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    Between the first and last pages of this stirring true story lie the answers of how to walk with grace through one of life s darkest traumas, be guided by a courage outside of yourself, and emerge whole All the Above is as much the story of a husband and wife facing the reality that their nineteen year old son may die, as it is the story of his heroism knowing his death may be imminent McDermott s prose succeeds, as she weaves the details of a family s intricate feelings as they walk through a very private and emotional journey The first inclination that something isn t right is when Julia McDermott hears her son s complaints during a telephone call Nineteen year old Jack tells his mother that blurry vision is marring his attempts to study for his University of Georgia freshman final exams McDermott tells her son that she will make an appointment with the family eye doctor for the week he arrives home after finals She assures him that glasses will undoubtedly correct his vision problems.Upon examination, the eye doctor, a neighbor and friend, tells the family that Jack must see an ophthalmology specialist right away She arranges for an appointment that afternoon At a nearby hospital, a doctor delivers Julia and Dennis McDer...

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    I really enjoyed reading this family s journey Ms McDermott shared some of her most vulnerable moments with us without shame A very inspirational story for anyone, especially for someone who may be battling a health crisis.

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    This is a very well written story of a family s journey through brain cancer Having just gone through a serious medical issue with our son though not as intense as Jack s brain cancer , the author s insights and emotions resonated with me and kept me engaged all the way My wife even commented that she has never seen me read a book with such intensity I found this book through a write up in the UNC alumni magazine I was immediately drawn in by, of a...

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    I read this book in two days I felt so many different emotions while reading it I felt so sorry for the family to have to deal with this horrible and scary situation Poor Jack having to go through cancer treatments while in the beginning of his college career The book was very well written and an honest story of how the family coped during this time of tragedy It showed how the McDermott family relied on their stron...

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    Beautiful book, lovely familyThis book shows what should be all about really well written, personal story with depth and insight This family is so likable Very engaging prose, and thankfully, as it is a true account, a happy outcome Thanks to the author for sharing her work An ab...

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    I enjoyed the love of the familyYou felt like you were a part of their lives You could tell how it touched everyone that was connected to this young man How God had a different plan for him What nice young man Very touching story

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    A feel good storyWas holding my breath the whole way and was not disappointed Some brain cancers can be cured thank goodness Too many times you take life for granted and sweat the small things Hope this book makes you stop and smell the roses

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    Uplifting, but while I appreciate the authors s no nonsense writing style, her tendency to describe everything every person they encounter, every doctor, every room and chair they sit in, EVERYTHING quickly became tiresome I found myself skimming through page after page, looking for when the next i...

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All the Above: My son's battle with brain cancer On His 19th Birthday And The Day After His Freshman Year At The University Of Georgia, Jack McDermott Was Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor Sitting Right Behind His Optic Nerves, The Tumor Rapidly Threatened To Take His Vision, And Jack Was Rushed Into Surgery For The Next Six Months, He Fought The Battle Of His Life Told With Honesty, Tenderness, And Compassion, All The Above Chronicles His Mom S Emotional Struggle As She And Her Family Did Everything Possible To Help Jack Survive Brain Cancer This Inspiring True Story Of Courage, Optimism, And Hope Will Touch All Those Whose World Has Changed In A Day, And Who Have Faced Grief And Loss.