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    Read using Kindle Unlimited This was a good end to the series, but it was also a little sad.Amber continued to be a strong character, and proved that right up to the end Her relationships with the people ar...

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    Great ending to the Trilogy Was again very short, but the story was good.

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    I read this series super quick, it probably took me about 3 hours maybe less As most were free thanks to kindle unlimited so I just sped through them fast I ll just copy and paste this review for all three of the books I read, as I m lazy and the points are the same for each book regardless of the ending of each of them.So this series is pretty weak, it has so many possible good things going for it and then it poof falls a little flat The story line is good, the writing is good but it isn t great, and to be quite honest it could be The scene is set so well but it just isn t developed enough Her descriptions of the surroundings are pretty good I felt like I was there but it just wasn t very strong The main is pretty weak willed, she has little personality and actually for someone to be quite ...

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Birthright (the Ashborne Trilogy: Book 3) PDF Birthright The Ashborne Trilogy Book 3 Kat Lilynette As Amber And En Continue Fighting Against All Odds For A Chance At A Future Together, Love And Confusion Collide In The Young Princess S Heart As She Beings To Suspect That Her Savior Isn T All That He Appears To Be.And When Amber Discovers The Shocking Secrets Behind En S Mysterious Past, The Star Crossed Pair Is Forced To Face What They Both Have Been Running From Their Entire Lives.In This Third And Final Book Of The Ashborne Trilogy, Sacrifices Are Made, Love Grows Eternal, And A Kingdom Is Forever Transformed As The Destiny Of Amber Ashborne Is Finally Realized.