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    I received an advance reader s copy in exchange for an honest review My Review of the first book The Intern s Handbookand the short story Casual Friday I read the first book, The Intern s Handbook, months ago, but I can still remember most of what happened in it It was an amazing introduction to John Lago JL is one of those fictional characters that stick with you, even after reading He has a James Bond aura that I really like James Bond is one of my favorite characters, and JL feels like his son.This book continues where the first book left off JL being a character I already like, this was an easy read for me Alice was also really good in this novel Both of them developed even and the twists were really good too While this novel focused on their relationship than the action, I still found this book enjoyable The writing of the author was great as usual, and the romance was not cheesy in any way possible I m really liking the JL Alice team.The only thing that didn t make me rate this a 5 would be the ending The twist in the end was not good enough for me I didn t see it coming, but it wasn t grand either I was hoping for something dramatic but I guess it wasn t that bad The overall novel was amazing, and I can t wait for JL adventures.4 5 stars The first book was still slightly better than t...

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    This is me just knowing that this book exists

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    When I read The Intern s Handbook, I thought it was going to be a standalone I actually liked that it was a standalone with a kind of messy ending messy meaning in this case that things weren t tied up perfectly I really should have known better This isn t the sort of book that they let be No, it s the sort of book that they drag on and squeeze the money out of Janet Evanovich style So it should not have surprised me that within a year and half of the first book coming out, the author has already published a prequel and sequel and sold the film rights Still, I shrugged and gave this sequel a try It runs in the same vein as its predecessor There were certain things were slightly better, some things that were missing, and some things stayed the same but should have been improved upon I ll start with the nice stuff.I liked that they got rid of the FBI report files as a means of giving information In real life, files and transcripts are boring, and they are pretty boring in fiction as well Instead, you in person FBI interviews Ok, that is still a gimmicky was of relaying information, but at least it was slightly interesting It s a short book and fairly fast paced It s the sort of no brainer action book you read when you want something to entertain you but don t want to be bogged down by things like character development or expressive writing.Oops Looks like I am out of nice things to say about this book Now I m going to have to be blunt and possibly harsh.I didn t re...

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    This book was so much better than the first one John Lago and Alice get together in one of the most memorable weddings ever Lol They are both the coolest assassins with great one liners It s like Mr and Mrs Smith, but cooler.

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    OVERALL RATING 3.5 stars Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic OVERVIEW ANALYSIS I was thoroughly enad by The Intern s Handbook as it combined action, intricate plot twists and showed a super slice of dark humor that befit a story of a hitman for hire We got to learn about John Lago and his initiation into HR, Inc The story involved one last job before John retires however the story with all its twists and action packed climax wowed me completely The story ended on a couple of massive twists and the ending basically begs the reader to grab the sequel Hostile Takeover begins with John Lago surprisingly in a holding cell in Quantico, Virginia in the present day The story then goes back to three years to that night wherein The Intern s Handbook ended so precariously We get to see what happens next and going with the tone of the preceding novel, it seems completely appropriate We find that Alice and John have decided to get hitched and take over HR, Inc They do manage to take over after getting rid of the new Bob and find themselves with a gaggle of Interns who are awed by John They the interns having read John s work, look up to him and soon John Alice have things going top notch The only issue, there might be a...

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    John Lago is a hitman who takes over Human Resources Inc a company of assassins who become interns for high profile targets before killing them.In Shoot The Messenger, John has been captured and is secured at the FBI His interrogator, Assistant Director William Fletcher, wants to know his story and Lago agrees to tell him on one condition John wants to see his wife, the ...

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    I DEVOURED this book Just like I did with it s brilliant Release date is still a decent amount of time away so I m going to hold off on a full review, but this is hands down another winner and must read from Shane Kuhn Seriously, Brilliant, Genious, Ruthless, John Lago is back It felt like an eternity, after having read and loved The Intern s Handbook , to be able to read this and I m SO thrilled I finally could while at the same time I didn t want this one to end so I need Shane Kuhn books Hands a down one of the best Authors I ve ever read.Proper review to come Publisher Simon and SchusterAvailable July 14, 2015 projected datePre order available now I already had mine pre ordered so I still get to look forward to that so I can share quotes and trivia against a finished copy Also, I get to read it again I m definitely going to be rereading TIH before the finished copy comes in A million thanks for the chance to have read this early I begged and pleaded asked very ...

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    This is the second book about hitman intern John Lago John works for HR Inc, after killing the boss of the company he sets his sights on Alice He gets the girl but instead of a bullet he gives her a ring Upon getting married the two stage a takeover of HR Inc,but after a few missions together it appears they have contrasting s...

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    The second installment in this series was just as amazing if not better than the first book It had all my favourite elements of a John Lago thriller including humour, intense action, surprises and some romance mixed in This book was simply brilliant and I believe anyone could get enjoyment out of this exciting trill ride Shane Kuhn is truly a unique author who has the a...

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    Outstanding, enthralling, and another exciting rollercoaster of violence, humor and romance There may have a been a few moments that were hard to believe, but this book is just so much damn fun I m already looking forward to the next adventure Mr Kuhn throws out there So inter...

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Hostile Takeover (John Lago Thriller #2) Professional Assassin John Lago Faces Off Against His Deadliest Adversary Yet His Wife In Hostile Takeover, The Exciting Sequel To Shane Kuhn S Bestselling Debut The Intern S Handbook, Which The New York Post Called A Sexy, Darkly Comic Thriller At The End Of The Intern S Handbook, John Tracks Down His Nemesis Alice But Instead Of Putting A Bullet In Her Head, He Puts A Ring On Her Finger And Marries Her Together, They Execute A Hostile Takeover Of Human Resources, Inc., The Placement Agency That Trains Young Assassins To Infiltrate Corporations Disguised As Interns And Knock Off High Profile Targets As HR S Former Top Operatives, They Are Successful Until Conflicting Management Styles Cause An Ugly Breakup That Locks John Out Of The Bedroom And The Boardroom.But When Alice Takes On A New HR Target, John Is Forced To Return To The Office Battlefield In A Role He Swore He Would Never Play Again The Intern What Starts Out As A Deadly Showdown Turns Into The Two Of Them Fighting Side By Side To Save HR, Inc And Their Marriage Those Who Like Dexter Will Love John Lago Booklist , And In Shane Kuhn S Sequel To The Intern S Handbook, Readers Will Be Rooting For This Smart, Witty Antihero To Come Out On Top.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 257 pages
  • Hostile Takeover (John Lago Thriller #2)
  • Shane Kuhn
  • English
  • 11 May 2017

About the Author: Shane Kuhn

Shane Kuhn is a writer, director, and producer with fifteen years of experience working in the entertainment business and advertising He is also one of the original cofounders of the Slamdance Film Festival.