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Kinky College: Surprise Anal Sex Week In A World Where Science Has Discovered That Men Fucking Women In The Ass Makes Men And Women Better Students, Colleges And Universities Everywhere Have Instituted Surprise Anal Sex Week And Other Special Event Weeks To Relieve Tension And Increase Success It S A World In Which The Rules Of Civilized Society Are Markedly Different From Our Own, In Which Sexual Accessibility Is A Civic Duty We Follow Kate As She Is Fucked Over A Drinking Fountain, Meets A Man With Some Massive Meat, And Becomes His Favorite Fellow Student Betty Leads Us Down A Path Full Of Anal Gang Bangs And Powerful Passions Even The Female Professors Join In As Miss Viera Williams Makes A Deal To Spare Her Tender Ass Some Use And Miss Molly Debrier Becomes The Guest Of A Dormitory Of Hung And Horny Men Broken Arrow Loves Writing Strange Tales Of Perverse And Steamy Sex Realism Is Not Key To The Process, Rather Anything Goes In The Name Of Fun And Fantasy Q I Heard That The Kinky College Stories Are Actually An Allegory For The The Way In Which People In The United States Are Forced Urged To Take On Massive Debts, Insane Schedules, And Be Willing To Be Used By The System In Order To Succeed Also, That The Men Represent The Social, Political, And Corporate Forces At Work To Keep The Masses Represented By The Women From Achieving Any Real Agency Over Their Lives A Message That Common People Are Continuously Fucked Over And At The Mercy Of The System And That Some People Even Directly Cooperate In That Dominance Is That True A Ummmm Sure Yeah That S Totally It.

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    A really fun read.

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