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The Ripple Affair (The Ripple Affair #1) Ebook The Ripple Affair The Ripple Affair 1 By Erin Cruey Capitalsoftworks.co.uk Edward Engel Is Many Things A Prince To Inherit A Throne A Man Betrothed To The Beautiful Lady Antoinette A Dashing Warrior With No Equal In Skill And A Man With Enough Secrets To Make His Entire World Crumble His Life Remains Uninterrupted Until He Meets Malina, The Daughter Of A Neighboring King, Who Quickly Sets Her Gazes Upon The Prince And His Heavy Crown After A Drunken Night Of Passion Between Them, Edward Hopes His Meeting With Malina Will Become Just Another Secret To Bury, Never To Be Known To Anyone But Him And The Princess But It Takes Two To Keep A Secret, And Malina Is Not One To Let A Man Get Away So Easily Will Edward Be Able To Keep His Secrets Intact, Or Will His Affair With Malina Create A Ripple Effect That Goes Beyond The Bedchamber This Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences Only.

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    I won a copy of The Ripple Affair on Goodreads In return, I would like to leave my honest.Prince Edward is a gentleman with many secrets He is betrothed to Lady Antoinette and has an affair with Malina, the daughter of a neighboring King Will his secret remain just that, a secret The book starts off with a conversation between Prince Edward and Lady Antoinette whereas Prince Edward is scoffing at the Princes for allowing commoners to call her by her first name And so it starts I read on and off for a day and a half , trying to make the story work for me but I just couldn t connect with the story I finally put the book down, unable to finish it by the second half of day two Don t get me wrong My...

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    Wow, this book is awesome I found myself not being able to put it down It s a story in the 1800 s but has a lot of modern flair to it, which makes it interesting to understand and makes for a much easier read It is a fantasy book so don t judge this book on being historically correct I am in awe of how this story makes you feel like you are right in it waiting to see...

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    I received this book from the Goodreads First Reads program.I have mixed feelings about this book First I m not sure how to classify it Science fiction There is a weird mix of made up kingdoms, historical customs, and modern language and convenience The st...

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    Legalese I won a copy of this book via Goodreads.I found this story to be okay There are a lot of plot holes but I have faith they will be filled in the next book.The writing if good The descriptive could use a bit sprucing up The characters almost feel one dimensional unti...

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    This was a book I won through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I love historical fiction, but sad to say did not enjoy this book at all The writing was poor and I was not at all endeared nor did I care about the story line Disappointment.

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    DisappointedThis is a cliffhanger I do wish authors would earn readers in the synopsis I am truly disappointed to have read the book only to be left unfullfilled.