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Dragon of the Stars ❰Read❯ ➪ Dragon of the Stars Author Alex J. Cavanaugh – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The ship of legendsThe future is set for Lt Commander Aden Pendar son of a Hyrathian Duke Poised to secure his own command and marriage to the ueen’s daughter he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his The ship of legendsThe future is set for Lt Commander Aden Pendar son of a Hyrathian Duke Poised to secure his own command and marriage to the ueen’s daughter he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goalsBut when the Alliance denies Hyrath’s claim on the planet of Kavil and declares war on their world Aden finds his plans in disarray Entrenched in battle and told he Dragon of MOBI :Ê won’t make captain Aden’s world begins to collapse How will he salvage his career and future during Hyrath’s darkest hourOne chance remains–the Dragon Lost many years prior the legendary ship’s uniue weapon is Hyrath’s only hope Can Aden find the Dragon save his people and prove he’s capable of commanding his own ship.

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  1. edifanob edifanob says:

    UPDATE 2015 03 01 My Full reviewReviewClarificationHow can I write and present a review of a book which will be released on 7th of April 2015?Because publisher Dancing Lemur Press LLC sent me an unproofed review copy of Dragon of the Stars 7th April 2015 Kindle ASIN B00S0DPUYU by Alex J CavanaughThe review copy I read for this review stands for 271 pages divided into fifteen consecutive numbered chapters Of course I tried to avoid spoilers and of course I will not answer the uestion What are the Kargrandes?CoverI think I'm not wrong when I assume that the cover shows the legendary Dragon A while ago Zoltán Gecse from RaveAir mentioned that the ship looks like a guitar or at least as a part of guitar Of course I do not know whether this was intended or not But it would be no surprise in case you know that Alex J Cavanaugh is a guitar playerNevertheless the cover shows a powerful ship and that this ship will play an important role within the storyAfter the successful Cassa trilogy Alex J Cavanaugh returns with a new space operaIs it old wine in new skins? On the contraryDragon of the Stars is a completely new story and comes along in a grown up and darker toneIt is neither hard science fiction nor tough military science fiction It is a space opera in the best senseThe story seems simple Two parties compete for the supremacy over a planet with excellent resources A legendary ship lost years ago could be the ultimate weapon to decide the conflictA young hero is send out to find the ship full stopBut Dragon of the Stars is the new book by Alex J Cavanaugh and anyone who read the Cassa trilogy knows that nothing is simple when it comes to books by this author Lt Commander Aden Pendar is son of a Duke His future is or less predetermined To get a command is just a uestion of time like the marriage with Arabella the ueen's daughter Of course he is totally cocksure of himself He is a well educated and talented officer but not good at leadership and his social skills are beyond averageHis life turns upside down with the conflict between the Alliance and his home world Hyrath which finally ends up in a warHis predetermined life is going down the drain The message that his promotion to Captain completely depends on his social and leadership skills hit him like an ice cubeIn fact this message is the end of Lt Commander Aden Pendar as we know him so far and the begin of the pregnancy of the new Lt Commander Aden PendarIt is the development of this character which drives the story The development is inseparably connected with the search for the Dragon Everything what happens with and within Aden Pendar is like a mirror of the conflict between the Alliance and Hyrath and the inner conflict of Hyrathian society There are a lot conflicts as one think at first sightThese conflicts emphasize in a striking manner that the world is neither black nor whiteIt shows the uality of Alex J Cavanaugh to describe battles without going into details but still delivering actionThe most important weapons in this battle except the Dragon are honor love fidelity and steadfastness expressed in dialogue and gesturesAnd all these conflicts culminate in a gut wrenching climax in form of existential uestions for Aden Pendar and a lot lot lot of other beingsSo far it seems that there is just one important character Aden Pendar But that is not trueThe story would not work without Cordell Byford and his son Arabella ueen Isidore Councilman Roystonar Shadvey engineer Vardy Captain Fyell Duke Balderic and StopThere is one person which must be mentioned in a review Tamsin PavottShe is an extraordinary young woman and absolute in her determination to prove herself on every level of her life Show follows her convictions at all costWith that I return to the beginning I did not mention a word about the Kargrandes The secret will remain until 7th April 2015Until then you should visitWhat are the Kargrandes?Every week you will get a new hintVerdictWith Dragon of the Stars Alex J Cavanaugh delivers a grown up thoughtful and a bit darker story for fans of space operaIt contains action on every level from space battles over word battles to inner battlesThe mirroring of outer and inner conflicts is intoxicating and will hook you immediately and does not let you go even after you have finished the book There are uestions and decisions which will keep you busyDragon of the Stars is a thrilling space opera with inner and outer conflicts and fascinating charactersAnnotationAfter reading four books by Alex J Cavanaugh I'm sure I finally found out the secret power hidden in the depths of his books It is the power of love A love which has nothing to do with romance or sex It may sound hackneyed But Look at the core of the characters look at their motivation Isn't it love in the end which force them to act like they act?For a better understanding I recommend to read following article Love

  2. Bob/Sally Bob/Sally says:

    Disclaimer I received an ARC of this title from the publisher in exchange for review consideration While I make every attempt to avoid spoilers please be aware that an ARC synopsis press release or review reuest may disclose details that are not revealed in the published cover blurbRepresenting a significant shift in both focus and feel Dragon of the Stars largely eschews the pulp adventure of Alex J Cavanaugh's Cassastar saga opting instead for a mature sort of morality tale It's a rather dark evolution of his earlier space opera themes and one with an air of desperation rather than optimism behind it but certainly no less exciting because of itTo put it in Star Trek terms this is Cavanaugh's DS9 to the Cassastar's TNG and that's entirely a good thingLt Commander Aden Pendar is one of the most intriguing leads I've ever come across in a space opera tale He's smart clever and technically proficient with an intuitive understanding of tactics and strategy Unfortunately he's painfully obtuse when it comes to how to manage or relate to other human beings He's coldly impersonal a stickler for regulations and uick to offer correction when appreciation is due He's admirable as a soldier but entirely unlikable as a leader or as a human beingIt's the growth and development of Pendar's character that really drives the tale especially once he's made aware that his long expected promotion to Captain is entirely dependent upon him learning how to relate to his crew While he does get the command he's always wanted it's a temporary command of a skeleton crew on a mission that seems doomed to failure The fate of an entire world rests uite literally on his shoulders and he has to learn how to relate to the officers inside the uniforms he commands if they're to succeedThe core conflict here the one around which the morality tale is based is exceptionally intriguing On one side you have the Alliance a group of races and cultures that are willing to go to war and destroy an entire planet to prevent one race from increasing its own wealth and power On the other hand you have the Hyrathians themselves a culture that's become wealthy through the production of a highly addictive drug and who are willing to turn a blind eye to slavery in order to gain that wealth and power It a conflict borne of fear prejudice politics and greed in which there really is no 'good' sideIt all of course leads to a desperate search for the legendary Dragon a ship with which the Hyrathians could claim immediate victory but which went rogue years ago It's a shameful secret that Hyrath has been content ignore and finding it promises to raise uestions and conflicts of conscience that it solves especially once we discover why it's remained lost for so longEven if this is a darker thoughtful tale Dragon of the Stars is still full of cinematic action seuences that even the most jaded space opera fan will love Cavanaugh maintains the intimate focus and uick pacing that we've come to expect of him and surrounds Pendar with a crew that draws the reader in and humanizes the tale providing the breathing room we need to allow for Pendar's growth It's still as fun and exciting as his first forays into space opera but the darker themes and deeper level of introspection absolutely elevate the novel to a new level Originally reviewed at Beauty in Ruins

  3. Christine Rains Christine Rains says:

    For Lt Commander Aden Pendar every step of his future has been planned He'll become a captain marry the ueen's daughter and then eventually take over his father's business Determined and confident he will not be deterred until the Alliance declares war on his world Only one thing can save his home the Dragon It is the most powerful ship ever created but lost amongst the stars Aden must find the Dragon to save his people but will this dangerous mission be his last?An incredible tale of determination loyalty and sacrifice We begin with Aden adeptly navigating through the tangled societal and political environment It in itself is intense even before Hyrath goes to war with the Alliance It was easy to get caught up in Aden's fierce determination in everything he does I was hooked on the story from page oneHyrath and the Alliance go to war over a planet with highly valuable resources Ships from all races face off in space The scenes are fast fiery and vivid What's even is how clever and daring Aden is in dealing with various situations It isn't all about who has the biggest weapons but tactical maneuvering and calculated risksThe characterization is phenomenal Aden can be a bit hard edged but I became immensely invested in him as the layers were peeled back I liked even the moral struggle about the Dragon and its secret Two of my favorites were Tamsin Pavott and Shadvey Pavott's unwavering loyalty to Aden was awe inspiring and I loved the little peeks we got of her as a person outside of her position on the shipI was already a fan of Alex J Cavanaugh before I read this book but DRAGON OF THE STARS is by far my favorite of his work It is space opera at its finest

  4. Charity Bradford Charity Bradford says:

    If you know me you know I've loved all of Alex's books This one was no different It's still got his easy to read style likable and realistic characters conflict on the personal and galactic scale and amazing world building that is easy to fall into I love that Alex writes complex stories that don't feel complex until you take a step back and really look at itThat's talent I mean there is amazing technology laced throughout this book but you never feel bogged down by it Alex also presents these great science fiction themes in a way that feels fresh and newLet's break things down Characters Aden Pendar is the son of a Duke In the beginning he is exactly what you think a person of his status should be Driven self absorbed focused solely on reaching his goal to make his family proud of him This means obtaining the rank of Captain and marrying the Princess This is what he wants This is what he will do The great thing is he isn't unnecessarily mean or vindictive to others around him He's a snob but a good guy War ensues and all of his dreams start to fall apart He's told he might not make captain I won't tell you why but is then given a ship and secret mission He let's the criticism guide his choices He makes choices that change his life and for the first time he's really alive The men and women who work under him like him respect him And thenwow we'll come back to thisTamsin Pavott what can I say? I love her She's strong but feminine just as determined to prove herself and eual to the task before her She really would follow Pendar to the ends of the universeTatton I really liked this guy At first you don't think you're going to for many of the same reasons you might not like Pendar but once again he turns out to be a good guy I like good guys He's got some growing up to do but don't we all In the end he's ready to step up to his challengesActionConflict Alex is great with this There are battles in space high speed chases and battles planet side inner conflict about right and wrong political conflict he's got everything Okay to sum up everyone is fighting over one planet and who has the right to mine it basically But nothing is straight forward as that The power source they want to mine isn't a mineral but a creature and someone's keeping secrets about it I think the odds against Hyrath were 9 or 10 to 1 Hyrath is stronger than all the other 9 but when ganged up on they slowly lose ground Luckily there's a ship out there called the Dragon It hasn't been seen for 20 years but it's strong enough to change the tide of the war But man oh man the secrets are deepSpoilers sort of I'll try to do this without spoiling it to bad I loved this book In the end Pendar has to make a choice that ripped me in two On one side the choice is simple and he makes the only choice he could It's the one that completes his character arc and shows how far he's come from that self centered man at the beginning He's the best choice to accomplish the goal AND he's really good at it after making the choice On the other side Pendar finally realizes how important other people are in his life He notices Pavott and gets a small glimpse of what life with love in it could be This happens right whenafteralmost same time as the choice is made The romantic in me was screaming Noooooo I was hoping there was another solution but I knew there couldn't be Ironically the romantic in me was also satisfied with the choice and the outcome in a perfectly tragic but hopeful way That probably doesn't make any sense but it will It will Just read the book when it comes outI give Dragon of the Stars by Alex Cavanaugh a 5 I am still thinking about that ending and it's been almost a week My rating scale for book reviews1 5 scale and what it means1 I couldn’t even finish it just plain bad2 I hope I didn’t pay for this disappointing3 I didn’t hate it but it was still missing something forgettable but inoffensive35 On the line between good and ok like not love4 Solid mind candy worth reading45 So very close to perfection must read5 I could not put it down and I’m still thinking about it a true treasure

  5. Wendy Wendy says:

    Dragon of the Stars which I won through Goodreads Giveaways is a compelling and gripping scify novel from the pen of Alex J Cavanaugh that begins on the planet of Hyrath where Lt Commander Alen Pendar the son of a duke is attending the Summer Solstice He has his life all mapped out to take command of his own spaceship and marry the ueen's youngest daughter only to have destiny intervene When the Alliance denies not only his planet's claim to the resource rich planet Kavil but also their seat in the coalition Hyrath faces a war that will bring its people to the brink of destruction unless Lt Commander Pendar can find and bring home their greatest weapon the Dragon a ship that disappeared into the shadowy depths of space years beforeThe plot is intoxicating as tension and suspense builds the closer the Lt Commander and his crew come to finding and bringing back the elusive ship With skilful dexterity the writer sets the stage in an emotionally charged war where injury and death stalk Alen Pendar's family and friends Rich and vividly descriptive the writer uses the sights and sounds of an explosive clash of wills that have spaceships battling for supremacy above Kavil and Hyrath Amid a storm of conflict that kills thousands Lt Commander Pendar is sent on a secret mission that has him not only unravelling the mystery of the Dragon but learning how to manage and care for a young crew; a uality his former captain found he lacked Woven into an imaginative and uniue story that's riveting from the beginning to an explosive climax there are strong elements of courage friendship and self sacrifice as fate sets a man on a journey of discovery that will earn him the esteem of a nation and the respect of a race of sentient beings The main characters are unforgettable and complex as they face challenges and make decisions that will change them forever Lt Commander Aden Pendar is charming ambitious and driven to succeed He's a man who's single minded self assured and a creative thinker but aloof from those he commands In a stroke of fate Aden learns to care not only for his crew but bravely sacrifices his interests to save the planet and people he loves Ensign Tamsin Pavott is a skilled proficient and dedicated weapons officer Clever smart and empathetic she will forfeit a normal life to be with the man she admires and cares for Although not overly prevalent in the plotline there is a lingering spark of deep affection between Aden and Tamsin that's almost tragicI thoroughly enjoyed the intriguing plot and characters that add power drama and passion to Dragon of the Stars This is not just a story about the retrieval of a legendary ship and an innovative weapon that could save two races from annihilation but it explores the conscience of a man who in a selfless act becomes a hero I intend to look for novels by Alex J Cavanaugh a science fiction author whose definitely worth following

  6. Randy Randy says:

    Lt Commander Aden Pendar thought his whole future was laid out As First Officer of the Hyrathian warship Ryzell and the son of a Duke expected his coming evaluation would earn him a Captain's rank and his own ship The plan then was to ask the ueen for her daughter's hand in marriage securing his rise in powerTwo things waylaid those plansThe alliance declared war against Hyrathia over their claim to the planet Kavil and his captain told him while technically proficient at command he wasn't ready for a captaincy He had no people skills when it came to dealing with the crew That would come in timeBut not nowAnd the war began going badly for Hyrathia While no other race could stand up to them the combined Alliance was getting it doneHyrathia's salvation lay in a ship that had disappeared twenty years before The Dragon had had a new weapon system that laid waste to an enemy giving Hyrathia victory then the scientist that had developed it had flown off without a word No one knew where or why It had not been seen found sinceAden's new mission was to take a handpicked crew find the lost Dragon and save Hyrathia from being wiped outA tall orderBut there was much going on Aden was to learnSpace opera by one of the finest young writers going today

  7. J. Dorner J. Dorner says:

    Doesn't matter the ship Son It's her captain and crew that make the vessel I knew as soon as I read Fyall saying that line that this book was going to drop an unexpected twist I was right Excellent endingThis is a classic sci fi story It reminded me of a cross between Star Trek the characters dialog and setting and the Stargate Atlantis Wraith ships one of the technologies I won a copy of this book thanks to an IWSG contest The writing is exceptional I'd like to get to know Aden's mother's dragons better I've had friends who aimed for the princess rather than the alternative they didn't see so I found that relatable But with what happens once he wises up yikes That's one heck of a twist I kept reading because I was very interested in the fate of the kargrandesI'm glad I read this and I look forward to reading by this author

  8. Medeia Sharif Medeia Sharif says:

    Lt Commander Aden Pendar full of ambition is about to marry the ueen’s daughter but then war strikesjust when he had so much going for him He has to find the Dragon a powerful ship that was lost in space because it can be the salvation of his people Can he and his crew find this mysterious ship? I’m not a big sci fi reader but Alex's series and sci fi books have been amazing Each book was better than the last with this one being my favorite There’s plenty of action character development and superb world building

  9. Toi Thomas Toi Thomas says:

    Every time I read one of Cavanaugh’s books I kick myself for waiting so long to read it This isn’t just another space opera; this is an amazing space opera by an author who’s known for adding layers you wouldn’t expect in such a story While I will always love the Cassa Series Dragon of the Stars blew me away I almost want to write fan fiction about this story I’m actually sad that this is a stand alone but I get why it might be difficult to continue the story When I first started reading about Aden and his desire to be captain of his own ship I didn’t really much care for him I did like his parents though The whole disagreement between Hyrath Aden’s home planet and the rest of the Alliance initially seemed as trivial as most political conflicts but it soon began to develop in a way that let you know was happening even if you didn’t know what I see most plot twists coming a mile away and even though I kinda saw this one coming I wasn’t expecting the finality of it I guess I kept thinking there was a “back door” or “ace in the hole” to be played after the ultimate sacrifice was made but nope It really was the ultimate sacrifice I mean like FOR E VER Like all of Cavanaugh’s books this story has layers Most people never get the opportunity to take on a true leadership role and might take for granted what all it actually takes to be not just an effective leader but a great one whose followers would gladly go to their death under such leadership This story shows what a sacrifice leadership and heroism really is and so much I finished this book feeling as though I was connected to the characters and the world’s in which they lived I want to bring all the Kargrandes home and let them eat my backyard And don’t get me started on Pavott; I so want to be besties with her I seriously need the following installments to be added to this amazing stand alone Pavotts back story preuel A history of Hyrathian dragons side story the life cycle of a Kargrandes told in a creative narrative one awesome diplomatic mission in the life and times of the new Captain Pendar But since these may never happen I’ll just have to be happy re reading this each year Recommended to anyone who loves space opera and anyone interested in reading a story they won’t see coming Suitable for all readers but meant for adults

  10. Donna Weaver Donna Weaver says:

    WHAT IT'S ABOUTThe ship of legendsThe future is set for Lt Commander Aden Pendar son of a Hyrathian Duke Poised to secure his own command and marriage to the ueen’s daughter he’ll stop at nothing to achieve his goalsBut when the Alliance denies Hyrath’s claim on the planet of Kavil and declares war on their world Aden finds his plans in disarray Entrenched in battle and told he won’t make captain Aden’s world begins to collapse How will he salvage his career and future during Hyrath’s darkest hour?One chance remains–the Dragon Lost many years prior the legendary ship’s uniue weapon is Hyrath’s only hope Can Aden find the Dragon save his people and prove he’s capable of commanding his own ship?MY TAKEAs with all of Alex's books I read this one aloud to my hubby We're both huge fans Having read Alex's Cassa series it was fun to see this new world that he created It because obvious early on what Aden's character arc would be That boy had his priorities mixed up I mentioned to hubby that Aden's problem was the opposite of Matthew McConaughey's character in the World War II film U571 In that film McConaughey was TOO close to his crew Aden is too removedAlex's writing has matured over the years I think this is his best book yet He took right into the world and I could see myself on board the various ships with him The characters were engaging and the storyline intriguingDoesn't hurt that there's an interesting twist spoiler alertOne thing I really wish had happened and it probably couldn't have because of the situation Aden is in at the end of the story was him challenging that ueen That he sacrificed SO much to save her sorry butt and then she dared to say he had committed treason by disobeying her an immoral and illegal order by the way just chapped my hide I wanted Aden to say something about that Ugh One of those times where discretion is probably the better part of valor But still lolFun read

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