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Face Value Two Lifetimes Two Rising Stars One Common Danger As A Daughter Starts Her Rise In The Glamorous London Fashion Scene, She Begins To Uncover Secrets And Clues About The Mother She Never Knew A Beautiful Teenage Model Who Became A Victim In The High Stakes, High Pressure World Where International Fashionistas And Mobsters Intersect The Fast Cars, Flashy Parties, And Easy Money Can Be So Enticing But In A World Where Everybody Is Taken At Face Value, There Is Always A High Price To Pay For Such Fleeting Fame.

10 thoughts on “Face Value

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    It was actually really good and it kept me hooked

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    I remember being confused throughout this book Why did I read this Because it was on the library bookshelf, and it just looked interesting MY SYNOPSIS FROM MEMORY SPOILERS All I really remember is that it s about a girl who is looking for something it takes place in some place foreign I believe London and she is looking for answers about her family REASON FOR MY ODD REVIEW MARCH 28, 2013 Thursday 2 06 AM JOURNAL Writing old notes I wrote in a journal about books I read a I remember being confused throughout this b...

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    I found this book interesting, although it was boring and slow at times The story was still intriguing and different from any I d read before, so I definitely recommend it to those who want a contemporary read but find them all too cheesy.

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    It s not the best written book ever but it does have a good plot and some decent minor twists A good choice if you want a quick easy read.

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