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  • Kindle Edition
  • 235 pages
  • A Kiss of Cabernet (Love in Wine Country #1)
  • Pamela Gibson
  • English
  • 28 March 2019

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    What an enjoyable romance this proved to be, one where life definitely gets in the way and the best laid plans don t always work out as you assume though there is still the HEA you expect Jake Madison is having problems with his business ventures and is also terrified of his own deteriorating health He s owned the vineyard for six years but this is the first time he s come to visit He s visiting with a specific purpose to value the property before selling it to generate finances to keep his business ventures running His arch rival is out to ruin him and he has to fight back .Paige Reynoso is the vineyard manager She s devastated to realise his only purpose in visiting is to value and sell the place she loves and has dreamed of owning She s determined to show him the vineyard is a brilliant long term investment .The connection between the two is instant but both resist for very different reasons Her past is stopping her and his fears for the future are preventing him from giving their attraction the chance to develop any further With family secrets on both their parts as well as that dreaded rival, things aren t going to go smoothly for these two and some things won t work out at all However, this is a well written romance with great characters and there s no magic wand to overcome difficulties that life throws in their path, so it feels realistic than many such stories Th...

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    I like when the author s don t take the easy way out of tough situations There were two such situations in this book and I thought I knew exactly how they would play out One regarding Jake s secret played out exactly as I thought it would The other regarding his business ventures did not I like it when my predictions are wrong and I m still satisfied at the end of the story.I m not a fan of reading about no strings attached relationships and although this is what Paige and Jake were claiming they had it was obvious it was much than just lust driving them together As far as content this was not a clean read There was a sex scene that faded to black once clothes had been removed Also innuendo and mild language throughout I don t drink alcohol but actually I found the informat...

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    Okay I admit that sometimes I just move blithely through my little world and don t always pay attention to details Why do I say this Because I wanted to review this book thinking that it was a follow up to the Sauvi...

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    An enjoyable romance novel I loved watching the connection between Jake and Paige I loved seeing how sweet they were to each other and I liked that what was happening between the two wasn t easy I loved the passion that Paige had for her job and I loved how caring Jake was making hard decisions to not let any of his workers loose their jobs I loved that there was enough drama and romance to keep the readers wanting Overall this was a great and sweet book and I recommend romance ...

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    This is a sweet romance with two very real characters dealing with some tough issues The book is very well written but it was a little slowing moving in some places The characters were great and I think I possibly like the female character a little than the male odd This is one I th...

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    This is a sweet story that has very minimal swearing no f bombs and no on screen sex If you like books with sexual tension but fade to black sex, this is a great example of that Although this is part of a larger series, this story completely stands alone and there is absolutely no cliffhanger.I really really appreciated that the author wrote this story the way that she did She could very well have taken the easy way out when resolving the issues that drive this book, but she didn t and I thought that was surprising but also really perfect for this book Don t misunderstand, this book comes to a beautiful and heartfelt happily ever after, but Ms Gibson also deals with the serious issues in a really unique way As a reader, I very much appreciated it, even if I didn t see it coming.If you enjoy a story with two likable but imperfect characters who find their happiness together despite a host of issues happenin...

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    Such a sweet heartwarming story I loved the interactions between Paige and Jake I loved how fierce and independent Paige was and how she challenged Jake at every turn She didn t just give in And I loved how Jake became human, not so robotic, but mellowed throughout the story Their late night dinners and talks were so...

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    Garnet Hill s Vineyard is up for grabs Who will win the wine flowing thru her veins vineyard manager or delicious Mr Boocoo Bucks vineyard owner This war will get messy, muddy soon passions go KABOOM Paige Reynoso s heritage runs deep in Napa Valley, her great great granddad planted the oldest grapes on Garnet Hill s back when her family owner the land was a Mexician territory, but they sold it in 1930 She comes from a very loud loving family of all females, but she loves the vines followed or sometimes carried atop his shoulders her around his vineyard job Her dad wanted all his daughters to be gentle, but Paige was always all about the dirty Everything changed after she became engaged to the Manuel, her dad successor, then he went to Afghanistan, came back an angry broken man, she broke off the engagement he die in her arms after he drank, drove went down a ravine of blood Jake Madison has built all he has from the ground up, made boocoo bucks in the biotech world because he wants to help sick folks, plus he has his own family illness to cure His father had a devastating illness, died when Jake was 14 that molded his son s future Now his 2 main biotech forms are...

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    All Paige wanted was her own grape vineyard All jake wanted was to sell the one he had to help his other businesses Can love still happen with all that in the way What a great book Loved it.

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    I usually only read clean romances This is not one Having said that, I thought the storyline was very original It was a romantic, sensual story I laughed a lot at the grandmother She was a riot with all her suspicions This read a lot like a Harlequin romance It was w...

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A Kiss of Cabernet (Love in Wine Country #1) A Kiss Of Cabernet Love In Wine Country 1 Author Pamela Gibson Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Napa Valley Vineyard Manager Paige Reynoso Is Furious After A Six Year Absence, Her Boss Big City Entrepreneur Jake Madison Has Returned, Only To Announce He S Selling The Vineyard Paige Has Always Dreamed Of Buying Garnet Hill, Which Sits On Land Where Her Ancestors First Settled, But Without The Cash, She S Out Of Luck And Then There S An Even Bigger Problem She Has A Serious Thing For The Surprisingly Tempting Man Who S Just Destroyed Her Dream.Jake S In A Tight Spot With His Other Business Ventures Struggling, He Needs Cash Fast The Last Thing He Needs Is The Too Lovely Paige Convincing Him The Grapes Are An Effective Long Term Investment Or Needing Paige Herself, Whose Spirit And Heart Bring His To Life But As Their Attraction Grows, Jake Knows He S Not In A Position To Offer Her Anything Beyond This Moment Because Jake Has A Big Secret And It Has Nothing To Do With Sour Grapes.Each Book In The Love In Wine Country Series Is A Standalone Story That Can Be Enjoyed Out Of Order Series Order Book 1 A Kiss Of CabernetBook 2 A Touch Of Chardonnay

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