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Oh! Mon chapeau [BOOKS] ✯ Oh! Mon chapeau ✹ Anouck Boisrobert – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Between the covers of That’s My Hat lies a pop up city that is full of surprises The adventure unfolds in three dimensions with the turn of each page a blue hat blows away with the wind only to be s Between the covers of That’s My Hat lies a pop up city that is full of surprises The adventure unfolds in three dimensions with the turn of each page a blue hat blows away with the wind only to be stolen by a mischievous monkey Readers must follow the monkey as he scampers through a library a bakery a zoo and other familiar places transformed in this playfully illustrated interactive world.

  • Hardcover
  • 26 pages
  • Oh! Mon chapeau
  • Anouck Boisrobert
  • English
  • 01 January 2016
  • 9780500650578

About the Author: Anouck Boisrobert

Illustratrice et graphiste Travaille pour l’édition et la presse jeunesse Elle travaille sur des projets multimédia des objets pop up et anime des ateliers autour de ces thèmes Elle a fait ses études à l’Ecole Estienne en DMA illustration puis aux Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg en Didactiue visuelleuand elle ne fait pas des livres avec Louis elle réalise des illustrations à l auarelle.

10 thoughts on “Oh! Mon chapeau

  1. Adeline Gravell Adeline Gravell says:

    I liked this book as it was very engaging and exciting however there was no main storyline and the illustrations were a bit confusing at times You have to really concentrate on the images to find the hat

  2. Abby Abby says:

    Really interactive book to get children excited about reading may not be as good for enhancing their learning as it's very interactive It also encourages the children to use their imagination and shapes to create stories

  3. Gabriella Gabriella says:

    pop up book very interactive for children to read by themselves together or as a whole class Lots of illustrations for children to look at the pop up element allows another level to the book to be added Good fun book for children

  4. J J says:

    Great book for older kids We had lots of fun trying to find the hat on each page

  5. Harriet Themans Harriet Themans says:

    Really cool pop ups a simple story but I think it could really engage KS1 aged children

  6. Erin Murray Erin Murray says:

    I really enjoyed the innovative style of this book never seen a pop up book like it I like how you can interpret it many ways and that it could make for great discussion in KS1 or early years My favourite element of the book is the illustrations in pop up form because from any angle you see an abundance of different things it completely depends on your perspective

  7. Miss Kelly Miss Kelly says:

    Not for destructive toddlers

  8. Vicki Purbrick Vicki Purbrick says:

    I really enjoyed this book and so did my sons who are aged six and five The excitement in their faces was evident with every turn of the page where a different pop up appeared Set upon a white background throughout makes the colours which are limited to just five appear much brighter that gives a sense of happiness throughout the book This book tells a story about a boy and his hat but it is also educational in the way the colours make different shapes throughout the book which are repetitive which will allow children to remember

  9. Travis Travis says:

    Sadly this book wasn't as good as the others I read by this creator Under the Ocean and Popville The idea is sort of interesting that it has pop up elements that conceal art on the page or on lower pop up elements so that you have to tilt your angle of view to see everything in a hide and seek theme But it doesn't really work for me Part of the problem is probably that I read a library copy and some of the elements have come loose from the page or the folds bent backwards or even worse new folds added so it is a bit hard to really see what is happening At the same time the simple art style it reminds me of the how to draw books of Ed Emberley and the fact that the only thing you are searching for on each page is the monkey and it is easy to find means that it doesn't invite in depth exploration of the page

  10. Karen Lim Karen Lim says:

    One of our favourite The pop up images is so fun and so rich Shame that its too flimsy for a toddler Do be careful when you open and close the pages so as to allow the pop up images to fold the way it came Its important to ensure that you get the images pop up the right way on each read

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