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  • Paperback
  • 170 pages
  • Bethanys Calendar
  • Elaine Marie Cooper
  • English
  • 10 December 2019
  • 9781936501229

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    I am sure this took the author a lot of courage and a mustering of a million emotions to put down in a book This book will touch you in a big way especially if your a parent.Its the real life story of a mothers journey with her terminally ill daughter from the beginning of her diagnosis of cancer to the end of her life.Each chapter begins with an excerpt from Bethanys diary Bethany is the daughter of the author Each chapter explores the many scenes, memories, struggles, experiences, questions and answers and the many blessings from God realized by both Elaine the writer and her daughter.You will cry, there is no doubt, but there are lessons to be learned from this book Advice is given at the end of each chapter as well.Very well done, the chapters are short It is NOT loaded with d...

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    Last December , I had the great privilege of meeting this talented author After reading this amazing, touching book , I wish that I would have had the privilege here on Earth to meet dear Bethany Heaven is definitely sweeter knowing we have loved ones waiting for us However , after each of my two babies went Home to be with the Lord after miscarriages , it was His mercy and grace that brought my husband and I , and our little ones at the time through each day I now choose to remember them every year when I place personalized Christmas ornaments on our tree However , the other day I had a doctor appointment , and one of the questions on the paperwork had to do with how many pregnancies vs Babies I was tempted to write something about how they all are babies but , I chose not to I have come to the point , after than 17 years since my first miscarriage the hardest physically and emotionally , that if the topic comes up in conversation , I am not ashamed or uncomfortable stating that I have 6 children 2 reside in Heaven , and the other 4 blessings are , at the moment , apart of my life every day Our oldest is getting ready to graduate high school What I have learned the most from Bethany ...

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    Poignant reflection and brave advice for the grieving.From the author s introduction of her family heartbreak, through the honest and vulnerable challenges of home and social life through this difficult time, to the joy of remembering, Bethany s Calendar will touch every reader.The one thing Elaine Cooper was certain she never do after she realized a dream of writing fiction based on family history was the write about the death of her daughter to cancer It took a decade before Cooper heeded the gentle nudges and was able to put the story into perspective and make it than a reflection, but also a guide to help others who are in grief It is a story not just for a family suffering through trauma, but everyone who intersects with them Advice on how to approach, when, or even whether, people who are in treatment, in pain, or caring for loved ones in pain, is offered with each of the 35 short chapters, as well as in an ending segment, Things We Learned.The Coopers rejoiced when their daughter Bethany, a valedictorian and caring...

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    Bethany s Calendar is one book everyone needs to read Elaine Marie Cooper bares her aching soul as she watches what cancer does to her twenty three year old daughter Her writing creates the feeling that you are there with her in the room as every scene takes place Each chapter begins with a section of Bethany s diary written well before the cancer begins You find that she is an articulate young woman with an immense desire to live for her Lord You learn to love her and despise the tumors in her brain The chapters end with scripture that helped her mom move through what had just transpired plus scripture or helps for others in the same situations, such as friends and family The author describes how her husband and two sons traveled this difficult journey beside her as they all care for Bethany The book moves quickly yet describes with detail the trauma that unfolds Throughout the book and at the end there...

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    In her current release, Bethany s Calendar, author Elaine Marie Cooper writes part memoir, part family scrapbook as the mother of a child with a terminal illness Although heartbroken, Cooper remains true to her faith while writing authentically about her challenges Dealing with the emotional roller coaster of caregiving, struggling with medical bills and seeking the best treatment for her daughter, Cooper includes practical tips for other caregivers and Bible verses for fellow believers Cooper never falters to truthfully report the realistic demands of caregiving and the despair she often battles She continues to underscore the importance of dealing with the reality of terminal illness while acknowledging that miracles do still happen.It is the miracle of Bethany s life and God s role in it that Cooper seeks to emphasize and within Bethany s Calendar, Cooper has managed to voice the treasure of Bethany even while dealing with her own grief.A final quote encourages the r...

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    A Remarkable Journey Author Elaine Marie Cooper took me on a journey that I have experienced before While reading this heart breaking story about Bethany I was right there with the author living it all over again having lost my husband to brain cancer in May of 2003.As a reader my emotions were all over the place I don t know how anyone can read this book without coming away knowing that Bethany was one of God s beautiful children Beautiful in so many ways As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know where I ...

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    Bethany s Calendar is a touching memoir of a mother s last days with her dying daughter It s woven with raw emotion, tragic moments, and unbreakable threads of Godly hope Each chapter begins in Bethany s own words as excerpts from her journal, continues with the author s heartfelt, hard earned experiences and memories, and closes with a thought or devotional, always pointing back to The Comforter of our sorrows for strength n...

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    This is a powerful, powerful book This real life story has a tremendous depth to it, like few other books I have read I admit to crying through most of it, although there are a few light hearted moments But the depth of the agony struggle is almost overwhelming, and I could relate to so much in it The book is filled with practical tips and so much wisdom, besides being filled with faith and hope The excerpts from Bethany s Diary at the start of each chapter gr...

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    What a poignant memorial for a family who lost their beloved daughter Bethany to cancer, capturing her delight while alive and even as she suffered, and as the whole family watched that lovely life ebb away Each chapter ends with a note to self and a note to others, offering comfort from the scriptures and helpful hints that Elaine Cooper, herself a registered nurse, learned while on this unwanted journey of exhaustion and grief This precious book would be useful to anyone h...

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    Bethany s Calendar is a five star Non Fiction account in the life of a young lady and her family s journey with Brain Cancer I know whatever I say about this book it will not be enough or give it justice When Elaine Cooper asked for reviewers to read it and write an honest review, I responded because my mother has cancer, lung, breast, bone and it was in her lymph nodes, though the breast cancer is in remission now Bethany, Elaine s daughter, in her early twenties, had Brain Cancer and even through the cancers were different I felt I could learn something and maybe help her and my sisters and other family members learn to cope and understand mom and her feelings better as well as how to deal with the illness itself I really hope others are helped by Elaine reliving her pain and sharing this book with other families struggling with this critical disease.This book is very well written and truly a story from a mother s heart Elaine is a nurse but this isn t written from a nurse s perception, I have read other books about people that had cancer but they were kinda of technical and Bethany s Calendar is not technical at all but a real story about a mother s and caregiver s struggles and heartaches dealing with cancer.There were times I was literally crying while reading this story,such as ...

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Bethanys Calendar PDF Epub Bethanys Calendar Author Elaine Marie Cooper Chardonneret.eu In January 2002, Elaine S World Flipped Upside Down What Started Out As A Beautiful New Year For The Mom Of Three, Turned Into A Living Nightmare When Her 23 Year Old Daughter, Bethany Was Diagnosed With A Terminal Brain Tumor In The Months To Come, Elaine Not Only Used Her Nurses Training, She Learned To Recognize The Hand Of God On Her Daughter S Life Bethany S Calendar Tells The Story Of Elaine And Bethany S Journey And The Many Ways God Helped Their Family To Survive It Is A Story Of Fear And Faith, Commitment And Compassion, Told With Gut Wrenching Honesty While Sharing Unwavering Faith In God.

About the Author: Elaine Marie Cooper

Writer of historical fiction and Christian Devotions Passionate about her faith, her family, and the history of the American Revolution.