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In The Spirit (Kotahi Bay #0.5) Read In The Spirit Kotahi Bay 0.5 Author J.C Hart Polishdarling.co.uk Welcome To Kotahi Bay When Alyssa Returns To The Bay For Her Gran S Funeral, She Finds Herself In Possession Of The House Of Her Dreams And, Apparently, A Centuries Old Ghost Itching To Escape Its Bonds Still, The House Has Given Her An Escape Route From A Dead End Job And A Nasty Break Up, So Perhaps Dealing With A Ghost Might Be Worth It But Between The Residents Who Think She Should Step Into Her Gran S Role As The Town Witch, A Suspiciously Nosy Neighbour, And Increasingly Threatening Occurrences Around The House, Alyssa Must Decide Whether This New Home Is Worth It, Or Whether It S Safer To Leave The Bay For Good.

About the Author: J.C. Hart

I am a writer, and reader of books A full time mother and all around lover of words.

10 thoughts on “In The Spirit (Kotahi Bay #0.5)

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    I enjoyed this novella and it made for great holiday read Alyssa makes a great protagonist flawed, realistic, likeable, assertive but uncertain The premise of this book is that a young woman inherits her Grandmother s house in a remote town in New Zealand, Kotahi Bay, which have its fair share of nosy and kooky inhabitants Alyssa soon discovers that her Grandmother was a witch and she has been left with a lot than a house and an affectionate old cat.I enjoyed...

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    This was a fun read If you re looking for a quick Christmas story, a bit different from the average one, with quite a few laughs, I recommend that you try it For some reason the title and cover made me think this would be a romance, but it s not and I was pleasantly surprised about that I quite liked...

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    Fantastic Alyssa is a very amusing character who is struggling with the death of her Gran, and her inherited house that comes with a lot of baggage Very well written, and a fun read shadowed with a bit a sinister darkness that J.C Hart is just so very good at I can ...

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    I enjoyed the premise of a young woman forced to take on her witchy grandmother s legacy, but doing it in her own way Alyssa is quite determined and sassy and knows what she wants from life The setting of Kotahi...

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    At turns funny and chilling, Australian Shadows Award finalist JC Hart has brought us a new story with well drawn characters, wit, insight and an intriguing world in the mysterious town of Kotahi Bay Fans of YA speculative fiction will enjoy this one.

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    Alyssa gets than she bargained for when she inherits her grandmothers house Not only is she harassed by the neighbours but there s someone or something moving things around Secrets unfold as she unravels a family secret that stretches back, mother to daughter, all the way to the old country Such an enjoyable read I began this in the middle of the night in the midst of insomnia and had trouble pu...

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    This Christmas novella is a fast, light hearted popcorn read which left me hungry for The story follows Alyssa, a girl in a dead end job whose mysterious inheritance couldn t come at a better time While the story was a little slow to start, I was soon drawn in by the setting and characters There were hints of deeper back stories her family history and tensions, the unusual nature of the Bay, her grandmother s legacy all of whic...

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    I love any spooky stories with a witchy theme, and with its New Zealand setting, this novella hit the spot for me It was a little creepy and had a nice festive touch to it, too aren t all the best spooky stories set at Christmas A great debut novella, and I look forward to others in the series.

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    This was an interesting story The main character comes from a line of witches Powerful ones But there is no backstory to go with this, only that Alyssa inherits her grandmother s house and the spirit that lurks Interesting start to a series, if the author chooses that path.

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    I really really enjoyed this novella I just wish it were longer I enjoyed Aylssa s character and can t wait to read the next Bay book I think it s going to shape up to be a very interesting town.

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