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10 thoughts on “A Shadowed Evil (Hawkenlye Mysteries #16)

  1. Jane Jane says:

    Another gripping mystery in Hawkenlye series Josse and Helewise are visiting Josse's dying Uncle Hugh and family Josse has a new very unpleasant sister in law Cyrille She not only mistreats her son from her previous marriage but has turned the household upside down with her selfish manipulative know it all ways and they knuckle under to her Why is she so unkind to her son and why has one of Uncle Hugh's daughters Aeleis disappeared? A young man Peter Southey is an unexpected guest his horse has slid on the ice and both it and Peter are injured near their home Who is he and why has he come? Josse and Helewise unravel these mysteries Incredible twists and turns and very well done

  2. Judy Lesley Judy Lesley says:

    I did eventually come to really enjoy this novel however it took a long time for it to grab my interest and I had begun to wonder if it ever would I've read uite a few of the Hawkenlye Medieval mystery novels and this one is just plain different I'm used to dealing with magic of several types which are practiced by those surrounding Helewise and Sir Josse D'Acuin but this was mysticism somewhat outside the bounds of what I expect from this series It all turned out well for me from an enjoyment standpoint but I must repeat that it took a long time to fully engage my interestJosse and Helewise have made the trip from the House in the Woods to Southfire Hall on a cold February day in 1212 because Josse received word that his Uncle Hugh is dying Josse grew up visiting Southfire and has a strong bond from those youthful visits with his female cousins Visits haven't been uite as freuent lately so he looks forward to catching up on the extended family living at Southfire and introducing them to Helewise Not long after they arrive a traveler and his horse take a serious fall on the icy road and the man is brought inside to be nursed by the women of the family An item found on his person as they are cleaning him up from the fall causes ripples of unease to flow through the house and join with the disuiet others are already feelingI must confess to enjoying this series when the story concentrates around the environs of Hawkenlye Abbey This book felt as if Helewise didn't have enough to occupy her time and that made the story progress very slowly But don't give up on it because after you have passed the half way point the activity increases and it closely resembles other novels from this series This is still an enjoyable novel for fans of the series but I would not recommend readers new to the novels begin with this bookI received an e ARC of this novel through NetGalley

  3. Elite Group Elite Group says:

    A Shadowed Evilby Alys Clare 5 starsA murder with a differenceA Shadowed Evil is a murder mystery with a difference as it is set in 13th century England From the outset Alys Clare writes with such description detail and mysticism that it is easy for the reader to immerse oneself in English rural life of 800 years agoThe central characters are Sir Josse d'Acuin and his wife Helewise who begin their journey to visit Josse's poorly and elderly Uncle Hugh plus the extended family all living together at Southfire Hall It soon becomes apparent that there is an extremely dark force present within the very cold walls themselves Soon after Josse and Helewise had settled into Southfire Hall a rather mysterious traveller on horseback turns up having had an accident in the serious icy conditions The tension mounts as the plot unfolds until all is revealed at the endI was gripped from the outset so I awarded five stars to 'A Shadowed Evil' I will look out for other tales in this seriesBy Peggy Sutton AKA Galadriel Breakaway Reviewers were given a copy of the book to review

  4. Julie Rothenfluh Julie Rothenfluh says:

    Haven't read any others in this series but this was definitely fine as a stand alone Set in the year 1212 a good mystery with a gothic feel I will definitely read in this series

  5. Sue Sue says:

    Josse is summoned to the home of his Uncle Hugh when they believe he is dying Heloise goes with him An evil presence has settled over the house so different from what Josse remembers from his visits in the past Everyone seems to cower in the presence of the wife of Herbert who is Hugh's son Shortly after they arrive an seriously injured man arrives Just as it seems he is recovering he dies Who was he and what to make of the evil presence? The last few books in the series I've felt as if the series was winding down and I was losing interest Although I know this is the next to last I enjoyed this than the last few Perhaps it was because it was about Josse's family rather than something that happened in the area It is interesting how it all comes together by the end I got to a certain point and had to keep reading until the reveal was complete

  6. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    45 stars Some of the books in Alys Clare's Hawkenlye series have left me cold I'm afraid I massively dislike Joanna and the endless scenes with her and her magical people in the forest but I enjoyed this one I love love love Josse and Helewise as characters Josse's kids not so much so it was good to read a novel where both Josse and Helewise are both present throughout the entire novel Shadowed Evil was uite slow to get going but once it did I was gripped and had to keep reading till it was finished A rich and satisfying mystery

  7. Lynne Tull Lynne Tull says:

    Ms Clare really did a stretch with the 'paranormal' theme of these stories She now has a house that emanates an aura of good and bad depending on what's going on with its inhabitants The mystery was interesting and I could pretty much figure out the perpetrator just not all of the connections among the characters

  8. Heather McCloud Heather McCloud says:

    I've been reading this penultimate book in the series slowly to put off the inevitable end I love these books so much and this installment did not disappoint So many layers to the story and the house as a character Love

  9. Sue Sue says:

    These characters have come along way from the very first Hawkenlye story And still they are as rich alive and vibrant as they were from the very first tale I love this author

  10. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    Another great mystery where we get to meet Josse's family Plot twists and suspense didn't see the end coming and love the way it all ties up neatly if not happily

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A Shadowed Evil (Hawkenlye Mysteries #16) ❴Ebook❵ ➢ A Shadowed Evil (Hawkenlye Mysteries #16) Author Alys Clare – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk February 1212Sir Josse d'Acuin and Helewise are summoned to Southfire Hall where Josse's elderly uncle Hugh lies dying surrounded by his children But the pair soon discovers that Hugh's ill health is February Sir Josse d'Acuin and Helewise are summoned to Southfire Hall where Josse's elderly uncle Hugh lies dying surrounded by his children But the pair soon discovers that Hugh's ill health is not the only cause of distress in the house for Hugh's son and heir Herbert has taken an unpleasant new wife the widowed Lady CyrilleJosse and Helewise are distracted by the discovery of an injured young man on the road outside on the evening of their arrival but the longer they remain in the A Shadowed MOBI :Ê house the they feel that something is very wrong What happened to Josse's cousin Aeleis who no one speaks of Where is Lady Cyrille's small son And why do they both feel as if the house itself is alive and threatened by approaching evil.

  • Kindle Edition
  • A Shadowed Evil (Hawkenlye Mysteries #16)
  • Alys Clare
  • 03 March 2014

About the Author: Alys Clare

Elizabeth Harris for the Hawkenlye series of historical mysteriesAlys Clare is the pseudonym of a novelist with some published works to her name Brought up in the countryside close to where the Hawkenlye Novels are set she went to school in Tonbridge and later studied archaeology at the University of Kent She lives for part of the year in Brittany in a remote cottage deep in an ancient landscape where many past inhabitants have left their mark; on her doorstep are relics that date from A Shadowed MOBI :Ê the stone circles and dolmens of the Neolithic to the commanderies chapels and ancient tracks of those infamous warrior monks the Knights Templar In England Alys's study overlooks a stretch of parkland which includes a valley with a little spring The waters of this spring are similar in colour and taste to Tunbridge Wells's famous Chalybeat Spring and it was this that prompted Alys's setting of her fictional Hawkenlye Abbey in the very spot where her own house now stands.