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The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book [Download] ➹ The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book By Bill Watterson – Many moons ago the magic of Calvin and Hobbes first appeared on the funny pages and the world was introduced to a wondrous pair of friends a boy and his tiger who brought new life to the comics page T Many moons ago the magic of Calvin and and Hobbes PDF/EPUB ¿ Hobbes first appeared on the funny The Calvin PDF/EPUB ² pages and the world was introduced to a wondrous pair of friends a boy and Calvin and Hobbes Kindle Ï his tiger who brought new life to the comics page To celebrate the tenth anniversary Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary PDF \ of this distinguished partnership Bill Watterson prepared this special book sharing his thoughts on cartooning and creating Calvin and Hobbes illustrated throughout with favorite black and white and color cartoons.

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  1. Pooja Pooja says:

    Reading a Calvin and Hobbes book can make one's day Comic strips are not only for fun but they have to tell the whole world in a nutshell about everything they want to The wonderful and creative cartoonist does it coolly as alwaysThe tenth anniversary book is a collection of all the great comic strips in Calvin and Hobbes with some introduction to every one of them It was interesting to know how and when the author got the idea and what triggered him to produce such fantastic work Reading other books in Calvin and Hobbes series I forget that it's fiction that it's written by some human being who lives and enjoys his life on the planet Earth I mean seriously the kid is so much fun His tiger is so much fun The parents are always tensed and feel a lot of guilt of having a child like him He's the kind of kid who gets on his parents nerves every time Rosalyn is so pissed off and always wants an advance when she has to babysit Calvin Susie ah the nice little studious and perfect girl has to go on bearing many Calvin activitiesNo matter how naughty and dangerously funny Calvin is he has a little cute heart The raccoon incident tells it all He's so scared of the monsters under his bed and of course drum roll please RosalynWhen he's thinking of people around him being monsters dinosaurs earthworms he looks like a genius which he is by the way When he cares for the nature and tries to uestion the education system his growing up in it his dad's polls the bedtime stories his awesomeness is evidentBlessed be the person who introduced this work to me

  2. Exina Exina says:

    Calvin and Hobbes first appeared in 1985 This book is the tenth anniversary edition where Bill Watterson shares his thoughts on cartooning his struggles and the ones who have inspired him The reader gets a glimpse into the creative process and some background information about the characters Watterson also shares some of his favorite black and white strips A great collection

  3. notgettingenough notgettingenough says:

    A few years ago I thought having a cartoon book sitting by my bed at night would be the best way of going to sleep For a long time now it’s been this Calvin and Hobbes collection but today I binged on it finishing it with a cup of tea after breakfastrest here

  4. Pallavi Pallavi says:

    50This guy is AmazingCalvin

  5. Ethan Ethan says:

    I love comicsI’ve never been uite as avid a reader as many of the really hardcore comic geeks but I absolutely remember the comic strips I read when I was real young as part of learning to read ie Disney Adventures magazines hand me downs from my parents et cetera As an adult I like comics from both North America and Japan though I’m slightly biased toward the latter This here though is a non superherofantasysci fi example rather it’s a comic strip I own all except two of the Calvin and Hobbes books which came out after I completed my collection for the first time but I didn’t see much point in buying them it wasn’t anything I didn’t already have Except in the case of the exhibition guide book which I’m contemplating buying I like all the books but this one here is probably my favorite so it’s the focus of today’s reviewThe book’s main two highlights for me are the art and the commentaries The art isn’t really anything new it’s rather like a “best of” collection but the strips feature color art which is an enjoyable plus Since Calvin and Hobbes has never gotten any adaptation whatsoever it’s hard to imagine color images when looking at the strips in black and white so the book makes it nice to see Watterson’s idea of how everything looks colored And each strip includes a bit of commentary from Bill Watterson some of which is particularly resonant with me as a reader One rather amusing piece of commentary comes with the strip depicting Calvin flying his fighter jet and blasting his school before cutting back to him begrudgingly dragging himself into class Some readers thought it was inexcusable to show a kid fantasizing about bombing his school off the face of the earth Apparently some of my readers were never kids themselves Which reminds me of one reason I’m fond not only of this particular book but of the series in general that it’s being told from a kid’s perspective Although my views on being a kid are aptly described by Watterson’s line “I’ve never understood people who remember childhood as an idyllic time” it still is fun every now and then to read a story where the main character is a child and the atmosphere is neither overly idealistic nor too pessimistic In the case of Calvin and Hobbes the author isn’t afraid to show the less positive aspects of being a kid case in point being a student on his experiences in school Watterson mentions that he did pretty well but doesn’t remember it with much fondness and grown ups being in charge while simultaneously not making it overly depressing Apart from that probably the main aspect I like of the story having a kid for the main character is the use of imaginationChildhood is the point in life where people can think in all kinds of whimsical fantastical ways a creativity which I think too many people lose when they become adults It’s always nice for me to see other author’s who’ve similarly held on to that creative way of thinking and to see how they use it In the title protagonist’s case he imagines all kinds of fantasies seeing his parents and teacher as aliens and himself as a hero to name a few examples Some readers have posited a darker interpretation that Calvin is suffering from schizophrenia or a related mental illness and that these are manifestations of it but I just see it as a kid being a kid Another part of the story I like is that it’s never clarified if Hobbes is actually alive or just Calvin’s imagination that’s an interesting ambiguity Overall I recommend the book for any Calvin and Hobbes fan especially if you’re looking to keep your collection small The book provides an opportunity to enjoy many of the series’ best strips while concurrently looking at some of the author’s in depth writing and makes for an interesting readRating 45 out of 5

  6. Donald Trump (Parody) Donald Trump (Parody) says:

    To anyone looking upon this book for the very first time may think this is a great book Some would say this is a perfect book for the young one's But to anyone with an adult age would look upon this book with a totally different view Something is definitely going on in this book that is out of the norm so that's when i looked into this bookThis book is obviously about a young man named 'Calvin' who goes on these journey's with his best friend 'Hobbes' What some would think that makes this a book for all ages is that this 'Calvin' kid is of the younger age group which might relate with some of the kids who read this book But what you don't see is that this kid somewhere along the story of these comics is that he is a total drug addict It would be one hundred percent obviously once you read a little bit into this story And i will come into my reasoning below along with some spoilers so be fair warnedWarning Spoilers And Discussion Of Essential Plots Elements Follow So to me these sets of comics to me are based on this kid and his life on some type of hallucinogen He gets high and and talks to his pet tiger and goes on some crazy trips or drug fueled story's For example is Spaceman Spiff the reader is dropped into a drug fueled day dream about Calvin crashing a UFO on what looks to be the planet mars with two suns who crawls up to an alien which to the reader might look like he will surely die But to the readers surprise it was another drug infused dream so when the reader looks on it is just his mom getting his attention And in another story which has no name Calvin and his pet tiger Hobbes find basically a cloning machine and Hobbes clones a bunch of Calvin's for his personal use But the reader might think it is just his memory of him using drugs and going on adventures across the settingThe setting of this story is where ever Calvin decides to go on his drug induced adventure takes him So this basically mean he will visit some spots in this book like his school home to a forest for camping and other places around this kids town But in his own mind he will visit some places that would be considered some crazy tripsThe protagonist would be Calvin and his pet Hobbes The reason Calvin an Hobbes are the protagonist is because the whole book revolves around them and their drug tripsCalvin is a young boy who has a serious drug problem that you can not really see in the story you can only see his drug trips Hobbes is a stuffed tiger who comes to life so say in Calvin's drug fueled tripsThe antagonist could also be Calvin himself With all these drugs he is taking it could ruin his future He might not be able to get a job he could be hooked on the drugs he is taking or he could overdoseAnother set of antagonist could be he parents for not noticing that their sun is on some form of hallucinationThe conflict changes between every story inside this book but i think it revolves around his drug problemsDon't agree? i will list off some examples why i think soIn one of the very first stories Hobbes was ''stolen'' from Calvin but some might think on a drug induced daydream he left him and wandered around leaving him somewhere the reader finds out later on Another good one is Calvin is looking at himself in the mirror along side of Hobbes apparently Hobbes cuts his hair but to a adult reader Calvin must have took some sort of drug and pulled his hair outThe rising action in this story is the wonder of what drug Calvin will take next and what type of trip he will go on For example Calvin must have took bath salts in a museum and started to trip This started to get to me had me hanging on the edge of my seat I was wondering what he was going to do next and this is where i assumed he took bath salts Later on Calvin meets a museum guard and as the book says messily devoured which makes the reader assume he must have ate his face off along with the rest of his body in a brutal wayThe climax in these stories is when something major happened for example when Calvin ate the guard I will be listing off some of the climaxes in this story So Calvin decides to take some form of hallucination and shows Hobbes this transmogrifier which is a box He gets inside and tells Hobbes to turn him into a tiger which in Calvin's drug filled world he does Which is the climax of the story because its when the most interesting part of the story happensThe falling action in these stories is about when the drug is wearing off of Calvin and he begins to come back to reality That is about the time his parents come and get his attention and knocks him out of his drug induced dreamThe resolution is story is finished right around the last slide That's also when the author drops a little punch line to give the reader a laugh But it is a ironic kind of laugh you are laughing at Calvin and how life isn't going his wayThe denouement of these stories are basically the resolutions of these stories A puny cute little joke at the end of every storyThe secondary characters of this book would be anyone who may witness Calvin on his drug tripThat would be for one Calvin's parents They are suppose to guard Calvin and keep him safe but they must be doing a bad job for the fact they let him go on these wild drug trips Susie A girl that interacts with Calvin in some of the stories My look on Susie may be someone who is on drugs as well could also be Calvin's drug dealerMoe A sort of bully to Calvin Moe could realistically be the dealer of Calvin Calvin could owe Moe some money or drugs because Moe always treats Calvin like crapThere is Rosalyn a babysitter of Calvin for when his parents get tired of watching Calvin take drugs She is a gold digger and doesn't care about Calvin's well being she barely care what he does as long as he doesn't bother herFinally there is Calvin's teacher Miss Wormwood I think Calvin hates her because one point in the story when she gives Calvin a bad grade on his report of bats he is seen digging what looks to be a grave so Calvin might be plotting to murder her This is a crazy book with crazy characters There really are no memorable uotes because it is a comic stripMy overall look of this book was uite memorable to me Calvin really reminded me of my younger self except for the massive drug trips I enjoyed watching Calvin go on some crazy drug trips with Hobbes I thought it was uite funny as these trips give Calvin some sort of alter ego as the same with Hobbes Except Hobbes's ego is changed by Calvin's drug trip and emotion But like i said overall this is a nice book if you are interested in watching a little kid trip balls on drugs and going through the trip with Calvin himself

  7. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Opens with a lot of short essays Hobbes is about the subjective nature of reality than about dolls coming to life Goes on w lots of commentary which kinda spoiled it for me Watterson is a little too full of himself if you ask me I don't think his fans made him famous for the high falutin' reasons he tells himself I think the strips are brilliant but the readers are fully entitled to appreciate them at will even if they favorite ones that Bill said weren't his best or were produced under pressure or whateverWhat I'm saying is if you have access to several of the others skip this one Unless you do actally want all the behind the scenes stuff

  8. Dave Logghe Dave Logghe says:

    The real joy of this book is remembering even for just a couple of hours what it was like to be a kid I don't know if the comics transported me there through writing or if it was just the nostalgia I remember picking up Calvin and Hobbes for the first time at a garage sale It was 50 cents or thereabouts and I really just picked it up because I was a bored little kid waiting for his parents When I looked at the inside cover I saw that the previous owner's name was the same as a friend of mine Noting a chance for something in common I was a socially awkward kid I begged my parents for it saying that I always wanted this bookIt sat neatly on my bookshelf for a couple months then on a summer day when I was too lazy to go pretend I was a knight or a robot or a jedi I sat in my little nook in the house and started to read it First I skipped ahead to every colored sunday comic After exhausting the supply I went back and read it cover to cover I won't say that I was forever changed but I'm pretty sure I went outside and started acting like a dinosaur right after I guess my real love of this comic didn't become apparent to me until earlier today I was at my local bookstore hoping to acuire a copy of Empire Magazine The spot for it was empty so here I was with ten dollars to spend and no book to spend it on I browsed for about ten minutes before sighing and resigning myself to going home empty handed On my way out I noticed the Tenth Anniversary book sitting on an impulse rack Solidifying the bookseller's decision to have an impulse rack darn you I bought the book and went on my way Imitating my young self I left it on my bed and proceeded to watch movies all day Once I finished my last movie I went into my room remembered my purchase and sat down to flip through it Again I was unable to get up until I read it cover to cover The strips are fantastic the stories remind me of myself and of ways that I wished I had been when I was younger Many strips also have a line or two of writer commentary which I love Nothing makes comics meaningful than receiving some insight from the mind of the person that conceived it In short or long wow I didn't intend to write this much this book is well worth picking up Buy it for yourself Buy it for your kid Buy it for your neighbor's kid Everybody should experience Calvin Hobbes

  9. Maureen Maureen says:

    This is classic Calvin and Hobbes and a great memorial to the short life of the best comic strip ever written The introductory information written by Bill Watterson was interesting and gave me a brief insight into the uirky and creative mind that created these adorable mischievous and precocious characters I was heartbroken when I heard that Bill Watterson had decided to stop writing the Calvin and Hobbes strip I felt like I was losing two good friends Long before I became a mother I would read the strip laugh and say God's going to give me a son just like Calvin And He did Well maybe my son is not exactly like Calvin but he's pretty close I can definitely relate to Calvin's mother's exasperation when her too smart for his own good son did something crazy My own son grew to like Calvin and Hobbes also He used to read my C H books for his daily reading homework assignments and would sometimes find new words in them like labotomy and transmogrifier I don't think his teachers appreciated my letting him use them as learning materials Long live Calvin and Hobbes

  10. Matty-Swytla Matty-Swytla says:

    What can I say than It was amazing

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