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It's a Magical World ➻ [Reading] ➽ It's a Magical World By Bill Watterson ➰ – When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning Fans have learned to survive d When cartoonist Bill Watterson announced that his phenomenally popular cartoon strip would be discontinued Calvin and Hobbes fans throughout the world went into mourning Fans have learned to survive despite the absence of the boy and his tiger in the daily newspaper It's It's a eBook · a Magical World delivers all the satisfaction of visiting its characters once Calvin fans will be able to see their favorite mischief maker stir it up with his furry friend long suffering parents classmate Susie Derkins school teacher Miss Wormwood and Rosalyn the baby sitter It's a Magical World includes full color Sundays and has it all Calvin turned firefly waking Hobbes with his flashlight glow; courageous Spaceman Spiff rocketing through alien galaxies as he battles Dad turned Bug Being; and Calvin's always inspired snowman art There's no better way for Watterson fans to savor again the special ualities of their favorite strip.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • It's a Magical World
  • Bill Watterson
  • English
  • 12 January 2014
  • 9780836221367

About the Author: Bill Watterson

Bill Watterson born William Boyd Watterson II is an American cartoonist and the author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes His career as a syndicated cartoonist ran from to ; he stopped drawing Calvin and Hobbes at the end of It's a eBook · with a short statement to newspaper editors and his fans that he felt he had achieved all he could in the comic strip medium During the early years of.

10 thoughts on “It's a Magical World

  1. Steinar Sigurdsson Steinar Sigurdsson says:

    Calvin I read this library book you got meCalvin's Mom What did you think of it?Calvin It really made me see things differently It's given me a lot to think aboutCalvin's Mom I'm glad you enjoyed itCalvin It's complicating my life Don't get me any

  2. Pooja Pooja says:

    This series starts with Calvin laughing and cheerful that he's finally free from prison read school just to find out that someone is following himNone other than Susie and at that moment we know we should get ready for some grossiness of Get Rid Of Slimy girlS GROSSCalvin goes on getting at the nerves of Susie Hobbes and he fight a lot which is way too funny It's delightful to watch them argue doing homework together and reading comics Thinking of his teacher as a giant larva eating everything that came before her was hilarious Being the last book of this series it was humorous than anything else Calvin with his winter jacket is cuteness personified In the end when Calvin and Hobbes hug it makes me laugh out loud His mischief in this book has crossed all the limits

  3. Charlie Charlie says:

    Calvin and Hobbes was so important to me when I was younger and still is important It really is in its own little catergory It breaks my heart that Watterson left after this book but in an understanding way It is so rare that someone knows how to retire while they are at their peak and let their art stand on its own I have this last strip in this book pinned up on my wall at work to remind me as I came here and started over that it's a magical world out there

  4. Anna Anna says:


  5. M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews M.M. Strawberry Library & Reviews says:

    Thank you so much Bill Watterson for writing and drawing this

  6. Greg Greg says:

    Yet another among the books published by Bill Watterson from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that I have enjoyed This one is from the beginning of the CH comic strip and I own a framed print of that first strip When Calvin tells Hobbes It's a magical worldlets go exploring it speaks powerfully to me on several levels That print hangs in my office and has become a reminder to me of the importance of discovering what I don't yet know of the need to ask important uestions and find their answersMy children have literally worn out these collections of CH comics and with good reason CH is a uniue blend of homespun philosophy side splitting humor and insight into the human child and adult condition Watterson's insights into and sly digs at various social familial and other institutions of modern life are masterful

  7. Leigh Leigh says:

    Calvin it's okay It's okay Trust meTRUST YOU?? I HARDLY EVEN KNOW YOUWHAT? I'm your fatherYou've only known me six years Come back when i'm forty THEN we'll talk about trust In Hysterics

  8. Jordan West Jordan West says:

    Some people never forget what they were doing when they heard about a historic event or the death of someone famous; as for myself I'll always remember where I was when I read the last ever 'Calvin and Hobbes' strip in the paper

  9. Jonny Jonny says:

    About as good as it gets even through nostalgia goggles More introspection musings on where the world is going spot on Bill old son but still some time for Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man And if I'd known then that there would be no next year's book I'd have had a uiet moment after that last hurrah

  10. Sean Chick Sean Chick says:

    The final volume of Calvin and Hobbes might just be the very best The flights of fantasy are far fewer here which is usually something I do not care for I always wanted of Spiff and Tracer That is because Watterson's mundane stories often had a slice of life sentimentality that I found wanting There is little of that here Hobbes is a far adversarial figure in the strip in general than it is given credit for and in particular here The slice of life is about making a point Watterson is trying to give us his view on where we were going As far as predictions go he was sadly accurateIt's a Magical World proves an old adage of mine know when to uit We often stretch out ideas and stories until they become dull Watterson already taking on darker themes in There's Treasure Everywhere goes much further here Existential dread is common Most telling is his early jibes at the Internet which was only then just arriving Other commentaries are about technologically induced isolation consumerism the coarsening of political discourse and the triumph of money There was always a smattering of social commentary in Calvin and Hobbes but here it is on overdrive He even mentions the vapid nostalgia machine It almost overwhelms the strip but it still remains true to its heart It is also consistently funny Yet the title of this one is partially a lie The magic of the world is mostly absent; Calvin has to go look for it in nature and with Hobbes less content it seems to simply pretend to be a dinosaur It's a Magical World came when other things I grew up with were ending with the advent of the Internet and media mergers WGNO 26 action films not based on comics Married with Children and Saturday morning cartoons Kids played outside back then They also read the funnies; if Watterson were working today he would go unnoticed The world was shifting towards the one I know now computerized polarized and even fast paced Indeed much of this volume is about how Americans fail to enjoy life Reading this strip because of its biting wit and perspective is not mere nostalgia It's a Magical World is vaguely prescientWatterson chose the perfect time to bow out Unlike Charles Schulz and Jim Davis and many people lesser than Schulz Watterson did not beat it into the ground Indeed so much of the final pages are about trying new things avoiding stale repetition To read this book now I did not read it back then is to feel nostalgic thoughtful sad and happy Watterson pressed all the buttons here He ended the strip with a bang

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