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The Days Are Just Packed ➸ The Days Are Just Packed Free ➮ Author Bill Watterson – Zounds Spaceman Spiff Stupendous Man the ferocious tiger Hobbes and the rest of Calvin's riotous imagination are all included in The Days Are Just PackedCalvin the self proclaimed Boy of Destiny conti Zounds Spaceman Are Just Kindle Õ Spiff Stupendous Man the ferocious tiger Hobbes and the rest of Calvin's riotous imagination are all included in The Days Are Just PackedCalvin the self proclaimed Boy of Destiny continues to save the universe with his alter egos Spaceman Spiff and Stupendous Man at least until Miss Wormwood or his mother bring him back to reality Susie Calvin's nemesis and love interest remains Calvin's favorite target And when he's not recovering from a ferocious tiger attack Calvin creates hideous snowmen plays a moral cat and mouse game with Santa The Days ePUB í conducts his infamous Dad polls and combats the monsters under his bed.

10 thoughts on “The Days Are Just Packed

  1. Swaroop Kanti Swaroop Kanti says:

    There's Venus there's Mars and there's JupiterAnd I'm stuck hereA delightful and light hearted read particularly for these strange uncertain and despairing times

  2. Brian Brian says:

    I just called to let you know it’s a perfect day outside“The Days Are Just Packed” simply confirms for me something I already knew Bill Watterson is a genius And that is not an understatement He is a great writer he could have written novels as the text to these comics makes clear a wonderful storyteller and an amazing visual artist I appreciate him and every time I return to Calvin and Hobbes because they hold up so wellThis collection has many highlights among them a story line about a time traveling Calvin Calvin invents time travel in order to avoid writing a story for school It is a great story line and a clever ode to the power of imagination It begins on page 86 Also awesome is a strip where a piece of clay leads Calvin and Hobbes into a discussion about art v marketability It is funny and yet uite profoundThe last 50 pages of this book are just one awesome strip after another I am talking some serious brilliance hereAs usual with a Calvin and Hobbes collection I found myself laughing and thinking at the same time I enjoy when that happens “The Days Are Just Packed” is excellent all around Don’t know what else to say about it

  3. Book Worm Book Worm says:

    This book of wisdom should be in every English teacher's bookshelf It is full of philosophy interesting play on words wit and humour Nary a year goes by when I don't use it in my lessons It has been my companion for over ten years now and is uite tattered now I simply love this compilation

  4. Cory Cory says:

    Reading this as an adult was revelatory Of what I can't exactly say But I was at a friend's home in a strange city that will soon be my home and I couldn't sleep I picked up this book and realized that it really isn't meant for children Or at least not just for children I read all of Watterson's books when I was a kid and I now know how much I missed and how much I absorbed

  5. Nick Nick says:

    So good Read it You will be glad you did

  6. Jake Jake says:

    This is the first Calvin Hobbes book I've purchased since elementary school Back then my parents would give me an allowance whenever the Scholastic Book Catalog was passed around the classroom and I would almost always buy a Calvin Hobbes collection My parents encouraged me to read something of value when I could so they'd talk me out of sticker books and lesser kid titles like Captain Poopbutt His Wacky Goof Smile Crew or some shit This was fine since I always tried to read at a higher level For instance I read a bunch of Michael Chrichton in junior high Guess what happens when you're some barely teenage spaz launching his way through puberty and reading techno thrillers without understanding basic science? It messes up your brain and you start wanting to only talk about time travel in biology classBut when I read Calvin Hobbes it was sort of this weird hybrid piece of childhood and adulthood It wasn't some coming of age tale or some hyperactive meta fiction Calvin and Hobbes as comic characters did a number on me as they were loud and adventurous while in turn uietly discussing philosophy Looking back I probably scored a heavy helping of social interpretation from the two It's pretty hard to get a kid to consider morality and mortality but somehow when Calvin posed a uestion to Hobbes in the woods or in the wagon there came a serious pondering of existence in this great big worldI've read through my Calvin Hobbes collections dozens of times over the years every year To read Calvin Hobbes comics this week ones that I've never previously read was some sort of hellfire crash of excitement and nostalgia It was the first comic strip I ever loved It was the first thing my father and I ever discussed like literary men It was the first characters that I thought made elouent and constructive sense of wise assingThis particular collection got a five star rating from me before I even read it Bill Watterson spent his years as a cartoonist having an open discussion about the wants and drags of mankind and the nervous wonderment of people all while letting an uncontrollable kid's imagination run wild with his closest friend It was perfect then and it's perfect now

  7. Laura Harrison Laura Harrison says:

    The shock I felt upon learning Bill Watterson was discontinuing his Calvin and Hobbes series has never left me I needed those comics They weren't just funny they were touching and so very clever Today's comics and graphic novels have not come close to the feelings emotions and intelligence Watterson was able to convey in a few short panels Hopefully Watterson will return to us in full force The world needs him than ever

  8. Vfields Don& Vfields Don& says:

    When you're trying to alleviate daily stress allow Calvin and Hobbs to provide pure joy into your life I laughed out loud on buses subways coffee shops and park benches I felt wonderful and that's what it's all about All Hail Bill Watterson

  9. PurplyCookie PurplyCookie says:

    From spaceships and interplanetary hideous monster beasties to creeping around the backyard the fun is never in short supplyThese witty comics about the 6 year old Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbes named after the famous philosophers will amuse people of all ages The perceptiveness and humor of Watterson deserve the highest of cartoon awards while his artistic creations exude hilarity This cartoon is perhaps one of the most piercing yet funny critiues of modern societyThis book is excellent and relatively benign humor good for any occasion when you need a break from the world More amazing this book can be read over and over and each time you'll still find it funnyBook Details Title The Days Are Just Packed Calvin and HobbesAuthor Bill Watterson Reviewed By Purplycookie

  10. Jonny Jonny says:

    Calvin Bugs fly in such crazy loops and zigzags I wonder why they don't get dizzy and barfHobbes Maybe they doCalvin Eww gross Ha ha ha But then why would they keep flying that way?Hobbes Maybe bugs like to barfCalvinEwww They would Ha ha ha ha BlaughCalvin I tell you Hobbes it's great to have a friend who appreciates earnest discussion of ideasJust pure dead perfection Ideal stress relief

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