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The Girl from the Kitchen Store BOOKS The Girl From The Kitchen Store By Stacy M Wray Horsebackridinggeorgia.us Callie Harding Longs To Be Like Every Other Twenty Something, Not A Socially Inept Kitchen Store Clerk However, She Accepts Her Dismal Existence Until The Day She Encounters Kyle Townsend, The Kind, Charismatic Marketing Executive Who Notices Callie One Night While She S Working And Callie Hasn T Been Noticed In Such A Long Time.After A Few Serendipitous Chance Meetings, Callie Develops A Harmless Crush, Stirring Old Tendencies From Her Past That Are Better Left Buried.But What Happens When The Perfect Opportunity Is Dropped In Her Lap Her Actions Could Potentially Cause A Domino Effect In Several People S Lives Even If She Thinks She S Doing The Right Thing Sometimes The Right Thing Bites You In The Ass Sometimes It Doesn T Intended For 18 Yrs Of Age And Older Due To Language And Sexual Situations

10 thoughts on “The Girl from the Kitchen Store

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    My best friend from Greentree Lane is the author Of course it is good.

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    I don t think I ve ever read a character like Callie She s a little crazy, and I loved that And Kyle was very swoon worthy I couldn t put this book down, I had to know what was going to happen.

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    The Girl From the Kitchen Store was one of those books I couldn t put down until the end Throughout I had this sense of dread, like waiting for the other shoe to drop I was pulling for Callie but not sure if she would be her own worst enemy in the end I love that the author had me pulling for an unconventional, troubled heroine and I equally love that the issues Callie struggles with wer...

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    3,5 Read with a good amount of angstAt the beginning it was very hard for me to connect with the main characters, especially with heroine Luckily soon enough the story line took a nice turn and I couldn t stop reading to see what s next for the both characters I like that the end wasn t rushed and that Callie and Kyle reconciled with their past.Slow burning romance with lots of emotional situations...

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    Kyle is a dream of H and Callie is a bit zany with a pinch of crazy and it made her an uncommon character that you think you won t relate to but, the author did an amazing job with the writing of this book It s easy to follow w...

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    This is the 4th book I ve read written by Stacy Wray she has done a great job at writing a good book I can t wait to read of her books.The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested througho...

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    AMAZING An emotionally gripping read that kept me captivated wanting to turn the pages and toyed with my emotions throughout the well executed storyline I enjoyed this read and gladly recommend it as well.

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    This is an interesting story I have mixed reviews on the plot but do think the story is well written The plot is not bad it is just a little bit different than what I usually enjoy.

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    I purposefully took time reading this book because I wanted to give it my undivided attention Living in Indiana, I enjoyed the location references Callie Kyle were such likable main characters, yet lonely in their own way I connected with them pretty quickly and was interested in how the story would turn out hoping for the best for both of them As Callie s curiosity goes towards an obsessive direction, I have to admit I wondered about the focus of the story and some of Callie s choices made me think uh oh However, I was glad I continued on with the story and expe...

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