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T-SQL Querying T SQL Insiders Help You Tackle Your Toughest Queries And Query Tuning Problems Squeeze Maximum Performance And Efficiency From Every T SQL Query You Write Or Tune Four Leading Experts Take An In Depth Look At T SQL S Internal Architecture And Offer Advanced Practical Techniques For Optimizing Response Time And Resource Usage Emphasizing A Correct Understanding Of The Language And Its Foundations, The Authors Present Unique Solutions They Have Spent Years Developing And Refining All Code And Techniques Are Fully Updated To Reflect New T SQL Enhancements In Microsoft SQL Server And SQL Server Write Faster, Efficient T SQL Code Move From Procedural Programming To The Language Of Sets And Logic Master An Efficient Top Down Tuning Methodology Assess Algorithmic Complexity To Predict Performance Compare Data Aggregation Techniques, Including New Grouping Sets Efficiently Perform Data Analysis Calculations Make The Most Of T SQL S Optimized Bulk Import Tools Avoid Date Time Pitfalls That Lead To Buggy, Poorly Performing Code Create Optimized BI Statistical Queries Without Additional Software Use Programmable Objects To Accelerate Queries Unlock Major Performance Improvements With In Memory OLTP Master Useful And Elegant Approaches To Manipulating Graphs About This Book For Experienced T SQL Practitioners Includes Coverage Updated FromInside Microsoft SQL Server T SQL Querying And Inside Microsoft SQL Server T SQL Programming Valuable To Developers, DBAs, BI Professionals, And Data Scientists Covers Many MCSE And MCSA MCSE Exam Topics

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    Great for understanding how queries are processed and how using different logic or methodology can expedite query process

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    Location GG6 IRCAccession No DL028802

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