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Immortals Spring (The Chrysomelia Stories, #3) [Reading] ➯ Immortals Spring (The Chrysomelia Stories, #3) ➷ Molly Ringle – Book 3 of The Chrysomelia Stories following Persephone's Orchard and Underworld's DaughterSophie Darrow said yes once to a young man offering a realm of Greek gods and immortality Now her home has bee Book of The Chrysomelia Stories following Persephone's Orchard and Underworld's DaughterSophie Darrow said yes once to a young man offering a realm of Greek gods and immortality Now her home has been shattered and her friends and family pulled along with her as they run from an evil cult and take shelter in the gloomy Underworld But remembering the life of the original immortals long ago Persephone Hades Hekate Hermes and may be their key to victory as well as happiness In ancient times too the murderous cult Thanatos attacked and destroyed nearly all the Greek immortals who sought to bring good to humankind But those immortals planted seeds in both their realm and ours to ensure their season would someday bloom again And spring is finally coming.

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  1. Vicki Trask Vicki Trask says:

    After finishing Book Two of the series I immediately had to pick up the third and final installment of the Chrysomelia series Luckily for my lack of patience I was able to obtain an advanced copy of Immortal’s Spring by Molly Ringle releasing in June 2016 My heart was in my throat the entire time and I just can’t believe it’s over I’ve been so immersed in the world of magic and ancient gods for the last few weeks that I don’t know what I’ll do next; probably fall in love with another book but this one has been very special to meI went to university to study Classics which is the study of ancient Greek and Roman culture My absolute favourite part was studying mythology and the religion surrounding those stories Reading this series made me fall in love with Greece all over again It’s this wonderful balance between fantasy and fact drawing inspiration from contradictory texts and speculation to create a beautiful world to exploreOur heroes left book two in a very dark place and the lovely Molly Ringle doesn’t shy away at all Our protagonist Sophie Darrow is facing tragedy and some incredibly difficult decisions about her future – for however long that may be She doesn’t ignore her emotions or let anyone tell her to put them aside but instead embraces them and recovers from her loss the hard way although it is cut down for the sake of fiction Meanwhile her friends and family are supporting her while battling untold horrors both past and present and facing losses of their own Seriously I have not teared up so much while riding transit in a very long timeThis book got to meWhile there are some startling revelations we’re not introduced to any new concepts or worlds so we get to spend a lot of our time exploring the people and their emotional journeys Oh and magic There’s a lot of magic that gave me mixed feelings On one hand our magic wielding goddesses have a great command of the power at their fingertips embracing it not as a gift or a curse but as a part of their being Which is always awesome we don’t waste time on denial we just enjoy the magic On the other hand a lot of the magic goes unexplained Its limits almost seem arbitrary depending on our needs I would have loved to explore that But my confusion was uickly dispersed with action and sexy times So much sexy times And my ship happened I fell madly in love with a “will they won’t they” couple in Book Two and things happened in Book Three in the most ridiculous way possible that made me really happyThe wonderful thing about Molly Ringle’s writing is that she creates characters that you care about They all have relatable elements and fantastical stories; you get swept away Sophie and Adrian have that charming epic love story riddled with drama and angst but ultimately it’s a love as old as the ancient gods themselves Literally The rest of the gang – Niko and Zoe in particular – have my heart and melted my cold damned soulA lot of my Random Notes While Reading are just me melting into a puddle so please excuse the mess· The poor dogs· Okay that helped a little· The unlikeliest of penpals make for great comedy amongst so much agony· Ew Pervert· I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion at just the mention of a name What is happening?· Oh I just realized who they are Weird· I'm finding Liam to be rather endearing· This whole scene just makes me miss Greece· Ugh Charmed into a puddle I am· Shut up No way Jeez that's just ridiculous· You are shameless Hermes I love it· I've always loved that romantic notion of falling in love with a person's soul and not their body and this book is messing with my head· Yup Good girl· Oh honey Although I greatly appreciate the diversity and relatable experimentationdiscovery Thank god for Google· snickers at Landon· I'm melting from this weird but totally adorable scene· I think what I'm really enjoying is how casual they are with magic and yet how serious they are· I should not find Landon this endearing· Oh fck me How did I not guess?· I'm not crying you are· I love this series· That's not fair You can't make me love you · Jeez My heart can't take much of this· Wha?· That's such a casual way to break my heart· Aw My heart· YES No I shouldn't be this excited· That's My brain· This is both adorable and brain melting· Someone needs to mop up this puddleI whole heartedly recommend this series It was romantic and intense and heart stopping; never a bored moment In the stunning conclusion of Persephone and Hades’ epic tale an overwhelming sense of satisfaction kept me turning the page with a sigh in my heart and a smile on my face

  2. Kaitlin Bevis Kaitlin Bevis says:

    Molly Ringle does it again with Immortal's Spring This riveting conclusion to her Chrysomelia series had me awake till the wee hours of the morning because I just could not put it down She did such a great job handling a tangled web of story lines both in present times and in the past And she handled the delicate line authors walk when dealing with horrific and crippling grief in a way that didn't make me want to strangle the character or get annoyed at the author for underplaying it Her attention to relationships the ins and outs of friendship true love romance and sisterdaughtermotherhood? it's really complicated is really commendable As a mythology writer myself I really appreciate her attention to detail It's great fun to read someone else's take on the convoluted world of mythology I absolutely recommend Ringle's series if you enjoyed The Daughters of Zeus series

  3. Nicole Hughes Nicole Hughes says:

    Niko is still my favorite Fantastic series

  4. Jaclyn Jaclyn says:

    The GoodRingle had me invested in these characters from Book 1 Persephone's Orchard It's clear to me that she does her research well before writing but she also takes what she's learned and spins and turns it on its head until it fits her story well I love how she makes these myths part of her own uniue storyIn the first half the characters are adjusting to everything that happened previously There were some losses that the group experienced and there is a lot of grief in the beginning The second half of Immortal's Spring really picks up the pace Once they kidnap a member of the group that's trying to kill them everything is ramped up and everyone is on edge I loved the excitement and tension that basically crackled off the pageWhile I don't feel like this one is as good as the first the series is fantastic and takes the reader on uite the journey In between time spent with these teenagers we get flashbacks into their Greek counterparts All the characters and the flashbacks provide a large mix of cultures and sexual orientationsThe BadThe beginning of this one was so slow I hadn't read the 2nd one Underworld's Daughter in a while and had forgotten all the characters besides Adrian and Sophie and what their Greek counterpart was so I was also very confused When there were finally enough flashbacks and I knew who was who the story still took uite a while to get goingThe RomanceI was very happy to see that the tangled love life of Zoe's and Tabitha's had gotten sorted out They both had two love interests going and it had formed a love suare This one was focused on who they really wanted to be with and what direction they were going in the futureAdrian and Sophie on the other hand had a lot to sort through Sophie is devastated throughout the book by the people that she lost She's a little revenge bent and Adrian sets off bad responses in her This took uite a while to work outConclusionThe beginning of this one was on the slow side and I was a little confused on who everyone was It picked up about half way through and had a strong finish This was a gratifying conclusion to the series Ringle has created a very uniue spin on the Greek myths and created a magical but also realistic world to enjoy There was uite a lot of action and intrigue as well as characters you want to see succeed RecommendedSent for honest review and originally given 3 12 stars at JC's Book Haven

  5. Dean Mayes Dean Mayes says:

    I have been on board with The Chrysomelia Stories since Book One Persephone's Orchard I read a draft version of the final entry in the series by Molly Ringle last year but in preparing my review of it I was able to return to a final release version of Immortal's Spring which will see a wide release this coming June It is no small thing for me to say that Molly Ringle's works rank among my favourite hands down As a writer myself I take a sort stylistic inspiration from her specifically in her construction of characters Ringle is an astute observationalist able to imbue her creations with unparalleled realism and presence such that you find yourself uickly empathizing with their journey and becoming invested with them Throughout The Chrysomelia Stories I have come to care a great deal about the likes of Sophie Darrow her paramour Adrian her brother Liam and the extended cast of characters who carry the load of dual identities both here in the modern day world and the parallel world of Ancient Greece where each of them assume the roles of classic figures from that culture's rich mythology Looking at Immortal's Spring in isolation it is undoubtedly the most compelling in the series and I say this only because it carries the responsibility that is common to all third acts it has to address and resolve the cliff hanger Ringle left for us at the conclusion of Book 2 Underworld's Daughter whilst maintaining the sense of tension and real urgency as it progresses towards the finale Ringle's narrative crackles with energy sensuality and excitement Her investment in and portrayal of the cast elicits a real emotional response in the reader and that is where the genius of this series lies I have such an appreciation for Greek mythology as a result of journeying through the Chrysomelia Stories Throughout my reading of these books I have constantly cross referenced Greek mythos with Ringle's storytelling just so I can appreciate the true genius of what she has wrought Molly Ringle is an eual to Rowling to Riordan to DiTerlizzi Black Immortal's Spring specifically and The Chrysomelia Stories broadly are a modern day epic that everyone should know about Immortal's Spring is out everywhere on June 1st 2016

  6. Abbie Williams Abbie Williams says:

    Immortal’s Spring is an intense heated multi layered novel an ultimately satisfying conclusion to an amazing trilogy What I’ve love most about the books since first reading Persephone’s Orchard is the way the characters are drawn with a meticulous and loving hand; human and immortal alike are complex and detailed their interactions and choices motivated by very real concerns desires and self doubts I find myself imagining the movie version every time I reread Attention to detail and fascinating descriptions interwoven with tense action terrible danger spine tingling and steamy love make this a story that will grab your attention with both fists The worlds Molly Ringle has created in this series are intricate and intriguing Sophie and Adrian estranged by circumstances beyond their control nonetheless long for each other in that delicious and wholly satisfying way of two parted lovers I was dying for them to reunite but as the story begins the roadblocks are yet too many Again that’s one of my favorite elements of Ringle’s writing the ability to elicit emotion from readers as they are swept immediately into the plot An array of fascinating characters populates this novel – everyone is back from the previous books and we are treated to a satisfying conclusion though not for every character There are unexpected events near the end and I’ll admit lots of tears from me Not only was I sad to read the last page because it was indeed the Last Page of this series but because I’d been on an emotional rollercoaster from chapter one I love a book that provokes me to laugh cry and even yell at it – such as “Can’t you see he loves you?” or “No Wait what? No”All in all please treat yourself to this delightful novel – but do read the first two books as you need the necessary background information to fully appreciate this awesome conclusion to an epic fantasy series

  7. Nicki Markus Nicki Markus says:

    Immortal's Spring offers an eminently satisfying conclusion to the trilogy All the plot points and character arcs are neatly wrapped up and in a pleasing way; there is still plenty of character development through this final book; and it is as action packed and well paced as the earlier volumes I was always anxious to keep turning the pages to see what would happen and how it would all end and that's why I give this book five stars It's not that it's better than the earlier two to which I awarded four stars but it gets the five for concluding the story in a way that answered all my uestions and didn't leave me disappointed or thinking there should be I received the three books in this trilogy as ARCs from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  8. Kristine Kristine says:

    This novel is a spectacular and amazing mix of Greek mythology and modern times With complex characters and an even complex and uniue plot this novel weaves an incredible tale of suspense romance action and surprise twists A must read for anyone who enjoys fantasy romance or Greek mythology

  9. Immortal Book Immortal Book says:

    Immortal's SpringMolly RingleISBN 978 1 77168 040 0I love that the writer dives straight back into the heart of the storyline there is a powerful beginning to book three which pulls the reader straight back into the story without missing a beat from book two After the storyline being set up so beautifully in books one and two it really feels like you can relax into the book after the opening chapter and wait for the magic to unfoldSadly this is the last the last book in this trilogy it continues the dark and brooding storyline pulling the reader along in a fast pace with drama and confusion threat and counter threat there is a nice soft mix of magic gods and two realms side by side from the point of view of the immortalsMs Ringle continues the good development of the characters and I like that she does not shy from relationship difficulties or sexuality this all being honestly and well portrayedThere is a nice development where the worlds energies are shown to be in charge of humanity where we are shown how the fates balance good and evil and punish the bad in the underworld even if they escape punishment in this life this is a really nice inclusion in the story as it shows the reader that perhaps these things will eventually balance themselves outWe are shown a much bigger picture this time of the long and distant connections of the who's and when’s of the lives almost repeated this gives us a twist on amongst othersno no no you must read the book to find out I could not possibly spoil these revelations as they are inspiredI personally found the ending somehow slightly disappointed me it was all a bit to uick and to be so neat and tidy and happily ever after so very uickly after two and three uarter books worth of build up well firstly I wanted and after the writers beautifully balanced darkness and light everywhere else was a bit of a surprise to have it all wrapped in big tidy happy bowAfter looking forward to an epic battle between the goodness and hope of the underworld and immortals and the evil of Thanatos above ground and all the writers hard work setting us up for this battle in all three books it all came to a rather abrupt finish which after the superb creative and detailed writing that I have become used to in the series so far it felt a little lacking in detail in the finale the battle scenes came across as a little rushed and the aftermath was all to tidy even in a happy ending there should be a few casualties of war on both sides instead it was very one sidedI actually had to go back and re read several times those last scenes after I had finished the book feeling like I had maybe missed something but realised that for me it was because it was all finished too uickly I have loved reading this series and Ms Ringle is among my favourite writers my niggles with the ending do not in any way diminish this and I will continue to purchase and re read her books but I must be honest on my blog as difficult as I found it to write this review I could not review the first two in the series then miss the final book as I didn't love it uite as much as the first two That said please do not let this put you off reading these books as they are all very much worth reading It must also be said that this is of course only my opinion you may view it differently

  10. Maya De toro Maya De toro says:

    The last installment of the Chrysomelia Stories Immortal's Spring by Molly Ringle The third book portrayed the happy ending that the characters deemed yet not fully It left unspoken answers albeit showed heart melting scenes The wondrous world of Greek mythologies the cliche endings and the unimaginable twists had the story fall into place A trilogy that definitely left its mark to my heart's content but not that muchThis last book continued from where the second book ended Underworld's Daughter Sophie Darrow humanely shatters from the accident that fell upon her family She shuts down from her love and acuires trauma She uestions herself of what good may come from their war against their nemesis She struggles to pull herself back on her feet but she manages Time was her anchor and her memories became her best friend Like the goddess she's known for she sprang back up like a flower blooming in Spring Her friends and family supported her and never left her side All in all the characters had my heart making me cry at the scenes This book will leave you hanging on a cliff You'll grasp around the characters so that they won't leave things left unanswered The relationship between Sophie and Adrian will make you say 'Finally' On the side you'll have Zoe and Niko tickling your senses at their rom com relationshipAlthough one thing that frustrated me is about their fight against their nemesis view spoilerIt was prolonged for so long approximately since the start of the series until the end and it ended uickly Of course I was glad that they won against them but that's it It'll make you think 'what? that's it?' hide spoiler

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