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  • Kindle Edition
  • 491 pages
  • Nolans Evolution
  • Sarah Brocious
  • English
  • 16 March 2019

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    So I was contemplating my review on this read And I think sometimes gifs are best to help describe the feelings that are sometimes difficult to explain So with that being said, here are my thoughts on book 2 Nolan s Evolution.While I did very much enjoy this book and the storyline I have to say that Raina is starting to become a little too emotional, which I get because she s been through so much But I feel like there has also been a lot of experiences that she has gone through to make her stronger And there are moments when you see her strength shine through.But once you get over the inital emotional ride of Raina, you go through an awesome series of twists And Ms Brocious did a great job sucker punching you with these revelations The first one I ll admit I had seen it coming, and I was happy that it happened the ...

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    This is the continuation of my favorite trio Nolan, Raina and Thanatos.Nolan s evolution was a difficult write I cannot tell you how many times I threw out whole chaptersjust to begin them again But I wanted this story to stand for something and i wanted the reader to feel the actual struggle of each character.There are new lovely faces included in this new installment Ones I came to care about dearly SECRETS SECRETS SECRETS abound in Nolan s Evolution Warning Book contains major cliffhanger an...

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    first off I am sad it is done that was just amazing with all the twists and turns sometimes you were laughing and then others you were crying I just love the characters Raina Nolan Thanatos Joseph Jonathon emily bradley and now you to love can t wait for the next one I hate cliff hangers.

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    Can t wait for book 3 That ending was a brutal cliffhanger and I just have to know what happens I loved the back story on the immortals origins I also loved how Sarah included faith despite the curse of everlasting life or blessing, as Raina claimed it was Good book Now I want

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Nolans Evolution PDF Epub Nolans Evolution By Sarah Brocious Ivogue.co.uk The Second Book In The Wake Up Series, Nolan S Evolution, Is A Continuation Of This Epic Love Story We Find Raina, Nolan, And Thanatos Adjusting To The Change Brought On By Nolan S Contract He Is No Longer Raina S Protector And He Must Have No Part In Her Lifea Fact That Is Torment To Both Each Will Go Through Difficulty Adjusting, But Especially Nolan For Too Long He Has Pushed Aside His Gifts, But They Are About To Be Tested And He Will Have To Choose Which Way He Will Go As Raina Experienced Her Awakening.Nolan Must Face His Own Evolution And There Is To His Past Than He Has Let On He And Thanatos Have Been Keeping Secrets And They Will Do Everything To Keep That Past From Hurting Raina.

About the Author: Sarah Brocious

Sarah Brocious was born into a steadily growing family She is one of eight siblings Growing up in a crowded home gave her a great need to slip away for some time alone In those times she chose to read or write She found no greater joy than creating stories This desire continued to grow but as does often happenlife got in the way Her love for writing did not diminish It was pushed aside