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Tasting Los Angeles (The Tasting Series Book 2) Download Tasting Los Angeles The Tasting Series Book 2 Author Kimmie Easley Ls17.eu STANDALONE In The Tasting Series A Woman Struggling To Stand On Her Own Two Feet A Man Who Refuses To Let Her Stand Alone Will She Manage To Look Beyond His Muscular Surface, Or Miss Finding Her Soul Mate Altogether After Years Of Living By Her Military Parents Strict Regimen, Tori Altman Decides To Take A Chance On Herself Against Her Parent S Wishes, She Moves To Los Angeles In Search Of Becoming A Fashion Designer When She Lands A Position With A Prominent Fashion House, Tori Pours All Of Her Focus Into Getting Ahead In The Business, Making No Time For Anything Or Anyone Else Cole McMahon Is Her Hunky Neighbor Who Works As A Highly Sought After Exotic Dancer He S Made It His Personal Mission To Change Tori S View On Love That Is, If She Can Finally Find A Way To Look Beyond Cole S Day Job And Give Him A Fair Chance When Life Knocks Her Off Her Feet, Tori Finds Comfort In The Most Unexpected Place, But Is It Enough

About the Author: Kimmie Easley

Kimmie is an International Bestselling author who grew up traveling the country, rarely settling in one place for much longer than a minute Being no stranger to heartache, she allows her unconventional childhood to fuel her writing Being a bisexual woman, Kimmie is a proud activist within the LGBTQ Rainbow and mental health communities She is a homeschool momma, southern wife, and pug wrangle

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    FREE on today 10 31 2018 Blurb A woman struggling to stand on her own two feet A man who refuses to let her stand alone Will she manage to look beyond his muscular surface, or miss finding her soul mate altogether After years of living by her military parents strict regimen, Tori Altman decides to take a chance on herself Against her parent s wishes, she moves to Los Angeles in search of becoming a fashion designer When she lands a position with a prominent fashion house, Tori pours all of her focus into getting ahead in the business, making no time for anything or anyone else Cole McMahon is her hunky neighbor who works as a highly sought after exotic dancer He s made it his personal mission to change Tori s view on love That is, if she can finally find a wa...

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    Tori doesn t need a man in her life, but Cole wants to be the man in her life He s had feelings for her but could never get that close to the elusive woman who seems to push him away She s just not looking for what he wants to give.But persistence, and circumstances happen, which pull the two together Feelings change.At first, I wasn t sure what to make of Tori She s headstrong, confident, but she also has her heart closed off Sometimes I wondered what was up with her I admire and respect the fact that she wants to be her own person and do things her way, but at times she just had this coldness to her Luckily, that faded quick and the readers got to know a different side to her.Cole is great, too He s sexy, determined and all around a good guy I loved his patience with Tori I love that he didn t give up I love that when he got his chance he did everything he could for her.The fourth stand alone in the Tas...

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    READ AS A PART OF THE SPRING INTO LOVE BOXED SET Provided on behalf of the author for an honest review Tori had moved to LA to escape the strict military upbringing she s endured her whole life.She s finally making it on her own She s made friends, has herself a job that she loves and has her own apartment.Her neighbour, Cole, an exotic dancer, has had his eye on Tori since she first moved in If only he could talk to her.Fate steps in and Tori and Col...

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    I think this has to be my favorite so far in The Tasting Series You just never know a person by a job tittle When we think we know what kinda person is just by there job, you are miss judging that person Tori thought she she knew all she needed to know about Cole McMahon her hunky neighbor Just because he worked as a exotic dancer Boy was she wrong I am very happy this was a short read I was not able to put this book down I could feel the way Cole was feeling an wanted to scream at Torie I know ...

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    Tori Altman has spent her entire childhood training for different sports and schooling and now is trying to be succesful What she doesn t need is the distraction of her hunky neighbor, Cole McMahon, who works as an exotic dancer.Yet Cole seems to always be there when...

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    A blissful end to a beautiful beginning I knew from the minute I met Cole he wouldn t be just a background character but I never new be would be a character I d love until the events unfolded and it all came together From the meeting with Tori and the psycho Kendra to the very blissful ...

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    Tasting Los AngelesIt seems Kimmie Easley has done it again While the tasting series is a set of romance novels she keeps it fresh with new characters and a strong, smart, independent female There are many things to enjoy about Kimmie and her writing.

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    I enjoyed this story better than the previous one due to it having of a story to get into.

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    I received a copy of Tasting Los Angeles from Author Kimmie Easley for a honest review, so here it isI gave this book 5 stars Kimmie has once again capture you in another love story I love how she draws you in and doesn t let you go Just when I think I ve got the storyline figured out, she throws a twist in there and my thinking goes right out the window I love how her characters have realism feel to them and you get the feeling that this could be your life Kimmie has writes with easy, flow and some steamy sex scenes This is the story of Tori and Cole Tori is struggling to make it on her own She comes from a military family and wants to make it in the fashion world Cole is her hot, sexy, stripper neighbor She thinks that he is just a playboy and doesn t think that she can be with him Cole has ...

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    Cole has had an intense attraction to his neighbor Tori since she moved in a year ago He is an exotic dancer at a strip club and has women throwing themselves at him in and out of work Tori is a single woman trying to make it on her own in LA as a designer and trying to distance herself from a strict military upbringing She has not time for a player which is how she see s Cole She thwarts every attempt by him to get closer Then, tragedy strikes...

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