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    I love this Kadence MacBride Can t wait to read the 3rd book in this series A real page turner.

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Death of an Island Tart (The Kadence MacBride Mystery Series Book 2) EPUB Death Of An Island Tart The Kadence MacBride Mystery Series Book 2 Author Janice Croom Bandcamptomp3.co.uk She Wanted A Reconciliation She Got A Murder If You Like A Sleuth With Attitude You Ll Love Kadence MacBride Following A Breakup Of 268 Days, 12 Hours And 23 Minutes, Kadence MacBride Has Messed Up And Knows It, So She Swallows Her Pride And Makes A Surprise Visit To The Caribbean To Try And Reconcile With Her Boyfriend Terrence Unfortunately For Her, Terrence Has Moved On And Is About To Marry Hootchie Momma Barbie Unfortunately For Him, The Wedding Is Called Because Of Death When His Bride To Be Is Found Strangled Instead Of Saying I Do, The Police Believe Terrence Did, Commit The Murder That Is Since Suspects On The Island Are Likely To See The Inside Of A Coffin Than A Courtroom, Kadence Has To Help They Conduct Their Investigation In The Midst Of What The Tourist Bureau Deems Civil Unrest, But Plain Folks Call Riots With No Phone, No Lights And No Motor Car, They Re Stranded Than Gilligan On The Run, Stripped Of Their Tourist Status, The Real Murderer Is Closing In Unfortunately For Them, It Looks Like The Only Way They Ll Ever Leave The Island Will Be In A Pine Box Praise For Kadence MacBride Kadence MacBride Is Quite The Memorable Character An Original And Engaging Protagonist Kadence Is A Definite Keeper File Under Whodunit Mystery, Murder Mystery, Humorous Mysteries, Female Sleuth Mysteries, Book Club Recommendations 2015, Amateur Sleuth Mystery, Lending Library, Romantic Mystery, Mystery Series, African American Mystery, Women Sleuths