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The Verdict on Each Man Dead (Peter Cammon Mysteries #3) [BOOKS] ⚣ The Verdict on Each Man Dead (Peter Cammon Mysteries #3) Author David Whellams – The fast paced third volume in the series Peter Cammon now retired from New Scotland Yard is drawn into a confrontation with evil in a most unlikely setting The former chief inspector finds himself in The fast paced third volume in the series on Each PDF Î Peter Cammon now retired from New Scotland Yard is drawn into a confrontation with evil in a most unlikely setting The former chief inspector finds himself in the suburbs of Salt Lake City Utah chasing a The Verdict PDF/EPUB ² depraved man who may have deep terrorist connectionsWhen a killer attacks on tranuil Hollis Street the neighbours seem apathetic — silent to the point of complicity A resident has been beheaded her husband has disappeared and there is no obvious perpetrator A drug dealer A Verdict on Each ePUB ¹ terrorist An angry neighbourPeter joins the manhunt and is shocked to discover a link from the killer to the Unabomber and Oklahoma City bombing cases files Peter himself worked on during the s In order to trap the killer terrorist Peter and his acuaintance in local law enforcement Henry Pastern must strike unholy alliances with corrupt cops Mexican drug lords and the Unabomber himself Will Peter have to bend the law and embrace the rules of the Old West to stop this psychopath.

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  1. Toni Osborne Toni Osborne says:

    Book 3 in the Peter Cammon MysteryNothing like starting summer or ending spring with a good mystery but some may have to wait a little longer before being able to put their hands on this latest Of course I always will have a weakness for Canadian authors and I try to add as many as I can to my library Mr Whellams has recently joined my extensive list and when NetGalley and ECW Press added “The Verdict on Each Man Dead” to their list I couldn’t resist asking for it Thank you for accepting my reuest and for the wonderful opportunity to read this advance copy I haven’t been faithful to the seuence in this series I skipped the 2nd novel to get to this one Having done so did not leave me at a lost; this novel can be read and enjoyed on its own The story brings the former Chief inspector in the suburbs of Salt Lake City Utah on a hunt for a man with terrorist connectionsThe story is divided into 4 parts all have in common the hunt for a murderer and the obsession that drives the protagonist Peter Cammon In Part 1 Henry Peter played a minor role leaving Henry Pastern of the local law enforcement to take the center stage and lead the investigation into a gruesome attack on a tranuil neighbourhood street This slowly set the stage for the hunt and apprehension of a killerIn Part 2 PeterPeter travels to the US to help Henry Why is a retiree from Scotland Yard on a US case? We soon have the answerbe ready to be glued to every wordPeter’s contribution brings to the plot endless action many twists and foremost lots of suspense The inevitable bad guys such as corrupt officials drug lords terrorists all of them add the excitement needed to make this novel uite a page turner Peter also discovers a link to a case he worked on during the 1990’s Some of us will remember the reference to the Ubabomber and the Oklahoma City bombing We revisit in some ways this time in history how true to the facts I will leave this to the expertsIn part 3 VynePeter’s wife joins him and as she puts her two cents into the fray we once again fall into endless action Many characters show up and it is a bit of a challenge to keep track of all of them Gun battles loud blast and lots of blood and guts are vividly described and exciting The action focuses mainly on nabbing Kelso Vyne and confronting evil in unusual ways This is described expertly Finally part 4 The KillerThe shootout wraps up uickly Peter returns to England and the testimony into the rampage is given by Skype a month later All ends well My last wordsThis book is captivating from start to finish and is by far better than book 1 I have yet to see what book 2 has in store for me Dividing this mystery in 4 parts was an excellent idea and worked very well “The Verdict in Each Man Dead” is a strong and well plotted story richly written with sharp dialogue and populated with an exceptional cast of characters I enjoyed this one immensely and in no way the offer I have received influenced my thoughts

  2. Scott Parsons Scott Parsons says:

    This is the third Peter Cammon mystery by Ottawa writer David Whellams and the first I have readPeter Cammon a retired chief inspector from New Scotland Yard is called upon to assist in an investigation in Salt Lake City Utah where he has previously been involved in one of Whellams earlier novels He had become friends with Henry Pastern a local law enforcement who after a brutal murder on Hollis Street a Salt Lake City suburb calls on Peter for help A woman has been brutally murdered and beheaded her husband has disappeared and it turns out that the adjoining dwelling was being used for a marijuana growop No one on the crescent admits to seeing any unusual comings or goings or having any idea of who might have committed the crime But Hollis Street is not as tranuil as it seemed Peter ends up chasing a killer who appears to have deep terrorist connections An unholy alliance with a Mexican drug lord and a visit to the Unabomber in jail helps Peter to unravel the mystery which ends in a bloody shootout in the Utah desertA well written novel which has prompted me to seek out the author's two previous novels

  3. Donna Donna says:

    Both my husband and I read this and halfway through we became bored with it and uit Probably just the mood we were in Set in Utah starts off well with a beheaded woman and a grow op and a weird bunch of neighbours I would like to see others' opinions

  4. Eva Eva says:

    “The Verdict on Each Man Dead” is a cleverly plotted mystery that makes the reader pay close attention to the story as it unfoldsRetired former Chief Inspector Peter Cammon is called in to help when a murder takes place in suburbia of Salt Lake City As well the woman’s husband is MIAThe story moves at a good pace and it’s challenging to try to follow the clues I plan to find the other two books by David WhellamsThank you GoodReads for the novel

  5. Val Sanford Val Sanford says:

    Another taught gripping mystery featuring Chief Inspector Cammen The writing is chilling and often fierce No romanticism or uarter given to evil men performing evil acts Vengeance and atonement

  6. Dan Jackman Dan Jackman says:

    I received this book in a Goodreads giveawayYes Yes Now I have to go out and find the other Peter Cammon mysteries There is always a price to pay for a free book

  7. Johanna Johanna says:

    I very much enjoyed this book I get lost in David Whellams' writing and am always impressed by his plots I can't wait for the next book

  8. Ross Ross says:

    Very good mystery with several unexpected twist

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