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The Dressmaker of Dachau [Reading] ➶ The Dressmaker of Dachau Author Mary Chamberlain – A gripping powerful compulsively readable work of historical fiction the story of a brilliant English dressmaker caught in Germany during World War II the choices she must make to stay alive—and the A gripping powerful compulsively readable work of historical fiction the story of a brilliant English dressmaker caught in Germany during World War II the choices she must make to stay alive—and the way she confronts those choices in war’s aftermath For readers of Amy Bloom and Anthony DoerrIn London Ada Vaughan is a young woman with an unusual dressmaking skill and dreams of a better life for herself That life seems to arrive when Stanislaus an Austrian aristocrat sweeps Ada off her feet and brings her to Paris When war The Dressmaker ePUB í breaks out Stanislaus vanishes and Ada is taken prisoner by the Germans she must do everything she can to survive by becoming dressmaker to the Nazi wives Abandoned and alone as war rages the choices Ada makes will come to back to haunt her years later as the truth of her experience is twisted and distorted after the war From glamorous London hotels and Parisian cafes to the desperation of wartime Germany here is a mesmerizing richly textured historical novel a story of heartbreak survival and ambition of the nature of truth and the untold story of what happens to women during war.

About the Author: Mary Chamberlain

Mary Chamberlain is a novelist and historian Her book Fenwomen was the first book to be published by Virago Press in Since then she has published six other works of history and edited a further five Her first novel The Mighty Jester was published by Dr Cicero Books in the US Her British debut novel The Dressmaker of Dachau was published by HarperCollins in the UK and under the title.

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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    I've read a good number of books about WWII told from different perspectives both fiction and non fiction some depicting the holocaust and the horrific experiences of the concentration and death camps some portraying it from the soldier's perspective some focusing on the resistance movement and some telling the stories of brave people who saved Jews I've also viewed the war through the eyes of death I thought this might be another side of how the war impacted people and changed their lives so I started this with high expectations Ada Vaughn has dreams and aspirations of becoming a dress designer and having her own house of fashion some day At first I liked her ambition and enthusiasm She leaves London in 1939 for Paris with the war imminent Ada ignores the warnings and is too naive at 19 to understand what is happening She believes that Stanislaus loves her and will help her become who she wants to be He turns out to be not exactly who he says he and in Paris her nightmare begins At first I felt sorry for her as she was young and naive and easily duped But as the story progressed I really uestioned some of her decisions I didn't really connect with her on an emotional level until the end of the story The thing is that I wanted that to have happened much earlier I have to mention that I take exception to the comparison to Doerr This was not anything like nor nearly as good as Doerr's book I gave it 3 stars because I did eventually connect with Ada and was taken by the endingThanks to Random House Publishing Group Random House and NetGalley for the advance copy of this book

  2. Marla Madison Marla Madison says:

    I seldom award a book only one star because if they are that undeserving I normally don't finish them The Dressmaker's War although well written had to be one of the most depressing tale's of a woman's life that I've ever read I kept reading always hoping something would get better for Ada a young woman who at the very beginning of WWII follows a ne'er do well boyfriend to Paris where she believes he is going to propose Stanislaus however has other intentions and eventually dumps Ada in Belgium just as the war is starting She is unable to get back to England to her family ends up being hidden by a group of nuns who are taking car of the sick and dying for the Germans Ada's life gets worse and worse She has a baby who is born dead Stanislaus's and she believes to be alive after a priest smuggles the baby out of the convent She ends up as a dressmaker for the Germans who treat her worse than an animal while piling work on her Then when she miraculously is saved and returns to England and the reader is hoping to see her take what she's learned from all that and improve her life she continues to make stupid decisions all the way to one of the most depressing endings I've ever read So if you enjoy a book with a female character who constantly goes downhill never learns from experience and almost never has a positive moment this is the book for you Guaranteed not to make you smile or feel good about the world we live in

  3. Gary Gary says:

    What a depressing ending Just feels like it wasnt worth it to end like thisBut a necessary read to see what injustices were done to the British working classes and particularly working class women and a girl who worked as a prostitute even if forced into it would never stand a chance she would get no mercy from the authorities and courts How heartbreaking she survives the horrors of Dachau only to be murdered by Britain's class and gender injusticesHas anything changed ?

  4. Dorie - Cats&Books :) Dorie - Cats&Books :) says:

    I received an ARC of this book through netgalley in exchange for an honest review The copy of my book was titled “The Dressmakers War”I had not been reuesting any books revolving around WWII since there has been a plethora of books written from almost every angle This book however promised a new perspectiveAda Vaughn is a 19 yo young woman recently moved to London from a small town with the hopes of becoming a dressmaker perhaps having a shop of her own She starts work as a modiste for a well known and highly regarded dressmaker and begins to model her own designs She longs for the life of the women who purchase her clothes Just as she is becoming known for her designs she is swept off of her feet by a foreigner who promises her the life she desires in Paris She goes with him to Paris but when war breaks out he leaves her and escapes on his own After being sheltered by nuns in a convent for some time the nuns are forced to work in a hospital for Hitler’s German soldiers and the infirm From there she is forced to sew and design for a commandant’s wife and her friends in a bare room with barely enough food to keep from starving and just enough blankets and fabric to keep her from freezing She sews to save her life and she really knows nothing of what is really going on in Dachau When Dachau is finally liberated she lands back in London only to find it completely changed by the bombings and even poor than before the war She once again falls prey to a man who promises to make her life better and she continues to dream of a dressmaking shopAda makes so many mistakes in judgement that I felt as though I wanted to warn her again and again not to trust the promises of men It is a bit hard not to judge her decisions but the world was a very different place for a woman back then and she was very young when she was meant to endure almost inconceivable cruelty tragedy and heartbreak The author is a professor of history and the details of the war in both London and what is happening in Dachau are well described and gripping The story moves at a uick pace and I found myself finishing it in just a few sittings This is definitely a different view of the war describing another kind of imprisonment by Hitler’s army one perhaps just as devastatingI would recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction it is well written tense and enlightening

  5. Laura Laura says:

    Ava is young ambitious and naive She dreams of designing her own dresses and selling them to the upper class women of London Luckily she has a natural talent and her life is pretty much mapped out That is until she meets a charming and mysterious gentleman who whisks her away for a romantic break in Paris where she can study French fashion and purchase materials for her collection And then war breaks outThis was a brilliant read set among the dramatic and desolate times of the mid twentieth century The reader joins Ava on her journey through wartime as she is faced with horrendous situations that reuire all her strength to survive I had assumed she would be placed in a concentration camp but I was mistaken However that doesn't mean she was never a prisoner There is than one type of warI felt the author was very respectful in her approach to the difficulties women faced in wartime Ava is flawed but undeniably a good woman at heart She didn't deserve what happens to her the novel is breathtakingly sad at times I would love the author to continue writing books of this genre; I was captivated until the last page

  6. Cherie Cherie says:

    I'm in a good mood this morning so I'll give this book 2 stars I had a lot of hope for this historical novel the setting is WWII England and Germany the main character a young woman supremely skilled at dressmaking Unfortunately the characters are all one dimensional either completely evil or naively innocent and good The main character makes the same mistakes over and over again ad infinitum always choosing the wrong man making poor life choices such as choosing to become a prostitute and never once learning anything from her mistakes Luckily you never come to care about her so there's little emotional impact

  7. Theresa Smith Theresa Smith says:

    I feel entirely mislead about this book The blurb is not reflective of the story at all This story had all the promise of greatness a dressmaker in a concentration camp surviving against the odds I was instantly intrigued Well for a start the dressmaker wasn't in a camp Yes she was kept prisoner and her story was still an intriguing one but why mislead on the cover? There was no love story either again deliberately misleading Nor was she abandoned in Paris As frustrating as I found this poorly written blurb the book turned out to be eually as disappointing The style of writing was very impersonal and disjointed I never felt Ada and her struggle I never felt her misery I read about it but the author never once made me feel Only just over half of this book relates to Ada and her experiences as a Nazi dressmaker From this the author took Ada back to London and decided to turn her into a delusional prostitute I should have stopped reading then Towards the end of the story we find out that events in the war were not uite what they seemed at the time We were left to consider that Ada truly was delusional so what else was a lie? I really did not like this inference The author should have just been up front at the outset it would have made for a credible main character The ending was atrocious Probably historically accurate but awful still I feel as though the author had a fantastic idea for a story but got sick of it half way through and decided to write another without changing books If you're looking for a WWII story of substance don't read this book It's not what it seems

  8. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I couldn't put this book down I found it fascinating to hear how British citizens were held in Germany during the war I mean you always hear of how Germans were held in the UK but this was a side of history that had fallen through the cracks I recommend it to anyone that enjoys WWII historical fiction

  9. Anna Anna says:

    I'd had this on my Kindle for ages but had forgotten what it was about apart from WWII obviously and I was offline at the time so couldn't check the blurb As it turned out going into it 'blind' was the best thing to do as it didn't go the way I assumed it would at all Born in the backstreets of London 18 year old seamstress Ada has dreams of opening her own fashion house one day Naive and trusting yet ambitious she meets the exotic Stanislaus a meeting which will change her life forever but not in she way she hopes He fills head with promises and sweeps her away to Paris but when WWII breaks out they are unable to return home and are forced to flee to Namur in Belgium just before it falls to the Nazisand that's pretty much all I'll say about the plot I realise that's not much inducement but not knowing what will happen to Ada during and after the war really is the way to go I'll just add that despite Dachau being in the title this isn't set in that camp although Ada can see its smoking chimneys from her barred window I was completely engrossed with this story and loved Ada She makes mistakes which lead to her own personal hell but it's not just her mistakes that lead her there; she isn't a strong feisty heroine who takes on the war and wins like many do in this genre she's a normal young inexperienced girl who suffers horribly through war who lives in a time where a woman's role and worth are very much secondary to a mans and where mental health issues aren't even considered It's a bleak and thought provoking read about a desperate and heartbreaking era but there's always hopeisn't there?

  10. Natasa Natasa says:

    This book was like two stories in one which was uite confusing The before and after of WW2 for the main character Something kept me reading though I wanted to find out what happened But the main character annoyed me 

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