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Waiting for Paint to Dry ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Waiting for Paint to Dry Author Lia Mack – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk For the past decade Matty Bell has lived safe in a self made monochromatic life of work eat sleep survive Living vicariously through her best friend Claire's perfect life wasn't the plan However Matty For the past Paint to PDF È decade Matty Bell has lived safe in a self made monochromatic life of work eat sleep survive Living vicariously through her best friend Claire's perfect Waiting for MOBI :Ê life wasn't the plan However Matty learned long ago it's easier to run and hide from life than to deal with the PTSD she’s suffered from since being raped for Paint to PDF ✓ at sixteen Yet on the night of her thirtieth birthday a freak accident shows Matty a truth run from something long enough and it will consume you She must find a way back to her life a life full of passion in which she can follow her dreams and is not afraid to love When Claire announces her family is moving she asks Matty to come too Having grown up Navy Matty’s no stranger to picking up and starting over However moving half way around the world to play nanny to Claire’s children doesn't sound like the new beginning Matty yearns for Nor does she want to leave without first confronting her fears and coming full healing circle She can’t let another decade slip by before she’s able to trust again A portion of the proceeds benefit RAINN Rape Abuse Incest National Network.

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  1. Lia Mack Lia Mack says:

    This is interesting that Goodreads allows me to rate my own book Well then I sayI LOVE THIS BOOK It's my paper 'baby' Of course I love it I've lived with it for 10 long yearsIt's purpose It's soul It's spunk I love the characters I love the plot and subplots The multiple climax element because seriously who doesn't love multiple climaxes lolI also love how it touches on so many of life's struggles and celebrations So dear reader I give it to you To take this book and love it too Lia Mackauthor of Waiting for Paint to Dry

  2. Meg Dendler Meg Dendler says:

    I loved Matty's journey and how each twist and turn was handled Perfect for a book club that really wants to have some conversations Hopefully helpful for other survivors and those still struggling Well written and a great read Highly recommend

  3. Mary Latela Mary Latela says:

    Lia Mack's superb first novel Waiting for Paint to Dry takes up the story of a woman who was raped as a teenager but who never told anyone and after a while put the event so deep inside her that she forgot it As a thirty year old she still suffers from triggers and memory fragments Those who work with women who are sexually abused may understand the need for a victim to escape from the abuse by going away dis associating When terror is too great to handle young girls and boys may do this may lose time in order not to feel the awful uality of the assault to deny it and to live through itThe novel contains all the worst reactions to Matty’s decision to tell She reports the rape to authorities but it's too late to prosecute She tells her mother who says she must have wanted it She tells her sisters who do not want or have time to deal with her history and treat her as an outcast Eventually Matty separates from the family when she has told her story or notIn her own life she has difficulty with boundaries not having had a relationship or any sexual activity for a long long time she has challenges when meeting men when trying to determine the truth from a “line” She seems unable to walk away from troubling situations Rape is very difficult to think about talk about particularly as in Matty's case where she continues to have significant symptoms I don’t agree with the therapist Dr Linda who may or may not be helping Matty She advises think ahead not back A therapist is not the director of therapy but a guide a listener a mostly silent helper not a map makerThe author Lia Mack develops some compelling insights Matty is healing slowly but her partner is also healing so there will need to be growth for each for them to make it work For some readers particularly victims the book may be too much too soon or if taken in small doses some very helpful steps toward facing one's own history Mack gives the reader the results of excellent research fine storytelling ability and proof that truth telling is tough but can be transformative Highly recommended

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    First of all a big round of applause to the author for dealing with such a painful and sensitive subject Stories like this play out time and time again in the lives of women everywhere and books like this one are important for healing and solidarity I hope we can learn a lot from Matty's storyMatty Bell's journey is rocky and tumultuous spanning than a decade Healing doesn't happen overnight The novel shows this however painfully true and at times it was hard to keep reading and wading through her struggles and crises But I was definitely cheering for Matty to come through on the other side I would have liked details about the repaired relationships with her family but I was glad they were going through the process Again it doesn't happen with the snap of the fingers Perhaps I just need to wait for the seuel?

  5. Dawn Dawn says:

    A survival storyI like this story I like how it lends the reader a different side of how we cope and deal with life How there are many faces of abuse and abusers Thanks for writing from the other side

  6. Amanda Green Amanda Green says:

    Such a great book Couldn't put it down Was on a business trip and was able to read on the flight I literally felt so connected with Maddy and felt as if she were my best friend and I was going through it with her Now I want a seuel

  7. Delta Delta says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand the first uarterfirst third of the book were difficult for me to get through both on an emotional level and just how slow it was Nothing really happens in this part of the book except some backstory on Matty's rape and slow recovery The main character building points are repeated over and over and at one point I said out loud Okay we get it because it felt like Mack was hammering Matty's turmoil into our head without any progression of the story or character However one Matty makes it to California everything changed for me That was when it finally felt like Matty was #movingforward The romance aspect was nice and although Matty's relationship with her sister El felt a bit exaggerated I thought the resentment between the sisters felt authentic

  8. Sheila Carsins Sheila Carsins says:

    Sensitive Approach to a Traumatic and Difficult Topic Particularly as the First Time Book of This AuthorThe book was written for those women that still keep all of their pain from rape or trauma hidden from everyone whether from shame fear of ridicule or fear that the victim will be blamed for bringing it on herself or not believed This book describes a healing journey from being isolated and lonely and too hurt to talk about their emotional experiences to reaching out for help understanding and possibly gaining justice It's a story of empowerment through one baby step at a time until she finally comes to terms with her issues of rape betrayal hurt and lack of self esteem and deals with then one at a time Matty finally makes peace with her life and finds happiness by reuniting with her family renewing old friendships and finds two readymade families that need and want her and a boyfriend named Ty that didn't know how much he needed Matty too The best surprise at the end is the icing on top of the cake But you'll have to read this book yourself to figure it out It's well worth it even if you've never experienced what Matty went through It gives a loving insightful look into the work and stresses of trying to regain what was so violently taken away while struggling with getting through the normal day to day grind I believe that men would also gain better insight into rape cases by reading this book Nobody should have to bare the burden of being a victim alone If you've never had any of these experiences and you gain nothing else from this story I would hope that you discover your humanity and your empathy to help others Also if you've been through this I hope you find the inspiration to reach out and take back your lifeone day at a time Thanks Liam Mack for providing the inspiration for the downtrodden and hurting Everyone in the world has a higher purpose and I believe that you've found yours

  9. Stacey V Stacey V says:

    Waiting for Paint to Dry tells the story of a woman struggling to overcome the shadow of her rape ten years later I was glad the book did not dwell in the past tense or the event itself The reader wants to hear about the growth and survival story rather than following along with the main characters as a victim I think Ms Mack achieves that in her novel A lot of characters go through transformation in this story In a sense the reader is able to be transported along with the process noting how one major event in the past can have an effect on so many lives in the futureI also think the reader feels rewarded when Matty finds love I wouldn't classify this book as a romance novel so much as belonging in a late coming of age genre And I appreciated that The novel focuses on Matty coming to terms with her sister her parents and above all herself rather than circulating solely around a love interestAdditionally two things regarding the report of the rape stand out to me One is the proud reaction each of the officers has toward Matty for coming forward with her story no matter how many years later I think Matty's fears are justified expecting that she will be met with hostility and annoyance I hope in real life officers respond to such delayed life changing self purging healing reports as Matty's similarly to the response Matty received in the story Further I think it's a shame but realistic that there is no finality to the report And I think it shows us that this isn't what the victim needs to focus on Closure comes within; that's the message I took away from the book

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    I loved this book The strong topic of rape and recovery was seamlessly portrayed in a plot which kept me interested all throughout Yes a few parts of the book were a little rough to take in but they added to the whole story and helped someone like me who's never experienced something like that understand a little bit about the victim's point of view of her therapist about her train of thought and her life in general after such an awful experience I enjoyed the development of the characters and the detailed evolution of the main character I chose to not give it five star just because I thought the ending was too uickexpected a little bit information on her reintegration issues with her mom and dad the evolution of her new relationship with her sister as well as maybe a little bit of follow through with the police investigation and the rapist A little bit on that and the story would have been perfect Overall it's a great easy read which touches a very rarely discussed subject and exposes it all in a way for all to understand in a great story Definitely recommend it

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