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    Book reviewI really enjoyed this book I liked all the different locations that the story took place in I learned a lot about these places It was a fascinating account of a man s decent into insanity.

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Julian Carleton--I am not just another George! Epub Julian Carleton I Am Not Just Another George Ethel Cook Wilson Anguillais.us Julian Carlton Went On A Rampage And Killed Seven People On August 15, 1914, At The Building Site Of Frank Lloyd Wright S House, Taliesin, In Spring Green, Wisconsin Little Is Known Of The Killer, Other Than Scant Information That Was Reported In The Newspapers At The Time Of The Crime The Author Has Imagined A Life For Julian In Cultural Climates He Lived In During The Early Part Of The Twentieth Century August 15, 2014 Will Be One Hundred Years Since This Event Happened At The Iconic Home Of Frank Lloyd Wright.