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    Sequel of Under a Colder Sun, which I read back during the first SPFBO.Khale is inspired by the Kane of Karl Edward Wagner, an immortal man who wanders the lands of a mysterious, magical and grim world.I find such concept fascinating Khale saw too much, experienced too much and lived for so long The biggest lure of the story is that such characters are so much larger than life and thus, just like from Kane, it allows some very inspired passages If the Gods fail us, maybe we only have each other to ward against the dark But what then, the Sister asked, red eyed, if we fail each other Obedience to honour and grace has never been a sin of mine I sin only against myself And in so doing, I have undone my soul, opened it to much darkness, so much that pain has become but a whisper to me My strength is in knowing I am damned and that I seek no redemption I have lived it longer than you know, and I will tell you this they lie, those who will try to give you comfort and tell you time heals all wounds It does not Time heals nothing Even when faces are gone and the names are forgotten, the pain remains The loss lives on There are some other good and cool things like shadows doppelgangers replacing people like one of the main character s brother.This isn t a lengthy book 190 pages but a Kane book would probably have around 3 4 stories at this length One of Ka...

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    Bloody goodBook one was free I seldom buy a follow up to the free one This one i had to I needed to see what was next I found the characters to be interesting and not at all flat It was fast paced, and full of battle scenes which I love and gor...

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    Greg James delivers an unforgettable saga in this second installment of Khale the Wanderer books James reintroduces previous characters into this story as well as new ones He also introduces new and nightmare inducing foes that will make you scream for dear life Each character introduced is profound and I found myself fighting alongside with them, wanting them to live to see another day, as bleak as those days are In Lost is the Night we find Khale struggling, than he has in his long existence, for his life Khale is vulnerable in this story and we see that side of him In Under a Colder Sun, Khale was unreachable Yes, I found him to be interesting with his roguish way but in Lost is the Night, Khale is human and we see that side of him We see him literally fighting for his life and fighting for another s life This story takes on a life fighting journey that lasts through an entire night Never does James skip a beat with everything that is happen...

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    Like the first one, this is a good exemple of quality swords and sorcery adventuring This is the continuation of the story of Khale the Wanderer and another trip down the beautifully grim and dark world created by M Greg James For some reasons, I like this one a little less than the first book not enough to bring down the rating, but still The action of this second book is confine entirely to a creepy castle wich turn out to be some sort of trip to hell and w...

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Lost is the Night (Khale the Wanderer, #2) Lost Is The Night Khale The Wanderer, 2 Free Download Author Greg James Ivogue.co.uk Khale The Wanderer Lost In The Wilderness, Scarred By Milanda S Fate Lord Barneth The Butcher Of Colm Hosts A Feast In Khale S Honour But To What End Cacea Selwen A Mysterious Servant Girl Whose Fortune Becomes Bound To Khale The Thoughtless Dark A Figure Emerges From Its Shadows To Decide If, This Night, The Wanderer Shall Die Greg James Has A Wonderfully Vivid And Creative Imagination Which Sets Him Apart From Other Writers In The Fantasy Genre Cheryl Bradshaw, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Sloane Monroe Series James Writing Is Flawless And Strong There Were Many Moments When I Forgot Anything Existed But The World He Had Built Heather Marie Adkins, Author Of Abigail, The Temple The House This Is Dark Fantasy Of The Highest Calibre Adrian Chamberlin, Author Of The Caretakers

  • Kindle Edition
  • 190 pages
  • Lost is the Night (Khale the Wanderer, #2)
  • Greg James
  • English
  • 07 January 2017

About the Author: Greg James

Greg James is a Fantasy author based in London, England He has been writing stories since he was a child and still maintains that his pre adolescent adaptations of The Wizard of Oz featuring Godzilla and the Transformers have validity He enjoys long walks around his home city of London as well as reading, writing of course and thinking up new imaginary worlds to entertain readers with.You can