Yet Be Glad You Aren T Brenna And Rebecca, As They Along With Rhiannon, Irina, And The Irish Clans Attempt To Sort Through The Mess In Succubus Ascendant, The Action Packed Conclusion Of The Telepathic Clans Saga.

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    Loved it so much I had to get the rest of the series

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    So Frustrating this series had so much potential I stick with my opinion after book 2 the author ether got bored or just didn t want to continue the story As I felt the author rushed to tie everything up in 2 books with a pretty pin...

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    loved it

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