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Color Me Stress-Free PDF Epub Color Me Stress Free By Lacy Mucklow Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Perfect Book For Stressed Out Adults Who Want To Reconnect, Simply And Easily, With Their Inner Creativity.Work, Kids, Relationships, Meetings, Traffic, Billswe Are All Faced With Stress On A Daily Basis And Sometimes You Just Need A Way To Relieve The Tension And Avoid Burnout, Illness, Or Worse.A Simple And Inexpensive Way To Relieve Stress Is By Coloring Images, Which Can Be Soothing Some Even Consider It An Alternative To Stressors, Ultimately Aiding In Reversing The Effects Of Anxiety Refocusing Your Attention On Something Completely Different To Engage In A Mental, Physical, And Emotional Shift Can Help Break The Pattern Of Consistent Stress And Allow One To Rejuvenate.Part Of The International Bestselling Color Me Series, Color Me Stress Free Is A Guided Coloring Book Designed For Harried Adults Art Therapist Lacy Mucklow And Artist Angela Porter Offer Up 100 Coloring Templates, All Designed To Help You Unplug And Unwind At The End Of Each Day Organized Into Seven Therapeutically Themed Chapters, Readers Can Explore The Benefits Of Putting Pencil Or Crayon To Paper And Channel Their Day To Day Stresses Into A Satisfying, Creative Environment Color Me Stress Free Is The Perfect Way Step Back From The Stress Of Everyday Life, Color, And Relax Don T Forget To Try Color Me Happy And Color Me Calm

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    Great book full of images and helpful tips

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    This review is taken from my blog where I review adult colouring books from a mental health perspective You can find images from inside the book there is the third instalment in the Color Me series and you can find my review of its predecessors Color Me Calm and Color Me Happy here This book is the same shape almost square and size as the previous two books and matches them perfectly so it looks and feels like a beautiful set on the shelf The book is flexibound with a stiff cover The binding in these books is pretty tight so they don t like lying flat however all of the images are printed with a large border around them so you don t have to contend with trying to colour into the spine This book contains almost 100 images, all split between 7 differently named chapters that are areas of our lives that can stress us Disorganisation, Relationships, Finances, Work, Health, Time, and Travel and Commuting Unlike the first two books in this series whose images were related to each chapter title Music, Children, Water etc , the images in this book aren t obviously related to the chapter titles and there ar...

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    This book absolutely delivers on its promise Coloring therapy is fantastic when finding ways to relieve stress, deal with pain and insomnia or even nightmares I have found nothing but benefits in using these diagrams to give my brain a much needed relaxing time from all the screen time it has to suffer I absolutely love this beautiful book.This is the cover and some text in the book These are some of my masterpieces I love letting myself ...

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    Lacy Mucklow and Angela Porter s Color Me Stress Free is beautifully designed Zen Coloring Book full of original and imaginative patterns and designs.The authors deliver their book divided in 7 chapters, each related to one part of our everyday life that is causing stress 1 Disorganization2 Relationships3 Finances4 Work5 Health6 Time7 Travel and CommutingEach chapter is based on a different Zen pattern therefore inside reader can find Fractal images, Spirals, Labyrinths and many other image types.The most important to emphasize is that all of the illustrations are hand drawn not generated by computer , therefore it s not unusual to observe some imperfections in their design that show and prove they are original.Therefore, I would say Color Me Stress Free is great int...

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    This book is way than just a coloring book It has a semi hard cover and has almost 100 coloring templates The best thing is that it has chapters with great tips on coloring and how to handle different stressful situations I love this ...

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    Art therapist Lacy Mucklow and artist Angela Porter have given you a truly remarkable adult colorbook which will help you to be stress free There is 70 templates for you to color and it even gives you an example of some to get you off to a cr...

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    This coloring book has a lot of pages in it with different designs The patterns do start to come close to repeating at times, but it s still good There are some detail oriented patterns and some larger patterns Overall it s a good buy.