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The Books of the South Tales of the Black Company ❰Ebook❯ ➢ The Books of the South Tales of the Black Company Author Glen Cook – Marching south after the ghastly battle at the Tower of Charm the Black Company is hounded by shadowy figures every inch of the way The game is on the Company versus the Shadowmasters deadly creature Marching south after of the PDF/EPUB Ã the ghastly battle at the Tower of Charm the Black Company is hounded by shadowy figures every inch of the way The game is on the Company versus the Shadowmasters deadly creatures that deal in darkness and sorrow When hope dies there's still survival And there's still the Black Company   The Book of the South is the second omnibus of novels from one of the greatest fantasy epics of our age Glen Cook’s Black The books Epub / Company series—collecting Shadow Games Dreams of Steel and The Silver Spike.

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  1. Petrik Petrik says:

    Great stories and character development for The Lady but I still have mixed feelings towards Cook’s prose The Books of the South consists of Shadow Games Dreams of Steel and a spin off called The Silver Spike Same as the previous omnibus I’ll be doing a short spoiler free review for each book Shadow Games 355 stars The Books of the South begins with Shadow Games which is the fourth installment in The Chronicles of the Black Company The story continues with the member of the Black Company marching south to Khatovar the place of the Company’s origin During their mission they’re chased and hounded by a new group of enemies called the Shadowmasters Croaker is back once again as the main narrator and honestly although I’ve gotten used to reading his first person narration I also have to admit that I get tired from reading his POV uickly His cynicism and sarcasm are fun in small doses but not for long Just to give a bit of data Shadow Games is 220 pages long in this omnibus and it took me three days to read it; I usually read around 200 or 300 pages a day I think what made this book a bit boring was the travelogues Almost the entirety of the novel is The Black Company marching That being said I enjoyed reading the characters development in this book especially for Croaker and The Lady The last section of this book was filled with battle and eventually ends with a cliffhanger “Every ounce of my cynicism is supported by historical precedent” Dreams of Steel 355 stars Dreams of Steel is the fifth book within the series; it marks the halfway point of the series The story picks up immediately from where the cliffhanger left off in Shadow Games I personally found this book together with Shadows Linger to be the best books within the series so far A huge part of why I enjoyed this one was the change in the main POV’s perspective Dreams of Steel is told in multi perspective but the first person narration is done by The Lady hence why it’s also called Book of The Lady I honestly didn’t expect The Lady to become such an awesome and complex character with a gradual and believable development I was getting tired of reading Croaker’s first person perspective for four books now and it felt refreshing to read The Lady’s first person narration I’ve also come to realize that I find Cook’s writing to be the most engaging when he’s not writing from Croaker’s first person perspective “More evil gets done in the name of righteousness than any other way” The Silver Spike 25 starsAfter finding the series’ improvement in Dreams of Steel it was uite disappointing to read The Silver Spike a spin off that takes place around the same time of Shadow Games The plot in this one focuses on the group that didn’t march south with Croaker’s group Unfortunately this ended up being the lowest point of the series for me despite being back with some characters we’ve met before that were missing from book 4 and 5 I’m not sure whether reading this before I binged read Shadow Games and Dreams of Steel would help or not but reading it right after Dreams of Steel was meh Considering that the publication dated before the fifth book I think this was meant to be read before it for a better experience The Books of the South served well as an omnibus with a good grimdark story of or less the same uality as the previous three books Despite enjoying the main stories I still have mixed feelings towards Cook’s prose It’s a huge dilemma for me because I do want to know the continuation to The Lady’s story immediately but I’m going to take a month break before I dive back into this series Two omnibuses await and I plan to finish them before the end of the year “I guess each of us at some time finds one person with whom we are compelled toward absolute honesty one person whose good opinion of us becomes a substitute for the broader opinion of the world And that opinion becomes important than all our sneaky sleazy schemes of greed lust self aggrandizement whatever we are up to while lying the world into believing we are just plain nice folks I was her truth object and she was mine” You can order the book from Book Depository Free shipping You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions

  2. Markus Markus says:

    35 stars based on my individual ratings for all three books The heart is stilled but the corpse stumbles on The Company is dead in fact but not in nameAnd we O merciless gods stand witness to the power of namesAfter decades of fighting in the dark empire of the north the huge and devastating battle at the Tower of Charm and the awakening of an ancient evil in the Barrowland the Black Company turns south in a uest to find its mysterious origins and the long lost city of Khatovar Shadow Games tells the story of the journey south from the Barrowland through Charm and Opal and eventually to the city of Taglios in the far south Croaker and his companions come closer to their final destination than ever before but in their path stands a new and dark empire formed by the mysterious Shadowmasters great sorcerers of unknown origin Left with no choice but to stay put the Black Company takes on a contract for the rulers of Taglios to defend the city against the evil sorcerers and their armies and marches forth to a climactic battle outside the city of DejagoreIn Dreams of Steel the great battle of Dejagore is over with devastating conseuences for the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar The infamous black battle standard disappears in the following chaos and confusion and several key members of the Company are lost The battle delivers Taglios from the jaws of its enemies but the Shadowmasters still pull the strings in secret And all the while greater evils arise from the darknessThese two books were thoroughly enjoyable to read and I would have to say that they are my favourites in this series so far even better than the first trilogy Cook’s simple writing style is still as delightful as it was in the beginning of the series Croaker is still an excellent protagonist and narrator and also develops into a much stronger character in this second part than in the first And the Lady takes the step up from being the most fascinating character in this series to becoming one of my favourite fantasy characters everThe setting is another remarkable aspect of these two books and a much interesting one than the northern empire With a landscape of everything from desert to jungles years divided into rain and drought seasons a polytheistic religion with hundreds of gods and a powerful priesthood a society shaped by its caste system and names like Dejagore Prahbrindrah Drah and Narayan Singh it is pretty obvious that this land is loosely based on India I’ve been looking for an Indian fantasy setting for some time and this one was particularly well developed The Silver Spike however was unfortunately uite disappointing both compared to the other books and in itself It is a spin off novel about those of the Company who chose to stay behind in the northern empire When a gang of petty criminals get their hands on the Silver Spike holding the essence of the Dominator all hell breaks loose as all the wizards in the north with the slightest desire for power attempts to get their hands on the spike and the dark magic within itSo far The Silver Spike is definitely the weakest book in the Black Company series in my eyes simply because there was nothing interesting about it Neither story characters writing nor setting were comparable to the other books and it just left me aching to get back to Croaker and the Lady and the main storyAfter reading the two first books I was convinced that this omnibus would be better than the first Unfortunately reading the last book changed my mind about that Still there’s no denying that the Chronicles of the Black Company has turned into one of my favourite fantasy series and I am definitely excited about continuing with the seriesI'll end this review with my favourite uote from this series so far In the night the winds die and silence rules the place of glittering stone

  3. Sade Sade says:

    Book 4 Shadow Games35 StarsWell well well Who would have thought my feelings towards the black company would be overwhelmingly positive Not me that's for sure Books 1 3 left me kind of having a love hate relationship with the series mainly because i felt the characters were less than developed Croaker was very sparse with information and the timeline was all wonky Black Company series kinda has a bad rep with most of my friends' on GR but i'm here to tell you if you can make it out of the mess that was book 1 it actually is uite good Notice i didn't say Epic I still don't know why it's referred to as an Epic fantasy literature but i digressShadow Games opens up after the fallout of the battle at Barrowland the company is broken and they've decided to retrace their roots and find out their history What was overwhelmingly positive for me in book 4 was that the plot was easier to follow Croaker really stepped up his PoV game and while it wasn't perfect it was infinitely better than previous ones There's background on the characters it's not just names for the most part That been said Croaker still sucks at getting your heart rate pumping during battle scenes and i couldn't help but compare him to Duiker if you know you know at such times All in all even with some confusing parts in the plot i still enjoyed this a lot and let me tell you Book 5 is shaping up even better BOOK 5 REVIEWGather round fellow fantasy readers and let me tell you how an author finally wrote about a bad ass female protagonist that was smart because she was smart and guess what? could also fall in love and still be smart By god This book is basically about one person LADY and how bad ass she is Seriously though if the Black Company was left in Lady's hands she would rule the freaking planet Totally not to be effed with Gosh i love that woman Wait where was i? oh yes You know what all i can say is i'm totally a fan of black company right now con i still can't totally picture the whole battle thing Cook really uses military speak when describing battles so it's of an analytical thing than feelings Don't think i'll ever get used to that4stars

  4. Milda Page Runner Milda Page Runner says:

    The Silver Spike 4 reviewShadow Games 3 reviewDreams of Steel 5 review

  5. Eric Eric says:

    We returned to the river and sailed down to the Second Cataract Faster traffic had carried the word that the boys were back Idon a bizarre strip of a town was a ghost city We saw not a dozen souls there Once again we had come to a place where the Black company was remembered That made me uncomfortable What had our forebrethren done down here? The Annals went on about the Pastel Wars but did not recall the sort of excesses that would terrify the descendants of the survivors foreverBelow Idon while we waited to find a bargemaster with guts enough to take us south I had Murgen plant the standard Mogaba as serious as ever got a ditch dug and our encampment lightly fortified I swiped a boat and crossed the river and climbed the hills to the ruins of Cho'n Delor I spent a day roaming that haunted memorial to a dead god alone except for crows always wondering about the sort of men who had gone before meI suspected and feared that they had been men very much like me Men caught in the rhythm and motion and pace unable to wriggle free The Annalist who recorded the epic struggle that took place while the Company was in service to the Paingod had written a lot of words sometimes going into too great a detail about the daily minutiae but he had had very little to say about the men with whom he had served Most had left their mark only when he recorded their passing I have been accused of the same It has been said that too often when I bother to mention someone in particular it is only as a name of the slain And maybe there's truth in that Or maybe that's getting it backward There is always pain in writing about those who have perished before me Even when I mention them only in passing These are my brethren my family Now almost my children These Annals are their memorial And my catharsis But even as a child I was a master at damping and concealing my emotionsShadow Games 4 starsDreams of Steel 4 14 starsThe Silver Spike 4 12 stars4 12 stars

  6. Alissa Alissa says:

    We’re going to have such fun The whole world thinks we’re dead You can get away with anything when you’re dead”

  7. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Well #% This compilation made me angry and sad Not because it was bad necessarily but because I'd gotten attached to our narrator And then after the first book he was narrator no longer But I couldn't stop reading it On the other hand I don't think I'm ready to forgive the author for switching it up on us yetI'm a self stated lover of the first person voice I like getting close to my narrator and following him through his life I can deal with the third person interludes; those are okay and in this series necessary for the story No problem But when it comes down to it I get attached Apparently very attachedI loved the beginning of the first book The ache for everything they'd lost was palpable in Croaker's writing I also liked watching Croaker crankily adjust to his new role as Captain Most importantly for me it had all that tension of the non battle variety that kept me going throughout the first omnibus And then once our band headed south to Taglios that was left mostly by the wayside The intrigue can be interesting but I can also only handle so much of it At least the tension of the non battle variety did pick up again in the end Really I'm in it for Croaker his little snippets of sarcastic wit and his longing I'm rooting for him all the wayDon't get me wrong I rationally appreciated the switch in narration during Dreams of Steel for the different perspective it gave To remain vague it was difficult in a good way to see a character I'd become uite sympathetic to doing what had to be done to keep the Black Company going or at least one version of it even though we knew it had all been done before It makes you think But it just wasn't the same type of story from a limited point of view That's what made me so angry Well that and the cliffhanger endingI have yet to read the last book The Silver Spike which seems out of place and may go back some day to it For now I'm all about The Return of the Black Company And hopefully soon less angry Perhaps on a re read my opinion will be a little less irrational because I won't be so blindsided by the switch and for that matter events at the end of the Shadow GamesOne of the things I liked best about the first omnibus other than the aforementioned tension was the moral ambiguity of the Black Company's situations the sense that maybe sometimes they were working for the wrong side the double roles that Croaker had to play That was not present in the same way in this set now as Captain he makes the decisions Unfortunately I don't think that sort of story could stand on its own for the three following omnibuses omnibi? and while the story's grown to something larger it's not a direction which keeps all the points I liked about the Books of the NorthAs a closing note near the end of Dreams of Steel we get to hear Croaker's voice shining strong through his spoken words but not his annals and many of his offhand comments made me long to read his writings instead The sarcasm The cynicism But alasMurgen you've got big shoes to fill

  8. Joshua Simon Joshua Simon says:

    The second omnibus both wraps up some loose ends from the end of Book 3 and sets the stage for the Black Company's next adventureThe Silver Spike which follows Raven Silent and Darling is probaby the weakest book in the series to me I think this is because as minor characters or seen in brief glimpses during the first 3 books they work well But on center stage they have a tendency to falter and can become boring at times Nonetheless the story itself is pretty good and gives closure to those charactersThe other two books are great additions to the series adding new layers to characters their relationships and to the mysterious history of the Black Company We also see several new characters that will be around for awhile and add much depth to the overall story Another plus or negative depending on your opinion is that we see other POVs besides Croaker for the first time This is something that will continue in subseuent booksI'd give the second omnibus 45 stars simply because the drop off in uality regarding The Silver Spike

  9. Mark Mark says:

    The Silver Spike 3 stars Shadow Games 4 stars Dreams of Steel 5 stars

  10. Miloš Miloš says:

    Silver spike 3 stars so in total 367 stars 😀

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