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    I always think of the prophets at being perfect and I loved reading about how some of the modern day prophets fell in love I love a good romance and I got several with this book.There were some stories where the couple fell in love quickly and others were it took years and years to finally get married I m glad we each receive our own revelation because there was one story when I think I would ...

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    It was a sweet little book Some were love at first sight and others had a harder time getting together Made me feel better about my courtship.

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    This book should be required reading for any BYU student Also, I recommended it not because of the writing which was painful to read at times, and needed additional editing both for prose and grammar but because of the content The authors put in some work to compile these stories from various sources and original documents.I think any LDS young people in the courting stage of life would benefit from reading this book because, holy cow, these are not picture perfect courtships A surprising number of modern day prophets had courtships that were frustrating, confusing, demoralizing, and occasionally depressing A few were nice and simple, but for the most part, they seemed to struggle on both sides with the same spiritual and emotional uncertainties that I feel like most sensible people are weighted with when tryi...

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    George Albert Smith s story

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    This book was so fun I learned so much about the prophets and their wives It was interesting to read about how they were at a young age Great people, but not yet the figures as we know them There were several dating situations that reminded me of my own life Their stories aren t perfect, but I think that s what I really enjoyed They re real.I w...

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    So often, with the prophets of the church, I feel as though I picture their lives being perfect However, you learn while reading these stories that they weren t, and many of their courtships were not perfect Several of the stories I also never heard before, so I enjoyed learning about our leaders.

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    This is a fun, interesting, and quick read I especially loved reading about President and Sister Benson s courtship.

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    I really enjoyed hearing the love and courtship stories of the latter day prophets The stories were not all the same some were very sweet, almost sappy, and others almost tried my patience and gave me empathy The book is well researched but is written in a style that rem...

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    Loved this.

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    Quick read

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Courtships of the Prophets It S An Age Old Story Boy Meets Girl, Love Blossoms, And They Live Happily Ever After Nowhere Is This Timeless Tale Beautifully Depicted Than In The Lives Of The Presidents Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Courtships Of The Prophets Allows Readers A Captivating Look Into Some Of The Most Cherished Memories Of The Prophets The Earliest Moments Of Romances That Endured A Lifetime From The Sweet Recollections Of First Encounters To The Tender Love Letters Of Youth, This Volume Portrays The Histories Of Some Of Our Latter Day Prophets As Never Before In A Heartwarming Collection Of Reminiscences That Truly Evokes The Magic Of Happy Endings.

  • Paperback
  • 126 pages
  • Courtships of the Prophets
  • Mary Jane Woodger
  • 11 October 2017

About the Author: Mary Jane Woodger

Dr Mary Jane Woodger is an Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine at Brigham Young University Born and raised in American Fork and Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr Woodger has always had a great love for teaching After obtaining a B.S in Home Economics Education, Dr Woodger taught Home Economics and American History in Salt Lake City where she received the Vocational Teacher of the Year