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10 thoughts on “Her Most Secret Affair

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Very well written historical romance While the ultimate outcome is lesbian love due to being set in a brothel there is a great deal of 'talk' involving malefemale couplingsI loved the plot the setting the character building If this is truly the authors first published work and not just a pen name she should take a bow and give herself a pat on the back Hell even if it is a pen name she should take a bow The only reason I didn't give the story a 5 star rating is because it seemed to switch between show and tell Just when I'd find myself immersed in the story able to feel the characters emotions the dialogue would change from show to tell and loose its intensity for a beat or two It's hard to explain That said this is one of the best stories I've read in a very long time I have my radar tuned to this no longer new to me author ARC received via Indigo Marketing in exchange for an honest review

  2. Kent Kent says:

    This was a wonderful story I look forward to reading stories by this author

  3. Brianna Brianna says:

    Another read on my uest to find books particularly romance with characters who are sex workers who don't fall in love with their clients This little novella satisfied that to some degree with an age gap romance set in a very well established brothel It was certainly an enjoyable read but did feel a bit brief as the romancelust between the two main women didn't start till about a uarter of the way through the short book Recommened for people looking for vaguely Victorian historicals featuring a FF couple

  4. QUEERcentric Books QUEERcentric Books says:

    Reviewed by Jay Chase for UEERcentric Books 38 Stars How did women in the past deal with their forbidden desires? In Her Most Secret Affair Jesalin Creswell gives us an intimate look into the lives of two women and a historical brothel that brings them together—and leaves them forever changedAs the Madam of Crimson Manor a prosperous brothel Valerie Wilde must fill a vacancy within her exclusive world The ideal candidate will serve the elite of her time so she must have several important ualifications Valerie interviews a few ladies for the position but it isn’t until Miranda Dashwood that she finds someone who lives up to the high standards of her demanding clienteleFormerly wealthy Miranda has been forced into the world’s oldest profession due to her father’s gambling debts and the unscrupulous actions of a suitor She is bitter at the fate that she has been dealt but preservers for the sake of her familyRead the entire review on UEERcentric Books

  5. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Copypasted from my review for one of Creswell's other books because really my thoughts are exactly the sameSarah Waters this is not But that's okay Sometimes you just want to kick back and read a trashy romance story with insta lust love Sometimes you just want to read about two Victorian ladies kissing and that's thatI give it 3 stars because it met my expectations for what kind of book I knew it was going to be I just wish it wasn't so rushed; I think the author could have drawn things out a bit better But again girls kissing It was silly and kept me entertained for an hour which is exactly what I wanted

  6. Alison Alison says:

    My interest was piued when I saw a ff historical romance with such good reviews on sale for mere pennies I had expectations of uality but they were not met I ended up skimming much of this short novella Kudos to the author for writing a ff historical romance however as there aren't many of those Rating upgraded to 2 for that reason alone

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Her Most Secret Affair ➶ Her Most Secret Affair Free ➬ Author Jesalin Creswell – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Miranda Dashwood was born wealthy but now she struggles to survive her deceased father's gambling debts have crippled the household With no skills and no experience Miranda resigns herself to the worl Miranda Dashwood was born wealthy but now she struggles to survive her deceased father's gambling debts have crippled the household With no skills and no experience Miranda resigns herself to Her Most MOBI :Ê the world's oldest profession and loathes every moment of her new life Until she meets Valerie Valerie Wilde is the Madam of The Crimson Manor an exclusive and successful brothel When one of her most popular girls leaves Valerie has to find another fast Her clients are demanding and discerning and Valerie's task is no easy one most harlots are too unrefined too vulgar Until she meets Miranda Confused by their desire for one another the women are drawn together by their forbidden feelings And all the while Valerie is terrified that Miranda will leave her for the life of a kept mistress But Miranda has her own ideas on what the future holds and will do whatever it takes to make her vision reality.