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53 ways to reduce stress! (The stripped bear series) Ebook 53 Ways To Reduce Stress The Stripped Bear Series By Rebecca Turner Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The Stripped Bear Guide To Stress Management Breaks Down The Issues That May Be Causing You To Lash Out At Friends And Family Or Making Yourself Sick From Excessive Worry If You Are Concerned That Your Life Is Becoming Filled With Stress Then This Book Will Help You Reduce It The Book Lists The Main Issues That May Be Creating Your Stress On A Daily Basis, And Then Lists Fifty Three Different Ways That You Can Start To Improve Them And Get The Life You Want Instead Of Reading Four Or Five Self Help Books, You Can Read Just The Stripped Bear Guide As All Of The Filler Of Traditional Self Help Books Is Gone The Only Information In This Book Is What You NEED To Know, Nothing Else You Can Start Improving Your Life Today Instead Of After Weeks Of Reading It Is The Ultimate In Speedy Self Help, Enjoy