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Epic Retold Download Epic Retold Author Chindu Sreedharan Mp3earth.com Epic Retold Attempts To Pass A Camel Through The Eye Of A Needle By Rewriting The Longest Epic In The World Using One Of Its Shortest Vehicles The Mahabharata Is The Story Of A War Bitter, Poignant, Devastating Told Here From The Perspective Of Bhima, Epic Retold Makes A Fierce Antiwar Statement It Is Complex Experiment That Was Originally Micro Blogged On The Internet A Grand Old Epic Reinterpreted For A New Generation.

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    If I glance at 21st century Indian English fiction, I see 3 4 strands mythological works inspired by the success of Amish, chick lit inspired by Chetan Bhagat, thrillers inspired by American thrillers and the award winning books that often bore me to death Since I have read a bit of mythology, I can say that while Amish s books have insights and research, most others are shallow except perhaps for Anand Neelakantan Asura Ajaya fame And for that reason I would have skipped this one too.Can the world s longest epic be re told in tweets I first heard of this idea from Devdutt Pattanaik in a Litfest where he mentioned that he had condensed the story of Mahabharata to 20 odd tweets Add to that, the most goodreads popular review by someone I respect was positive Decided to pick it up.The author s...

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    There are now perspectives in mythology This one s perspective and that one s Maybe as readers we are just too used to such perspectives out in the form of books and what each one has to say about the epics and the lesser known characters or the well known ones There are different ways and means also to project this sometimes with illustrations and sometimes through other unique ways of writing Off late, it is the 140 character stories or through flash fiction While I do not read books in the so called new formats , this time around, Epic Retold Mahabharata TwitterFiction Bhima 140Characters by Chindu Sreedharan managed to hold my attention, right from the start to the end Initially, the book was difficult to get into For the life of me, I could not get myself to read a book in the form of tweets with hashtags It just seemed inappropriate to me And then as I started turning the pages, I was intrigued and sucked in so to say in the story The difference in this format is that you as a reader feel that all the action is happening live, in front of you, when of course you know that it has been thousands of years since those events occurred Bhima has to me always been a fascinating character He is strong He is abled He is also quite a mush pot, from what mythology has to depict At the same time, he is...

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    I was struck by how human, flawed and credible the character of Bhimsen as narrator could be perceived Hats off to the author for having crafted such a beautiful story that evokes empathy at every turn and reveals a much less divine narrative, which enhances the connections that contemporary youth can palpably link to an age old epic A resounding bravo is also in order when considering the multi layered nuances that have been introduced through a tweetable format, which can individually stand on their own within each distinct episode The prudence with which the author has chosen moments to convert to episodic format rather than endeavouring to cover the entire story render a distinct focus on Bheem s own story It is an uplifting feeling to have read this book in a moment of illness, but an altogether sought for feeling regardless, given how passionate the imagery felt Chindu is to be commended for having brought the Ma...

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    Great to read the epic from Bhima s perspective Beautifully captured details in single tweets Loved it