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10 thoughts on “Amy Peppercorn: Starry Eyed and Screaming (Amy Peppercorn)

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    Cannot really quite identify with the characters. maybe because they re British Honestly though, I find the characters too British Nothing bad about that, but I m not Brit, so you get the idea Anyway, I like the plot Just can t say the same thing about how the story unfolded ended.

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    it is a good book and there is a lot of stuff going on at one time

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    looks like a big and intresting book i think you should read it

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Amy Peppercorn: Starry Eyed and Screaming (Amy Peppercorn) Reading Amy Peppercorn Starry Eyed And Screaming Amy Peppercorn John Brindley Thomashillier.co.uk Sixteen Year Old Amy Peppercorn Has A Lot To Scream About She S Struggling With Her A Levels And Coping With Her Two Year Old Sisters While Her Parents Tear Each Other Apart Her Best Friend Is Being Lured Away From Her Then Amy Falls Under The Spell Of Cool, Elusive Ben And Joins His His Band Winning His Approval Means Careering Through The Streets In A Stolen Car, Skipping School, And Staying Out Late Amy Could Be In Trouble But She Leaves The Band Behind She S Not Like The Others She S Going To Be A Pop Sensation At The End Of A Stunning Novel That Packs A Huge Emotional Punch, She Is On The Brink Of Stardom But Knows There Will Be A Terrible Price To Pay.John Brindley Is A Compelling And Very Distinctive Writer With Terrific Insight Into Teenage Relationships, Hopes And Fears He Writes Brilliantly About The Pop World And The Dangerous World Of Joyriding And Police Chases This Is A Must Read.