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    I once was homeless for just over five years Most of that time was spent in a structure my boyfriend and I made called a bender because you had to bend live young tree trunks to make the frame of the dwelling I picked this book up as a reference for a book I m trying to write and am not going to use Why When I came to the bender like structure Akkermans describes making, I blinked.The dwelling he describes would blow away on the first stiff wind The frame poles are not braced with rocks It also would easily flood in the first rain Drainage is not discussed Perhaps he means for someone to stay there for a week end But to go to all of that work and killing many trees just to abandon the thing after a couple of days seems a waste Akkerman also describes how to make a yurt like thingy WITH A SEWING MACHINE Now, I know that I have absolutely no right to speak for all formerly homeless people, but I never ONCE as a homeless person heard another homeless person say, You know what we need A sewing machine Yeah, that ll be tickety boo Me gyro should cover it The homeless people I knew and myself included had no ...

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    excellent I particularly like that he mentions several details you don t commonly see mentioned in survival guides, good advice that you might not think of right away but that will serve you well.

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