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  • Kindle Edition
  • 355 pages
  • Tuckers Way & For Tucker (Tucker 1 & 1.5)
  • David Johnson
  • English
  • 14 January 2017

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    A special thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Wow, TUCKERS WAY The Tucker Series Book 1 may be one of the best books of 2014 You know you have discovered a winning book, when you begin sending out recommendations to all of your reading friends, before you are even fifty percent through the book. I love discovering new found authors David Johnson s TUCKER S WAY is a powerful, heartfelt and emotional story of one woman s journey from incest, abuse, poverty, to the raising of her three grandchildren a book of love, loss, faith tragedy and triumph, filled with humor Tucker is dirt poor with a lack of education and social graces A single grown woman, living on welfare, and raising her three grandchildren in rural northwest Tennessee She has experienced a hard life, with years of abuse since childhood, and practically raised herself Now her youngest grandchild April will not speak and social services is threatening to take her way, so she turns to her new neighbor for help and Tucker does not do help well Tucker has made plenty many enemies in the small Tennessee country southern town, as loves to carry an axe, and use i...

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    This was a wonderful story of love, friendship and resilience I have to admit it started off a lil bumpy parts of the story felt forced and a bit far fetched However, Johnson found his way and ended up writing a very memora...

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    Wonderful story.Must be read by everyone Author David Johnson writes about two women, life they lived and living so completely different, but they became true friends Tucker, abused by her father, no education and raising her three grandchildren on welfare.Ella is educated, divorced from her abusive husband, who s a judge ...

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    Tucker is poor, really poor, she was abused in every way as a child At 16 she was pregnant and on her own Her parents are both deceased She has a small farm, a barn and a house that has cardboard in place of drywall, the outhouse is outside, of course Her three grandchildren live with her One of the children, the smallest, April doesn t speak, and if Tucker can t get her to speak then child services is taking her away from Tucker Ella moves in next door into a house that has all modern conveniences Ella has just gone through chemotherapy for breast cancer and she is bald She is the ex wife of The Judge, who was anf still is physically abusing her Ella and the The Judge have one son The Judge is Tucker s worst enemy and she has plenty of reasons to feel that way Tucker and Ella are very different people Tucker is rough and tough, strong and forceful and has no time for nonsense Ella is sweet and well brought up, and she has compassion for others But soon Tucker Ella form a friendship Tucker has never trusted anyone in her life, except for two people, and she is suspicious of Ella, but nevertheless the develop a friendship What is so striking about this book to me is the subject of poverty vs having the funds to live a normal life But as hum...

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    I liked this book, I thought it was engaging and the characters were reasonably well portrayed i listened to the audible version and had a hard time understanding some of the names It s the story of Tucker, a woman from a very poor rural area in Tennessee who grew up abused by her father, a mother herself at 16, not only brings up a daughter but later on has to raise her daughter s three children She does so as best she knows how, with little education and no funds She s crude, rude, honest, and a bit of a broken human being A woman moves in next door who is everything that Tucker isn t Educated, with enough of an income to have indoor plumbing and warm hearted they form an unlikely friendship Both o...

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    4.5 stars Story centered around the bond of two women from completely different backgrounds It will make you alternatively laugh,gasp, and sigh Some parts were difficult to read because of the extreme poverty and a...

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    Riveting As good a story as I have read in some time Compelling characters whose stories are woven together masterfully Rich, lush description.

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    The book was amazing

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    The ending was not a big surprise.

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    Wish I could give this book a ten rating David Johnson s writing is superlative His characters are so touching and true I cried several times reading thirdbook about the strong and honest woman Tucker The sad thing is these things happen to real people and animals everyday I was so happy for her friends...

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Tuckers Way & For Tucker (Tucker 1 & 1.5) After Enduring A Childhood Of Horrific Abuse And Crushing Poverty, Tucker Seeks Refuge In Her Rural Tennessee Home The Three Grandchildren She Is Raising Are Her Only Connection To The Outside, And Her Demeanor Is Purposefully Rough But Her World Is Turned Upside Down When A New Neighbor, Ella, Moves Into The Old McDaniel Place Next Door.Ella Seeks Solace On The Same Country Road After Overcoming Cancer Although She Is Tucker S Peer Agewise, She Was Raised In A World Of Privilege And Opportunity Still, Ella Shares A Tragic Part Of Tucker S Experience She Also Suffered Abuse Hers Was At The Hands Of Her Husband, A Prominent Judge In The Community And Tucker S Sworn Enemy.When Tucker Finds Herself At Risk Of Losing Custody Of Her Beloved Youngest Grandchild And Worse, The Child S Mother Is Murdered, She Draws Support And Strength From Her New Friendship With Ella These Two Women From Disparate Backgrounds Form A Fierce Bond, And They Weather Life S Storms Together With Faith, Love, And Determination.Revised Edition Previously Published As Two Volumes, Tucker S Way And For Tucker, This Combined Edition Includes Editorial Revisions.

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www.thefrontwindow.wordpress.com He s been married for 44 years, has two daughters and six grandchildren.He would love to hear from you Send him a note to davidjohnsonbooks gmail.com and join him on Facebook David Johnson, author