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    Whether you re a casual writer looking for ways to improve, or a serious writer wanting to strengthen skills you already have, this book is a must I ve been wanting to take a novel writing class from David Farland for years, and wanted to learn to be a disciplined outliner for even longer than that, so finally reading his Million Dollar Outlines was a perfect synthesis Not only did the book fit the bill for thinking through and outlining a story, it went far beyond that David also includes an in depth and well explained look into all of the nuts and bolts of a good novel from characterization, to million dollar plots, to creating winning conflict, to building emotional resonance into your story All intensely important components of any tale that is meant to have expansive appeal to readers, and laid out in easily groked and understood chunks Plus, it contains an added highlight excerpts from a conversation recorded in the late 70s early 80s between Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan as they has...

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    I wrote pages of notes from this book as I continue to try and improve my own writing It goes through the top selling books and films and breaks down aspects that are common to them e.g the emotional draw, the mystery to be solved Plus there s a great list of l...

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    I took nearly a year to read, but well worth it This how to book on assembling an outline for your novel gave many poignant and useful ideas on how to make an outline that will lay down the bones of your story and actually HELP you in writing the first draft of your novel.Has anyone else ...

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    This is the year I m going to start working seriously on my fiction, and that s the mindset I had as I read this book In some sense, it s impossible to tell how helpful it will be until 10 years from now when I have a career or don t and can see how the advice I took or didn t helped or hurt For now, the best I can do is say what seems useful.Farland s approach is, for lack of a better word, mercenary I m usually pretty far from the special snowflake kind of person who sees writing as an artistic calling I want to be a storyteller, and I want to learn about writing as a craft or a trade rather than, you know, a calling But even by my fairly practical tastes, his emphasis on making millions of dollars seemed a little extreme and also sort of silly Making a million dollars is just not what motivates me I mean, it s not that I don t want the money I d really love to write professionally one day, but all my research so far has taught me to be realistic and here s a guy who is telling me that if my book treatment is good enough I can get a 7 figure advance before I start writing, and then a multi million dollar movie deal right after its published That s just kind of getting ahead of myself, I think He even seems to concede that those sup...

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    Outlines are, in fact, only one aspect of what this how to write book covers It does concentrate on the big picture, like what emotion appeals work for what audiences, story structure, building and orchestrating characters, what sorts of conflicts are involved, and many other useful things.

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    I watch the YouTube series of lectures given by Brandon Sanderson at Utah uni He took over the course from David Farland a few years ago.Farland s writing books are always a good read At that point I recognized that reading a formed story that conforms to Feralt s plotting outline might be a type of emotional exercise that allows us to handle stress Kindle Locations 270 271 And this is why some people are bored, and some captivated by the same story people are different and they have different stress levels.You know yourself, on a bad day not every book can help you escape that stress Proven favourite authors, or favourite reads might work.And keep in mind that if you, as a writer, don t follow the rules then you leave your reader stressed The romance novel that doesn t have a happy ending, for instance The hero s quest where the hero dies rather than gets home to tell the tale That gives you angry readers.We all know stories have a beginning a middle and an end, but those parts also have to be causally linked Plus, it should be entertaining.Farland drops in some amazing things After all, I used to be a prison guard My grandfather worked for the mob and took me under his wing when I was a child, teaching me how to run whore houses, run smuggling operations, and how to rub out the competition More than that, I worked in Hollywood for awhile and I became acquainted with sleaze at levels tha...

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    I prefer to outline books so this was something of a find as I got it on Audibles New Year s Resolution Sale Farland has many interesting point and explores his subject matter from many different angles As a audio book I m not sure I got the full...

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    A writing book that actually helped flesh out a project I m working on That s a first.

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    This writing book had some great ideas and suggestions for better outlining stories before an author begins the drafting stage The author has worked in Hollywood, so his premise was how to write riveting, inspiring, life changing stories and characters that can sell well in Hollywood and to publishers before an author even writes a word of their story His outlining plan is very detailed, and has some great suggestions I want to put into action in my own storymaking I felt...

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    I found this book so insightful I d definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to write for publication even if you re not a plotter, there s great information here.

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Million Dollar Outlines Reading Million Dollar Outlines By David Farland Contra Saustall.eu Bestselling Author David Farland Has Taught Dozens Of Writers Who Have Gone On To Staggering Literary Success, Including Such 1 New York Times Bestsellers As Brandon Mull Fablehaven , Brandon Sanderson Wheel Of Time , James Dashner The Maze Runner And Stephenie Meyer Twilight In This Book, Dave Teaches How To Analyze An Audience And Outline A Novel So That It Can Appeal To A Wide Readership, Giving It The Potential To Become A Bestseller The Secrets Found In His Unconventional Approach Will Help You Understand Why So Many Of His Authors Go On To Prominence.