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DEAD [Read] ➯ DEAD By Charles Saatchi – In this new book cleverly designed to look like a marble tombstone complete with marble edge stain Charles Saatchi relates often perversely entertaining stories that look at death and mortality in a c In this new book cleverly designed to look like a marble tombstone complete with marble edge stain Charles Saatchi relates often perversely entertaining stories that look at death and mortality in a coolly amused and detached way In brief essays—sometimes dark sometimes droll—and including illustrations Saatchi spans a wide variety of topics; the Russian mafia snake eating spiders Attila the Hun the Wild West being run over by your own dog even laughing yourself into a heart attack  .

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  1. Marc Nash Marc Nash says:

    As befits a man with an advertising background this is all surface sheen and no depth Some good ideas and interesting facts here but few merit than a couple of lines Most chapters begin with a nugget relevant to the title then off he flits to something rather unrelated as if he can't sustain his own interest or his own research abilities It does look beautiful but then a book as a gravestone about death hardly bathroom reading or coffee table adornment

  2. Todd Stockslager Todd Stockslager says:

    Review Title Dead to writesI pick up and read books for many reasons but this may be the first book I ever read based on the photograph in an advertisement sign Last year when I was in London I rode the Underground almost every day and one stop had an ad for this book with a picture that made me stop think and smile It was a black and white photo possibly from the early 20th century of a young boy about 12 years old I'd guess leapfrogging over a gravestone What a powerful symbol of death inexorably waiting to claim us but of the youthful and very human I might even say divine desire to defeat death by leapfrogging over it Death is the ultimate end but we can live like it doesn't matter until it comesWhile the actual book may not have lived up to the promise of that one photograph which is appropriately the last one in the book it is still an interesting piece of work Charles Saatchi is in fact an advertising executive and design guru better known for his art and cultural exhibitions in London Dead is in essence one of those exhibitions in the form of words arranged in short essays accompanied by photographs in a portable book format The topics vary widely but all center on deathOne of Saatchi's achievements in Dead is to show how broad that topic really is How we die when we die why we die how we celebrate it how we perceive natural and man made disasters crimes of death and punishments by death death by animals and deaths of animals all make appearances here The essays aren't scientific or technical in nature although some do feature brief explanations of the science and medicine behind deathand they aren't deeply philosophical or religious even though some do make you think and examine your soul The primary mode and motive of the writing is ironic perhaps what we might expect of an advertising and design guru in the social media age A favorite example is the essay on popular songs for funerals which include the usual inspiring and insipid pop songs but also the information that many funeral venues have blacklists of songs they won't play like John Lennon's Imagine because of the lyric Imagine there's no heaven And in the essay on what to do with your cremated loved ones ashes known as 'cremains' in the trade we learn that one option is to have them pressed into vinyl to produce a record of their favorite songs and another is to have them stirred into ink for tattoo designs so you can have them stitched into your skinThe writing isn't uniformly great again what we might expect since words are not Saatchis primary medium However there are lapses of grammar and syntax that I can't excuse because these could have and should have been caught by proofreading When I see these lapses in a published book my first uestion I would like to ask the writer and publisher is why should I devote care and attention to your book than you evidently did as you were producing it? While the reader can read around the mistakes and get the meaning and these mistakes by no means detract from the central themes they plant the notion that perhaps the writer didn't take Dead as seriously as the reader wishes he didAnd perhaps Saatchi would say that is precisely the point of Dead think about living and dying but doing both well means not taking either and ourselves in the process so seriously After all it was a picture of a boy leapfrogging a gravestone that brought me to this book and brought such joy to my heart

  3. Nick McLaren Nick McLaren says:

    More for the coffee table than the book shelfI met him once Charles Saatchi a thoroughly charming man we shared a joke at his then partners expense Two weeks later he was arrested for assaulting her I’ve never gotten over the guilt

  4. Dana Jerman Dana Jerman says:

    This book is like an art show of gore It is an art book with well curated photography and it is excellently doneIf you find real life horror murder deadly animals accidents and death caught on film interesting this one is for you

  5. Carole LoConte Tedesco Carole LoConte Tedesco says:

    Interesting concept so so execution If you're interested in the macabre there's no shortage of fascinating vignettes to be found here but Saatchi doesn't do a very good job of tying the whole together It's a uick read and there were uite a few OMG moments but it didn't hold together as a whole work With that said the book is physically beautiful and marvelously produced

  6. Graham Armstrong Graham Armstrong says:

    Very Very clever and interesting

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