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  1. Deborah Deborah says:

    I don’t like zombie booksI don’t like zombie booksDo you get the picture clearly enough? I don’t like zombie books and yet I loved this onePerhaps that’s because it’s never totally spelled out that Thane is a zombie although there’s little doubt to me that’s the case She can survive any physical trauma that gets thrown at her there are gory bits in this book; she can’t eat except for her special soup made of – you’ve guessed it – liuidized human organs; if bits of her get cut off they make their way back to her and re attach themselves good as new useful skill that It took me a while to realise what she is and longer for her to do the same sorry if this is too much of a spoiler for you by which time I’d become invested in her situation The book opens with her trying to find something out about her background and moves swiftly into a fast paced action seuence which culminates in her being captured by the military and taken to a secret underground base where they keep other misfits like her Well not exactly like her; apart from being teens they all have very different and often bizarre abilitiesRefreshingly racially diverse with views of life that range from almost total catatonia through angry to humorous this group of waifs and strays make this book so much than a traditional coming of age adventure Yes there is teenage angst; yes there is the embarrassed teenage sexual fumbling never explicit so fine for younger readers; and yes there is a teenage rebellious streak running through them all of miles wideAnd yet when pitted against a sinister alien also held in the facility and it comes down to saving the human race they somehow manage to pull it together in a believable fashionThis is the first in the ‘We the People’ series but to my relief it does have an exciting and satisfying climax and resolution to this section of the story – yay for proper endingsAnother reviewer categorized ‘Inalienable’ as Goth Urban Fantasy and I’d go right along with that description Highly recommended if this is your type of read

  2. Cayt Landis Cayt Landis says:

    We The People Inalienable is a young adult dystopian novel that follows Morticia Thane Thane is a young woman who woke up one day with no memories She has no idea who she is or where she came from All that she knows is that no matter how badly she is injured she can't die What's she can see the souls of the recently deceased before they move on Thane is obviously not normal and she spends her life on the run trying to survive and figure out what she really is When Thane is captured by a secret government organization she is taken to a top secret base filled with other kids much like herself They all have strange powers and have been deemed a threat to society Thane must adjust to her new life and discover why she and her new friends are different and what purpose they are meant to serve The Good I really loved the whole idea of this novel I'm a sucker for kids with powers Thane is an interesting character who is strong and has a chip on her shoulder She doesn't' take anything from anyone and she's relatively anti social Still she's a good kid and she wants to take care of those she loves When she is moved into her new home and is thrust into a life with other strange kids she realizes that she isn't alone and she develops are relatively normal life as far as she can anyway Each of the kids were realistically written and I enjoyed their special powers They all had certain difficulties in life due to their difference from normal people and this added depth to their characters The kids are not best friends at all times and they have typical animosity towards each other but in the end they will support one another and use their powers together to do what's rightI also enjoyed the top secret governmental conspiracy aspect of the book The idea of people with special powers being secretly hidden away and trained is not especially realistic but totally appealing I love the idea of any crazy government project kept hush hush so this was very interesting As the story progresses the depth of the conspiracy and why these kids are being collected comes out and it's totally insane I loved it I don't want to spoil the book but there's all kinds of craziness going on so if you like outlandish conspiracy theories that turn out to be real you'll probably enjoy this book The Bad This book was fun but it wasn't perfect First of all though I love crazy conspiracy theories as much as the next person there were times when it all became a bit much I think the issue I had was not with the craziness of the story but with the lack of time spent on dealing with the inherent weirdness of it Once the real danger is introduced people seem to accept it pretty uickly and then from there it's straight to figuring out what to do With the level of craziness going on I'd have liked a little time to be spent on thinking about the implications of the discovery I also had an issue with the majority of the side characters who worked for the government They all seemed very flat and ignorant put there just to make trouble and be the enemy Granted there isn't much time spent on them and it's all shown from Thane's point of view so there wasn't much room for character developmentMy other complaint was the pacing The first two thirds of the book was well paced but once the crap hits the fan everything speeds by At that point the action goes a little too fast for me and there isn't enough time spent on explaining what is happening why it's happening and what can be done to stop it Nonetheless I really enjoyed the overall idea of the plot The Verdict This was a very fun book with a very intriguing plot I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun sci fi adventure that includes magic kids If you're looking for a hard sci fi read skip this one It's of an action packed thriller novel than serious science fiction I'd love to read a seuel and I think the kids and their powers could really grow into something interesting Visit Vicarious Caytastrophe for this review and many

  3. Skylles Skylles says:

    I enjoyed Inalienable first book of the We the People series by Christopher Scott WagonerThe story begins with and centers around the main character Thane a young amnesiac looking for her birth parents and jumps right into some marvelous action From there Wagoner takes us on a decidedly off beat and fun to read journey of teen angst clandestine government agencies conspiracy theories and budding self discovery And he pulls it offI could easily see a clever TV series or movie adaptation and hope someone who can make that happen reads this and agreesTake one part X Men one part Evil Dead and one part Hellboy throw in the cheekier parts of Independence Day simmer in just enough teen angst season with some young Samuel L Jackson garnish with a severed limb and a few eyeballs and serve with a side of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and you'll have an idea what this book is likeDue to Wagoner halting the sexual content at the nascent pubescent teen stage I can happily recommend Inalienable to anyone 7th grade and older who enjoys a fun story with a little gore and occasional kissing Aside from the admittedly fun gore Wagoner's characters and interpersonal scenes set really good examples for youth just exploring sex His cast is racially diverse and he treats the female characters with respectIf we are ever going to change our children's concept of cool from lustful gluttonous greedy rap stars adorned with gold guns and half naked women as if they were all objects to be bought and discarded we as writers and parents must start providing our youth with examples of heroes even anti heroes who value women education and respectWagoner achieves this in Inalienable and I applaud him for it While this book may be in the narrowest terms a Goth Urban Fantasy the categorizations available on com fail to encompass the actual pointInalienable is a good read for adults and kids once they start thinking about making out and Inalienable is an excellent example of an Author giving youth an easily accessible and enjoyable cast of characters whose morals are WORTH aspiring to

  4. sherri faubion sherri faubion says:

    GoodFunny and good reading would of been better if the boy lived and the girl got the boy and lived happily

  5. Alex Hauhn Alex Hauhn says:

    Good book and a lot of fun I am grossed out by zombies usually but Wagner created a very charming in her own way protaganist I'm already reading the second book on kindle

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We the People: Inalienable ❰Ebook❯ ➦ We the People: Inalienable Author Christopher Scott Wagoner – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Morticia Thane has a problem It's not the fact that she has no memories before two years ago or even the fact that she can't die Thane has been abducted by a top secret military unit whisked away to a Morticia Thane has a problem It's not the fact that she has no memories before two years ago or even the fact that she can't die Thane has been abducted by a top secret military unit whisked away to a hidden facility in the desert by the stalwart but ruthless Captain BastThane meets a group of misfits like herself and discover that they're not mere prisoners but the last line of defense against a threat from beyond the stars Can Thane and the others find a way to win Or will the human race We the PDF \ become extinct at the hands of an alien virus.

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