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After Sasha EPUB After Sasha Author HollyAnne Weaver Sprinterenvy.com After Sasha Is The Sequel To The Plaid Skirt Although Written As A Stand Alone Novel, Much Of Its Inspiration Is Drawn From Its Predecessor Read In Sequence, It Takes An Initial Story Point And Comes Full Circle Alison Aronov Lockewood Has Lived As A Single Mom With Her Daughter, Lidya, For Quite Some Time She Has Kept Her Life S Focused On Raising Lidi Above All Else Suddenly, As If From Thin Air, A Seeming Ghost From Her Past Is Dropped In Front Of Her, Forever Altering Her Life Whereas In The Plaid Skirt We Are Reminded Of The Possibility Of Life S Tragedies Without A Moment S Notice, After Sasha Shows Us That The Same Can Be Said For Happiness And Hope.

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    If you re in the mood for a super sweet story look no further Within the first few pages, and upon their first meeting, Aly falls head over heels in love with Karin Her feelings are reciprocated and within days, the ladies are declaring their love for each other and making wedding plans.There are huge amounts of dialogue told via text messages and mobile phone calls throughout the story Most go something like this Love you, babe Love you But I said it first Karin couldn t have been perfect for Aly Not only was she not fazed by trying to live up to the ghost of Sasha, at times she encouraged it When Aly put her ex lovers rings away, Karin insisted she not do that One night after having a few drinks, Aly slips and calls Karin Sasha, while they are having sex Good old Sasha laughs, not just because she s tipsy, she s still laughing about it the next day There s no explicit content in this story Lidi is the most mature little girl I ve encountered She too accepts Karin with open arms, begging her to move in practically from the get go And within eight days talks of adoption take place.I don t need drama to drive a story, and at times like light and sweet, but when a book is 300 pages of sweetness, just like bingeing on sugar it tends to make me feel a little sick.There were a couple of missed opportunities that would have made me become engrossed in the story One being when Aly goes to the toilet and Karin tells all of...

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    Simply terrific This book is wonderful written with characters that enveloped you in their world It truly pulled at my heartstrings I adore Lidi, she is an amazing lovable little girl and Karen stole my heart It s an incredible entertainin...

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