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  1. Emma Giordano Emma Giordano says:

    I'm so pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book A funny honest and relatable read depicting what it's like to live with mental illnessCW schizophrenia Words on Bathroom Walls is told through journal entries Adam is writing to his therapist as he remains non verbal during their sessions It took me a bit to adjust to the storytelling method While most journaldiary novels are directed at the journal itself or anyone who is reading it Adam's passages are directed at one specific person therefore the reader somewhat assumes the role of his therapist I admit it was strange at first I mean how often does the narrator get angry at the READER? but it became very natural by the end of the story I adored Adam's voice He is unfiltered and expressive through every chapter He strikes the correct balance between suffering and humor which made the story immensely enjoyable I really adored the portrayal of schizophrenia in this story In my opinion this story stands out from other novels dealing with this disorder as we follow a main character who is able to distinguish between their hallucinations and reality due to their current position in treatment while still suffering the debilitating effects of this illness Adam is extremely self aware which is often a rare commodity in mental health novels but is was a strong element of the story I feel his position can be summed up with I understand that what is in front of me is a hallucination and not visible to anyone else but it does not change the fact that I do see it and it is extremely disruptive which is a very uniue but very real way to display how some experience this disorder I also appreciated the author's effort to not only show readers how schizophrenia manifests for certain people but also to inform readers on the illness in general The authors explains the difference between positive and negative symptoms notes some of the side effects of real drugs used to treat this illness despite the fact that this book centers around a completely fictional drug and debunks many of the harmful stereotypes surrounding schizophrenia countless times throughout the novel I especially loved how things are wrapped up at the end of the story There is currently no medical cure for schizophrenia and that is reflected in the story but it still ends with a message of hope and perseverance I am thoroughly pleased with the representation in this novel Adam's story touched my heart and related to my own experiences in such a wonderful wayAnother big positive of this novel for me is the main relationship I found Adam and Maya's relationship to be one of the most realistic high school relationships I have read in YA and a very healthy one at that Of course a large theme in this novel is that Adam refrains from revealing his diagnosis to Maya and secret keeping is not exactly a healthy behavior in relationships but come on it's young adult fiction but they are consistently respectful of each other entirely supportive always willing to aid the other and go out of their way to comfort and defend each other I appreciated that they actually began as good friends and developed into romantic feelings for one another over time Personally it was very reminiscent of my own relationship in high school which is always pleasant to read There is one passage in the beginning of the novel where Adam refers to Maya as the cure because his illness is manageable when she's around which is of course a theme I am vehemently against in mental health fiction That being said I feel the author chose this wording specifically to denounce this concept as the story progresses because Maya is most definitely not a cure for Adam's schizophrenia she is merely a positive figure in Adam's life who brings him happiness as he provides the same for her I would not at all consider this book to fall under the trope of love cure In my opinion it's a great example of how to write love stories into mental health fictionI really really loved Words on Bathroom Walls and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for young adult mental health fiction novels It is the perfect combination of funny heart breaking and hopeful Definitely a new fave

  2. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    Adam is schizophrenic For those who haven’t read much about this mental illness and perhaps do not fully understand it this is such an important bookI am one of those people Correction I WAS one of those people The first time I met a schizophrenic character was a few years ago by watching Grey’s Anatomy In the episode in uestion the guy suffering from this illness was very unpredictable and aggressive And I admit I was afraid of the guy and afraid for those who came in contact with him Not once however was I afraid of Adam Actually most of the time like his mother I was afraid FOR him because I began to understand that there was a much higher chance that he hurt himself than that he hurt somebody else What was not mentioned in the Grey’s Anatomy episode was that there are different – though not all successful – medications available for schizophrenic people Adam here is part of an experimental trial that offers him a chance to keep his hallucinations in check or at least be aware that they are in fact hallucinations as opposed to real life It’s impossible not to feel for Adam Even if you are somewhat afraid of him in the beginning believe me when I tell you that you will fall in love with him gradually and deeply His humor is refreshing and his voice very realistic A winner for sure Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

  3. elena elena says:

    EDIT August 26 2020 THE MOVIE CAME OUT THE 21ST I NEED TO WATCH IT SOONEDIT December 8 2018 JUST FOUND OUT THIS IS AN UPCOMING MOVIE These news have been out since May of this year but I'm just finding out I'm ashamed of myself too I should just be proud of myself because I don't avoid going to places or doing things simply because I'm not sure if what's going on is real If it's real then I'm just living my life and responding to the world the only way I can If none of this is real then I'm still just living my lifeAnd anyway it's real to me Adam has just been diagnosed with schizophrenia He's put in a new drug called ToZaPrex to help him control his hallucinations and thoughts and see if it could help him He doesn't talk to his therapist because he simply doesn't want to so he writes what he did every week in a journal entry and gives it to him when they meet up again Adam is also moving to a new school where no one knows he has schizophrenia not Dwight to ends up being his best friend not Ian who tries and finds out who he is and not Maya the girl Adam falls in love with He still sees his imaginary friends as he likes to call them There's Rebecca someone Adam doesn't mind seeing because she feels real to him at times always in his presence even warning him at times and being like Adam himself there's the mob boss who appears above Adam and shoots the school and places and there's naked Jason sitting on his bare naked ass on Adam's living room couch Although Adam does have someone he can trust his mom and even his step dad Paul he feels like it's best to keep his secret a secret He doesn't want anyone knowing about it because he doesn't want them to be afraid to see him as a monster like everyone else Adam a junior transfer at St Agatha's Catholic School who isn't really religious at all becomes part of Dwight and Maya's life two people that don't know about his illness As Adam becomes very friendly and fond of Dwight and starts falling in love with Maya he starts worrying about what might come in the future and when he will have to tell them at some point Every time he's looking tired or is sweating he lies and says he has a headache that he's tired that he's fine but he isn't As the drugs are becoming a smaller dosage in his body they start reacting and working less and soon Adam knows his secret can't be a secret kept foreverNow this was just the exact mental illness book I needed to read This was written and described in a way mental illness books should be written in not the way where the illness is being taken to another level or where none of the symptoms are real or how it's simply cured because of love I've read and seen other books involving mental health where love cures it all but this one didn't and I was so happy to read it This was wonderful it was amazing it was beautiful The only reason this isn't getting 5 stars is that although it's a YA contemporary romance book written in 2017 I felt uncomfortable at times reading scenes of Adam and Maya if you know what I'm talking about I am no expert in schizophrenia and I really know nothing about it but I started watching some YouTube videos about it and started looking it up to learn about it Although I learned a little bit about it online Adam telling his story through journal entries was very helpful The author did leave some notes and thank you's in the end saying she got tips and help from professional doctors who know about this so I believe a lot of this was real and could definitely be what someone is currently suffering from Words on Bathroom Walls wasn't emotional for me but it sure was powerful and captivating I dived right into it and didn't want to stop reading Even at times when I knew what was coming next I decided to keep reading The author was able to deliver the message of this book the right way and she made her characters realistic like most contemporary characters should be The book is able to open your eyes and make you think about other people It delivered so many uotes that were so relatable to me It's able to open the eyes of someone and make them see how hard it can be for a teenager and really anyone to live with something they were diagnosed with and can never be cured from Adam telling his story through journal entries like I said was such a good idea Reading it from his point of view felt like he was actually writing to me or even telling me his story himself I couldn't connect with Adam in any way but I was able to understand what he was going through and why he felt uncomfortable at places why he didn't want to speak to his therapist why he didn't speak about him hearing alien voices and seeing things no one else saw Adam was a character that didn't make me cry as I was reading his hard times both dealing with his issues and the issues in the world but I did feel sorry for him at times There were times where I felt bad for him because of his loss of control over his disease and I felt bad for him because he was afraid of being judged for who he was He acted like a normal teenager boy he fell in love he made a best friend he was tall and defended a shorter boy he was funny and sensible but can also be bad tempered and a sensitive person especially when it came to talking about anyone being mental There was a scene where there was another male who had schizophrenia and actually shot and killed someone at en elementary school When this was brought up Adam thought of that person and that about what they did and weren't able to control He thinks about other people like him and can get worried of what people might think of him On the other hand since this is romance I sincerely loved how the relationship of Adam and Maya was handled how it developed how it worked out and how it was really a normal teenage relationship There's books like All the Bright Places and Everything Everything where one character is dealing with a big issue in their life an illness and suddenly when they meet that one special snowflake they're cured The whole love conuers all was a thing I didn't understand but now that I look into mental healthillness literally researching it I learn and I educate myself and realize it's wrong to write a book where the illness isn't handled properly where therapy and the illness isn't written in a way it should've been written The whole love is the answer to everything is bullshit to so many people including me but maybe it's because I don't know what love is? Maya and Adam had a relationship that was handled the way any relationship should be it was there and so was the illnessAs Maya and Adam become closer with each other his illness is still there and even in the end he was accepted for who he was Their relationship was adorable it was really cute Although Maya bugged me at times I had to accept the fact that she didn't know Adam is different than her and really everyone else but I loved her personality She was not like other girls in YA novels Adam even confessed and said Maya was ugly when she was angry not cute He said she looked not ugly but somewhat not beautiful in an ugly sundress she was wearing and she was different in attitude as well She would be studying and would actually be listening to people talk to her but she would not stop studying in order to talk to them She would instead finish her last thought of study and then turn her head to their side and talk Then she'd go back to studying That's what I loved about her She was described as beautiful by Adam but also scary at times She was different than every other girl she wasn't described as the typical blonde or dark haired female lead that is filled with perfections that even has perfect flaws with her perfect face and perfect body and perfect hair That's mostly in fantasy but it's been in contemporaries as well Maya was a complete refresh to me rude yet pretty I sent Maya a text later that dayMe You told Ian he should bake me cookies?Maya Actually when he came to talk to me I told him that he should rot in hell with maggots slithering through his eye sockets and leeches attached to his armpits and that it still wouldn't make up for what he did to youMe Hm Guess he got that wrong thenMaya Then I said he should apologize and if he had any humanity left in him he would bake you cookies The other thing I liked about this was how in the end Dwight was like and your point about you having schizophrenia is? as in he didn't see Adam different he saw him as who Adam is This book had healthy relationships Adam was in full control with his relationships with Dwight Maya his therapist even though he didn't talk to him he wrote how his day when and what he felt and answered all his uestions in a paper his mom and especially his step dad I felt so happy reading when his step dad was there for Adam when he needed him and I was glad Adam realized his mistake thinking Paul his step dad didn't see him as a son and didn't love him He has a step dad for a reason right? His real dad didn't love him He said he did but it sure didn't seem like it Adam saw Paul really loved his mother and that made him cringe yet it made him happy because Paul knew what Adam had and who he was yet he still accepted Adam as his son and loved his motherThis was the perfect read for me after giving three books 1 star I felt like a new record was happening but luckily this made up for it It was a uick and easy read and I feel like I'll be reading this again sometime It gave me an idea about schizophrenia and learning some of it from Adam was definitely helpful I've never met someone with schizophrenia but if I ever do I don't want them to think I'll look at them as monsters or look at them differently in ways I don't look at normal people I didn't feel pity for Adam for who he was but I felt bad for him at times because of what he thought about himself and what he thought other people thought about him Although this isn't 5 stars it's still considered a favorite of mine now

  4. C.G. Drews C.G. Drews says:

    This was beautiful and heartbreaking and brutally honest and so so so good Which is a freaking RELIEF because I preordered this back in July and it just arrived this weeklike 3 months later Thanks Australian bookstores You're the best BECAUSE IT DOESN'T FREAK ME OUT NOT KNOWING WHEN MY BOOKS ARE ARRIVE YEP IT'S OK I'M FINE I'M FINE I CAN BREATHE NOW It's about schizophreniaWhich like any mental health condition is a huge spectrum I've read uite a few books in schizophrenia that I really enjoyed and this was also most good And most HURTING I loved how brutally honest Adam was about his condition He's also scared of it but is doing his best not to be And his hallucinations were really varied and real mostly singing and different people He's fond of Rebecca who is uiet but like kind and there for him view spoilerSo I didn't pick up that Rebecca is HIM and it kind of b r o k e my heart after becauseRebecca spends so much time crying and lying on the ground in overwhelm AND THIS IS ADAM AND I HURT FOR ADAM hide spoiler

  5. Larry H Larry H says:

    I'd rate this 45 starsAdam has recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia He knew something was wrong with him and he's both horrified and relieved to know what it is As much as it hurt to lose his friends who all stopped talking to him after his diagnosis he has a c

  6. abby abby says:

    You can't possibly know what it means to doubt everythingAdam is starting a new experimental drug ToZaPrex to help him control his schizophrenia He's also starting a new school where his illness won't be known to his peers and he has a new therapist who lets him write letters instead of talking during sessions All in all not so bad considering But no matter how high the dosage his delusions never fade There's still Rebecca the constant presence in his life who seems to silently mirror how he's feeling He occasionally gets visits from the mob bosses who shoot up public places forever naked Jason and the British comedy duo Then there are the voices telling him that everyone would be better off if he killed himself What Adam fears is not the hallucinations or the voices but believing they are realThe new drug works until it doesn't At first it helps him separate reality from the tricks his mind plays on him He makes a new friend who won't stop talking and starts dating a girl named Maya But he keeps his illness a secret because he doesn't want them to fear him and abandon him This gets and difficult as he's tapered off the drugsIt's significantly difficult to make friends when people know you see things you shouldn't be able to seeThe cynic in me thinks authors like writing about schizophrenia because there can be a twist where none of the characters are real view spoilerreading Made You Up soured me a bit hide spoiler

  7. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    An elaborate look into Adam’s schizophrenic mind The reading experience is extraordinary It was hilarious heartbreaking and yet once again very eye opening “Harry ended up being fine Nobody sent him to therapy or tried to give him pills He just got to live in a world where everything he thought he’d heard and seen turned out to be real Lucky bastard” It reminds me of Made You Up by Francesca Zappia which is up to now still in my top five favorite YA contemporaries and which portrayed a teenage girl’s schizophrenic mind I’m very glad to finally have the perspective of a male character on the same issue Words on the Bathroom Walls has now a spot in that same list too “And sometimes it’s just a feeling that someone somewhere is watching me which I know is ridiculous Why would anyone bother right?” It’s probably wrong to react this way but do forgive me if the contents of Adam’s journal entries he submits to his psychiatrist entertain me to no end Being in Adam’s mind is a lot like watching a movie that congregates all genres but mostly comedy and fantasy Except for Adam himself I know it’s not at all amusing It’s enough to make him sometimes think of shutting himself off completely sniffs I couldn’t imagine how hard it must be to Adam and for those who have the same condition as his to live life when there is always someone whispering or yelling to your ear what to do I empathize with him deeply and I wish there was anything I could do to make him feel better I’m just glad the brilliantly perceptive Maya who I adore so much and who is a Filipino so yay is always there to provide interesting distraction and I’m very happy that Adam has the right people amazingly supportive parents and the sweetest geeky best friend in his life who accept and love everything about him I also have to say how much I appreciate Adam’s head on approach in coping with his mental condition “I still see things I know I shouldn’t be seeing The difference is that I know I shouldn’t be seeing them” Afraid of coming off as a jerk he would even acknowledge the presence of the familiar cast of characters in his elaborate hallucinations “I won’t call them hallucinations any It doesn’t really seem fair They’re just corporeally challenged Learned that from Harry Potter too JK Rowling is a fucking genius Anyone who doesn’t think so is crazy” Most importantly the book guides readers on how to connect with people who have schizophrenia that what they need isn’t pity but understanding of how they see the world differently that there is no reason to fear them and that they should earn the same sympathy as anyone who has any other kind of physical illness and as any person deserves Do I still need to say it? Read it

  8. Danielle ❤️ Pretty Mess Reading ❤️ Danielle ❤️ Pretty Mess Reading ❤️ says:

    4 STARSReviews and at have a brother who has paranoia schizophrenia and he was diagnosed in his mid 20’s We’ve had our ups and downs since so this book hit home for meAdam has tried everything under the sun to help live with schizophrenia but so far nothing has really worked We gets a chance to be apart of a clinical trial for a new drug it was a game changer The medicine helps but the side effects may cost him than just his mental well beingThe brilliant thing about Adam is that he understands that he is sick and with that understands comes a great deal of responsibility He needs to keep his illness a secret from those outside of his immediate family He is very much aware of how the world feels about the mentally ill – scared He doesn’t want people to be scared of him and broke my heart reading his words his truth Now that he knows about me about the illness things are different He doesn’t know what to do with me any We’ll still sit and watch TV but I can almost hear him thinking when I’m in the room The weirdest feeling aside from seeing things that aren’t there is sitting on the couch next to a grown man who is suddenly afraid of me He didn’t used to be afraid It’s hard not to take that personally – Adam Can you imagine everyone suddenly being afraid of you when your heart is good and you never want to hurt anybody? Poor Adam That was one of the most difficult things about this book was for me I remember becoming afraid of my brother – in all fairness he did beat me with a metal folding chair once Granted he had yet to be properly diagnosed and on any medications At the end of the day I never wanted to fear my brother and looking back that must have broken his heartHere’s the thing Adam was a 6’2 cutie and found himself a cute little girlfriend Maya As much as he cared for her he was too afraid that sharing his secret with her would take her away from him She was put into the group of people who were never to learn his secret My mom told me something once right after my dad left You lose your secrets when you let people get too close That was the was the scariest thing for her when she started dating – Adam I want to keep Maya far enough away so she won’t ever have to see me as I actually am I don’t want to lose my secrets because they keep me safe – Adam Getting into Adam’s head was the best and worse part of the book It was the best because you really start to see and understand things from the perspective of a schizophrenic person You understand how difficult it is for them to live day to day with noise and people in their heads You see how hard of a struggle it is and to a certain degree understand why so many choose to take their own life for a while I thought about it because death seemed peaceful More importantly it seemed uiet I crave uiet You have no idea how much time I spend trying to block out the noise in my head – Adam Crazy enough it’s the best part of the book that makes it the worst part as well It shows you how ignorant one might be It made me ashamed of myself when it came to my brother It made me feel like I could have done to be there for him shit even nowEven when Adam was with Maya the voices and people in his head never went away It was heartbreakingly beautiful reading how had it was for him just to have a normal conversation with his girlfriend while there is a mob shoot out going on in the cornerWhen the medicine is no longer available what becomes of Adam? Shit what becomes of most of our mentally ill? Most of us don’t care enough to see they need help a friend someone consistent Luckily Adam had a good support system and family who cared enough to helpThis book will make you uestion your personal role in the state of the mentally ill I loved itDo I recommend this book? Yes I doWill I read another book by this author? Sure I don’t see why notFollow all things messywwwprettymessreadingcomwwwinstagramcomprettymessreadingwwwfacebookcomprettymessreadingwwwtwittercomprettymessread

  9. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at “J K Rowling is a fucking genius Anyone who doesn’t think so is crazy” ^If the above doesn’t make all you nerds fall in love with Adam you’re probably wasting your time hereAlright This is it This is my #1 YA of the year Pretty bold statement since there’s still 3 months to go but I’m putting it out there I also just finished this locked in a spare office on my lunch hour while skipping a “team luncheon” and am already barfing this “review” out in order to get it on other people’s radars Bonus is since I’m the first of my friends to have read this it means my rating is the right one I know I know you’re allowed to have your own opinion and give this low stars if you feel like it I’m not sure where to start or where this will go aside from a giant ramble so let’s begin with our daily debriefing on the various ways in which I am an idiot Today’s example is how I asked for and was denied of course this book simply for the cover and title I didn’t bother reading the synopsis I just wanted it I assumed it was going to be a “Megan Abbott y” type of mean girl story about – you guessed it – words on bathroom walls Kinda like this Whoops Not accurate At all What the book was about I mean There’s a very good chance my kid wrote that about me on a toilet stall Words On Bathroom Walls is actually about Adam a boy who was diagnosed extremely early with schizophrenia and is currently participating in a drug trial with an experimental new treatment Told in journal format as entries to his therapist this is Adam’s story as he deals with being crazy Oh and save your pearl clutching and being “triggered” at the use of the C word As Adam would say “I prefer ‘crazy’ to ‘mentally ill’ Sounds dignified” While it does at times seem as if mentally ill is the new black Words On Bathroom Walls feels fresh and new It tackles the most obvious issues with the stigma of being “crazy” head on “When you have cancer people are sympathetic They feel something for you and people even hold races to raise money for your cure It’s different when people are afraid of what you’ve got because then you get some of the sympathy but none of the support They don’t wish you ill – they just want you as far away from them as possible” And does so with loving concerned parents who are actually in the picture and not just some blip on the radar friends – both real and hallucinated – who will always be there and a real high school romance that develops over months rather than the “insta” variety that made me feel as warm and fuzzy as a Taylor Swift song well before she went all batshit Maybe I’m getting ready to start my period TMI? Naaaaah but it made me feel all the things And when Adam knew just the right thing to say I found myself a bit emotionally compromised Then this happened I’m in love with this book I think I’m gonna sleep with it under my pillow tonight

  10. Inge Inge says:

    Words on Bathroom Walls is the story of Adam a boy with schizophrenia who’s put on an experimental drug in the hopes of dialling down the hallucinations He sees and hears things he shouldn’t and if only he were Harry Potter these visions would actually be real But they’re not so he’s put into therapy His journey on this drug is told via a series of journal entries addressed to his therapistI was really interested in reading Words on Bathroom Walls because as far as mental illnesses go schizophrenia is probably one of the most elusive ones to me That’s why I want to read books about this “condition” so I can educate myself further And I did learn uite a bit from Adam though I do realise that no two diagnoses are ever the sameNevertheless I never really connected to the story I didn't particularly enjoy reading it but I also didn't dislike it It was just a whole lot of in the middle which is kind of almost worse when a book doesn't make you feel anything? I also never really found the plot in the novel Adam is eased into his meds and then he's eased out of them Not much happens Which of course is fairly standard in the life of a mental health patient But does it make for a good book? I'm not sureI do have to give bonus points to the fact that Adam was in a fully functional relationship that did absolutely nothing to cure his mental illness – because this “love cures all” thing is a really annoying and harmful trope in literature and so when it’s done right I have to give kudosThere was also this one uote I really want to share because I think it’s something a lot of us with mental health issues think about but I for one never dare to actually put it into words But it’s here now and I really feel this uote “I’m glad my parents have each other but sometimes I think about how much happier everyone would be if I weren’t around That’s when I feel sad and guilty because if anything happened to me my mom would be devastated but as long as I’m in her life she’s always going to worry about whether or not I’m okay I don’t know which is worseThere are days I just wish I weren’t me” Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a copy

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Words on Bathroom Walls [Epub] ➞ Words on Bathroom Walls By Julia Walton – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Soon to be a major motion picture starring Charlie Plummer AnnaSophia Robb and Taylor RussellFans of More Happy Than Not and The Perks of Being a Wallflower will cheer for Adam in this uplifting and s Soon to be a major motion picture starring Charlie Plummer AnnaSophia Robb and Taylor RussellFans of More Happy Than Not and The Perks of Being a Wallflower will cheer for Adam in this uplifting and surprisingly funny story of a boy living with schizophreniaWhen you can't trust your mind trust your heartAdam is a pretty regular teen except he's navigating high school life Words on MOBI :Ê while living with paranoid schizophrenia His hallucinations include a cast of characters that range from the good beautiful Rebecca to the bad angry Mob Boss to the just plain weird polite naked guy An experimental drug promises to help him hide his illness from the world When Adam meets Maya a fiercely intelligent girl he desperately wants to be the normal great guy that she thinks he is But as the miracle drug begins to fail how long can he keep this secret from the girl of his dreamsAn ALA YALSA Best Book for Young AdultsA Bank Street Best Children's Book of the Year Kansas National Education Association Reading Circle Catalog Selection Rhode Island Teen Book Award NomineeA CBC's Teen Choice Book Awards NomineeEchoing the premise and structure of Flowers for Algernon this frank and inspiring novel shows how a teen's life changes after he is given an experimental medication to treat symptoms of schizophrenia Publishers WeeklyA brutal beautiful book that sits right beside The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I'll Give You the Sun Jennifer Longo author of Up to This PointeThis book reminds me of A Monster Calls I saved the final twenty pages for the next day because I didn't want Adam's story to end Peter Brown Hoffmeister author of This Is the Part Where You LaughDespite heavy subject matter Adam is hilarious and infinitely lovable and the ending is hopeful and realistic rather than happily ever after and contrived The Hub YALSA© Julia Walton P Listening Library.

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