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The Border and the Buffalo: An Untold Story of Southwest Plains : A Story of Mountain and Plain In Presenting These Reminiscences To The Reader The Author Wishes To Say That They Were Written And Compiled By An Uneducated Man, Who Is Now 63 Years Of Age, With No Pretensions To Literary Attainments, Having A Very Meager Knowledge Of The Common School Branches In Placing These Recollections In Book Form There Is An Endeavor All Along The Line To State The Facts As They Occurred To Me The Tragic Deaths Seen By The Author In Dance Hall And Saloon Have Been Omitted, In This Work But To That Band Of Hardy, Tireless Hunters That Helped, As All Army Officers Declared, To Settle The Vexed Indian Question In The Five Years Of The Greatest Destruction Of Wild Animals In The History Of The World S Hunting, The Author Especially Devotes That Portion Of The Book Pertaining To The Buffaloes The Incidents Connected With The Tragic Death Of Marshall Sewall Will Be Appreciated, I Trust, By All Lovers Of Fair Play Thomas Lumpkins Met His Death In A Manner That Could Be Expected By All Old Plainsmen There Were So Many Tragic Incidents That Occurred During The Author S Experience After Leaving New Mexico, That It Was Difficult For Him To Segregate One Event From Another, In Order To Prepare A Presentable Book, One That Could Be Read In Every Home In The Land Without Shocking The Finer Sensibilities Of The Reader And It Is The Sincere Hope And Desire Of The Author That This Design And Object Have Been Accomplished CONTENTS Chapter I Boyhood In Territory Of Kansas, 1857 Chapter II, Early Settlements Of Southeast Kansas Chapter III, A Trip To New Mexico Chapter IV, Lost Chapter V, We Move Acres Of Buffalo Chapter VI Two Hundred And Three Killed At One Time Chapter VII Hides Bound For The Railroad Chapter VIII, Indian Rumors Chapter IX, The Warrior S Last Ride Chapter X, The Staked Plains Horror Chapter XII, Sol Rees Dull Knife Raid, 1878 Chapter XIII, Mortimer N Kress Wild Bill Chapter XIV, M V Daily MISCELLANEOUS STORIES OF BUFFALO LAND.

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    Fascinating Look Back in TimeI got this book because it contains some history of my family, Wood s, whose cabin resides in the Panhandle Plains museum It was lovely to see them described as good people, Samaritans who aided the a...

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    George Simpson FamilyMost informative book regarding the Simpson and Wood families I ve read I was born in Canadian, Texas in 1953 and can t remember not knowing them George Allen Simpson passed away on November 10, 2014 at the age of 91 years 10 mo...

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