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The Game Warden of Black Swamp (The Game Warden Chronicles, #1) Download The Game Warden Of Black Swamp The Game Warden Chronicles, 1 Author Quentin Wallace Wgf2011.eu The Black Swamp Some Say It S Haunted Others Say It S The Gateway To Hell Only A Few Have Ever Seen It And Survived For Hundreds Of Years, The Denizens Of The Swamp Have Preyed Upon The Unsuspecting Enter Former Navy SEAL Shade Channing, Who, In A Strange Twist Of Fate, Finds Himself Employed As The Game Warden Of The Infamous Black Swamp Instead Of Managing Wildlife, Shade Finds Himself Fighting A Horde Of Creatures Straight Out Of Mankind S Darkest Nightmares Mentored By Fellow Warden, Native American Shaman Waya Firehat, Shade Must Learn How To Battle Them All When Waya S Daughter Is Taken Hostage By Bank Robbers That Escape Into The Swamp, Shade And Waya Find Themselves In A Race Against Time And The Monsters Of The Swamp To Find Her.

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    Another non stop action adventure Filled with monsters of every kind An evil swamp that defies time and nature and reality It seems to draw people in and trap them in an trap of nightmares.Standing against this supernatural evil place is Wa...

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    Interesting concept of a mysterious swamp on the outskirts of Savannah and the myriad of creatures found there Characters were a bit thin but this looks like it will be an ongoing series so I would hope for fleshing out in future installments Initially the writing was choppy but it seemed to impr...

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    I enjoyed this book the author created engaging characters, set them into impossible situations, and it was enjoyable to follow along to see what might be lurking around the next corner Suspension of disbelief required, but that s ha...

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    The Game Warden of Black Swamp by Quentin Wallace is Book One of The Game Warden Chronicles If subsequent books in this series are half as good as this one, I will be keeping an eye out for them The Game Warden of Black Swamp is imaginative, very well written, and filled with new terrors on virtually every page The ancient haunted Black Swamp is home to creatures God never created, and Darwin never imagined on his worse day Rife with magical features, Black Swamp cannot be found unless it wants to be found When it wants to found, it s because something or somebody is hungry for fresh meat.Following up on a Help Wanted ad in his newspaper, former Navy Seal Shade Channing came home from Afghanistan a damaged man Suffering from PTSD, nightmares, and a generally unemployable attitude about a lot of things, Shade jumped at the possibility of being a Game Warden He had never heard of Black Swamp few people had, and fewer still lived to tell about it but all Shade knew was that he had not been this excited about anything for a lot of years.Showing up at the office headquarters, in the middle of Black Sw...

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    3.5The Game Warden is a great action, excitement, supernatural read And it would serve as a well of an introduction to Quentin Wallace I wanted to give this a full four stars because it is a great book i m biased, I prefer the Brackett books P , but it is a bit flawed The editing could be a bit tighter, though it doesn t run amok with bad errors Just a few scattered about There is also the way the story interrupts during crucial action moments to give a bit of backstory It actually pretty awesome in the beginning, and during slow moments It allows Quentin to give moments of action and history of moments the swamp did it s evil business It also shows Quentin s love fascination for history The only thing is though, that sometimes they are sprinkled about at som...

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    This book took horror and weird science with a whopping touch of evil to a brand new level It was a page turner The main characters had some pretty awesome magic and cool under fire going for them I love how the story took us back to the past to show the interactions that people had with Black Swamp over the years It gives you a look at the kind of people that the swamp attracts As well as some of the denzins that live there The new game warden is well equipped for his job being an ...

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    Great book I totally loved it Very creepy and just what I needed

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    Creepy, spooky and awesome.Love this book Has everything you want in a great horror novel Believable characters, good plot, story that keeps moving, guts , Gore and monsters I want the next one now Read this book, I will read this one again Guaranteed to make you think twice about a trip to a swamp.

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    WeirdIf you like really strange andWeird stories then this just what you should read, from strange creatures to zombies.