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A Carpet of Purple Flowers [Epub] ➝ A Carpet of Purple Flowers By Tracey-anne McCartney – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A captivating tale where fantasy and reality meet as the hearts of four strangers are thrown into circumstances not of their own making Bea lives a simple life working in a South London second hand bo A captivating of Purple PDF/EPUB ¿ tale where fantasy and reality meet as the hearts of four strangers are thrown into circumstances not of their own making Bea lives a simple life working in a South London second hand bookshop It had been an especially difficult year first with her uncle dying then splitting up with Brandon her philandering boyfriend The shop's trivial daily conversations local faces and calm were all that she desired but that was all about to changeNo one expects to bump A Carpet Kindle - into supernatural beings let alone two opposing sects of a forgotten race Her uiet existence uickly turns into turmoil as she unravels a secret past A lost history in which love revenge betrayal magic and karma are not mere cycles of a soul but a sacred journey of a much bigger pictureThe future is not set in stone and the choices that Bea makes ripple through the cosmos As the secret unfolds she realises that no matter what form your soul takes Carpet of Purple MOBI ☆ there are conseuences for all actions in which time has no relevance – we call it karma they call it Vo ror blaWhat would you do if your core beliefs of existence came into uestion Book Two Awake in Purple Dreams In Progress.

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  1. Lizzy Layden Lizzy Layden says:

    I think this is a brilliant book couldn't put it down can't wait for book two

  2. Dominique Scott Dominique Scott says:

    I was lucky enough to read this book before it was published and I was immediately blown away by the depth of the story More than anything writer Tracey Anne McCartney knows how to do characters They just leap to life from the page they are the kind you find yourself wishing they were real The story itself twists and turns so many times it leaves you a little breathless But of course my favorite part above all was the writing itself The beautiful descriptions of the scenery just put you right in the story It really comes to life so than any book I've read in a long time Ever since I read it I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for the seuel I knew from the start that this would be a book that would go placesfirst publication but now I wouldn't be afraid to bet on a film adaption sometime in the future

  3. Vicki Sables Vicki Sables says:

    I was give this book as a beta reader and loved it from the first chapter I loves that the story was written with the London slang and written as spoken not many do that This book has travelled with me all over I can't even describe it It's like you get pulled into a world and can't leave you get to thinking 'I wonder if it's really real' as we are so engrossed in the story we can't tell from fantasy and reality this book is fabulous intriguing and keeps you engrossed 5stars for me ✳️✳️✳️✳️✳️

  4. Nicole Reads Nicole Reads says:

    Arghhhhh this book is so awesome I am speechless after finishing this amazing storyIt's unbelievable how perfectly this book is writtenIt has twists and unexpected turns things that you could never have imagined at allI'm blown way because of the nature of the story Never have I ever read something like A Carpet of Purple Flowers I am truly in love with the way this author managed to develop the main idea of the story that is the existence of two realms and a wandering soul An of course lots of romance I love how each character is uniue and all of them are a little complexThe main characters Bea Chance and Karian are so developed complex in a new way with a story and baggage eachBea is strong independant smart and funny She is kind and gentle she is one of a kind But she also has her past things didn't end well between her and Brandon And suddenly after a routinary life she finds herself caught in the middle of a war A war between two kingdoms the Seelies and the Unseelies both from the same race but opposing sects And the worst part is that Bea doesn't know any of this nor the reasons or why is she in a way the main reason of the war But as time passes in the story we get to join her in a journey of discovering who she is and why is she so important for both The Seelies and The Unseelies And as the story goes she finds herself in not so graceful situations but at the same time she lives moments of true happiness that will stay with her and with you as a reader foreverIt's so awesome to see how Bea faces all the problems that are thrown her way as all humans she crumbles and fall but she stand up again and fights She keeps trying to make what's good for her but at the same time what's good to the others so they don't get hurt either She is a remarkable character in all waysNow about Chance oh Chance he makes his appearance as a secondary character but climbs his way up to a main character so fast and in an excellent way slowly he won my heart as also Bea's love He is a Seelie warrior and he is on a mission on Earth a mission to protect Bea from the Unseelie It all starts when he enters Bea's library store with Kitty but what they don't know is that somehow Bea can see one of them And somehow they have an instant connection After that moment they start seeing each other and knowing each other until they fall in love And this is the thing their love is pure and innocent and so incredible But it's not all happiness cause Bea doesn't know Chance's true nature and she's about to discover all the secrets that everybody's keeping from her But Chance swoon he is brave and kind and SO PERFECT I have to admit that I did not make an instant connection with him unlike Bea but he gained my love at one point and wow he has his baggage and his problems and he faces a hard situation because of his new feelings but never did once he gave up and he kept fighting for what he wanted until he couldn'tAnd now Karian how I love Karian He is uite the opposite of chance but he is the perfect book boyfriend the one everybody wants he got my love the very first moment I met him I am absolutely in love with him He's one of kind he's smart caring and so in love with Bea or at least a part of her I can't express with words how much this character made an impact on me how I feel about him Kari is a go getter he's determined on what he wants on each goal he has and has not once given up He's been fighting since he left his realm and he is not backing down anytime soon Maybe his ways are not the best but I can understand him Of the three main characters he is the one with the larger baggage He is the one who was suffered the most And the things he has been through are horrible He lost his love once and now he finally found it he's losing it once again Kari's story is heartbreaking his heart and his life were torn apart on a unfortunate day He's story is one that we get to know detail by detail as we turn the pages and when you think he's finally getting his happy ending BOOM An unexpected twist My heart literally hurts for himBut that's one of the best things of the story It's intriguing and has a lot of mysteries to discover It keeps you thinking and wondering about what's going to happen next And when you think you got it you really don't It will keep you guessing through all the story but it's entertaingBesides this story has a little thing for each reader out there It has love friendship heartbreak fantasy A LOVE TRIANGLE twists turns happiness sadness and regret It's a mix of all the possible emotions you can haveAnd about the friendship I love Kitty and Jenny they are great characters that represent everything that a true friend should be Oh and let's not forget about Asta and Pia secondary characters but SO FUNNY I love them at the instant I met themSo go get this book please I'm begging you go read this story Meet your next book boyfriend and a new fantasy world you wish you'd live in It's written in a beautiful way And It has innovative elements that you probably have never read before Like A Carpet of Purple Flowers

  5. Jackie Law Jackie Law says:

    A Carpet of Purple Flowers by Tracey anne McCartney just didn’t do it for me It has to happen sometimes No book is going to appeal to every reader and no reader is going to enjoy every book This is going to be a negative review If I am not honest then I see little point in writing my thoughts downThe protagonist is a young woman named Bea who owns and runs a second hand bookshop in South London She lives in the small flat above the premises and is single having split up with her boyfriend six months previously She still harbours feelings for her ex but does not regret that they are no longer together He is a petty criminal into drink and drugs having suffered an abusive childhood We are given this back story and he makes occasional appearances throughout the book but his part is of little significance so I am unsure why such details are offeredBea meets the handsome and enigmatic Karian We learn that she should not have been able to see him that he is not of this world She is drawn to him but before they can get to know each other he disappearsBea then encounters a young man named Chance who again she should not have been able to see Bea learns that Karian and Chance are from the same realm but that they are on opposing sides in a simmering war They seem surprised to discover Bea’s connection to their world yet later in the story this is offered as explanation as to why many of their associates have been assigned to live alongside humansBea ends up getting romantically involved with both Karian and Chance who is actually called Anathon He is the only alien who feels the need to hide his true name Bea also gets to know a few of their associates who for no reason that is explained she could not initially see as she could the menThere is much talk of love before the characters have had a chance to get to know each other Their romances are largely physical Attempts at dates often end in hurt and confusion; uestions go unanswered and are not asked again Bea’s friendship with one of the female aliens inexplicably survives despite their repeated manipulationsThe various sexual encounters are described in graphic detail There is one scene which is presented as a cosmic journey yet is little than drawn out foreplay with a talented lover I do not enjoy reading explicit sex scenes so will comment no further on this aspect of the book I am aware that plenty of readers enjoy such writingThe men are vociferous in their desire to protect Bea What they really want is to possess her Bea is naive in her musings on love expecting it to be free of pain There are a great many emotionally intense scenes which became repetitive and thus left me feeling ambivalent Suggestions are made which are not progressedAlthough many of the ideas were of interest I found the structure clunky Characters were introduced lengthy dialogue offered explanations of the other world’s history but important back stories remained incomplete When one of the characters mentioned knowing Bea’s mother who had left her in the care of an uncle as a child Bea showed little interest in finding out about her own heritage A man is brought in to talk to her near the end of the book the suggestion being that he is significant to Bea; he then leaves without explaining howThere were also several incidents that felt wrong to me Early on Karian invites Bea to the theatre They buy popcorn something that I have never seen available in any theatre I have visited They watch a play which is actually a ballet except the actors dancers laugh and talk I have never encountered a ballet with dialogueThe denouement reuires that Bea make a difficult choice Given all that had gone before I wondered at its implied permanence Perhaps the author plans a seuelMy overall opinion is that the author had a fine idea for a story but perhaps needed a tighter edit There were several members of the cast whose role did not warrant the space they occupied Even Bea’s best friend had become irrelevant by the endWhen I consider the work that any author puts into creating a novel I feel guilty for pulling it apart As I have said this book did not work for me Other reviewers have reacted much positivelyMy copy of this book was provided gratis by the publisher Urbane Publications

  6. Shrilaxmi Shrilaxmi says:

    I recieved a free copy of this book from the publishers This is a book that made me want to cry at the end Not because it was sad or anything but just because it ended I rarely give a book a five star rating but this one totally deserved it It was PERFECT The characters were so beautiful They make you cry with them and laugh with them too They make you want to be a part of the story Although the author creates a whole new world with different people and traditions you are never at a loss understanding them This story has a lot of twists and you never know what's going to happen Also everything is described so vividly the scenery and the characters that it feels like you are living the story Goodbye everyone now I'm going to go cry 'I don't think I've ever used the word cry so many times in a single paragraph before

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    Bea is a bookstore owner in London living a uiet life when she starts meeting people she believes are random It turns out they've intentionally inserted themselves into her life and are from another realm Bea has a connection to them she never could've imagined which complicates her life brings love friendship and forces her to make impossibly difficult decisions about her future I love this book The story incorporates our world and the characters from the other world beautifully making paranormal events seem perfectly natural Nothing felt forced and the pace of uncovering another realm and its people was done so well that it's easy to lose yourself in the story without struggling to comprehend while being introduced to it I hope this book is going to turn into a series

  8. Ali Ali says:

    I received A Carpet of Purple Flowers in exchange for an honest reviewOh my goodness I thoroughly enjoyed this book MsMcCartney is a fantastic story teller She takes the reader on a journey that has many twists that are not anticipatedBea's uiet life as the owner of a small book store in London is forever changed when she meets two men from a long forgotten raceLove and new found friendships dominate this story Bea is exposed to many things she didn't know existed Learning about this alternate world she learns that her past life is linked to these beingsI would recommend this book to readers that enjoy romance with a little magic involvedThank you for allowing me to read this very well written and immensely enjoyable story

  9. Susan O& Susan O& says:

    Great StoryI really enjoyed reading this book I look forward to the second one I've read a lot of faery books and i found this one uite different and very entertaining

  10. Greg Gardiner Greg Gardiner says:

    When I think of Purple I now think of Trace's Great Book and then Prince

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