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The Ultimate Prince Charming (Charming Academy #5) [Download] ➽ The Ultimate Prince Charming (Charming Academy #5) By Jessica L. Elliott – A prince without a princess George has vowed to save the Lost Princesses in memory of his beloved Eleanor Upon graduating from Charming Academy he begins his search Little does he know that an old ene A prince without a princess George has vowed to save the Lost Princesses in memory of his beloved Eleanor Upon graduating from Charming Academy he begins his search Little does he know that an old enemy has returned to ensure George never finds happily ever after for himself or anyone else.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Ultimate Prince Charming (Charming Academy #5)
  • Jessica L. Elliott
  • English
  • 08 October 2014
  • 9781512001211

About the Author: Jessica L. Elliott

For as long as she can remember Jessica L Elliott has been telling stories As soon as she could grasp a pencil she began writing those stories down Reading fueled her imagination as did spending time with her five younger brothers and sisters Everything was an adventure something to be treasured and stories were her first love Jessica began seriously writing in high school and continued in.

10 thoughts on “The Ultimate Prince Charming (Charming Academy #5)

  1. Kristen Kooistra Kristen Kooistra says:

    This book is running away with best in series like a little kid who got the last piece of cake I've enjoyed the series so far but this book knocked it out of the parkWe get to see GeorgeYAY who's my favorite prince and Leticia who was my favorite princess as they go on their uests George really is the ultimate prince charming George is determined to right the wrongs of the system and save the lost princesses The fairies are still trying to pull the strings as they give him a uest despite him already choosing his own but George is having none of it I love that he's not manipulated He's smart he's prepared and he's brave He's got all this information and begins to one by one save the princesses With each save I was and in George's cornerTHIRTY FIVE YEARS For one princess She was stuck that long in her cursed state If George hadn't rebelled she'd be stuck there forever Even if they princesses had only been stuck for 7 or 12 years that's still a lot of time to lose We learn about people who've died in their uests who've seriously been injured in their uest etc At one point even one of the fairies says maybe we should close down this system And I'm like YES Because it's dangerous it's flawed and it took one heroic prince to shine a light on it and go no this isn't right Besides cheering George on I loved Leticia's half of the tale as well I'm glad Elliott didn't drag out oh I wonder who their other half will be? because it's been obvious that they're both missing a princeprincess and Leticia is the twin of George's dead princessgosh that sounds morbid Leticia had by far the most interesting story of the waiting party of a uest I loved her two dragons and what she was doing My eyes watered a bit at the last death in the book That was so sad I was like NOOooo If I had to change anything I wish the climax would've slowed down a bit I didn't uite understand how the villain got there before Georgesince they had the same info and George had a headstart from where they parted and there'd been so much of a build up to that point that it would've been nice to have some time with that battle and how it ended I would happily read another book based on their future adventures And I'm so happy that George didn't finish the fairy uest and then abandon his own because I was worried that he would Excellent book all around and definitely my favorite I'm not sure if book 6 will top this or not but I'm okay if this remains the best of the series I received this book from the author

  2. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    Once again a wonderful book in a series of wonderful books This book had many fairytales within it So you get bang for your buck I love how the smaller characters show up in other prince's stories It makes the stories seem so much real Also it gives us closure not only for our prince and princess but for them as well I truly loved the dragons in this book It gave a new perspective on evil dragons guarding the princess waiting for the prince to slay them Giving them depth made them memorable and likeable I truly enjoyed this book

  3. Julie W Julie W says:

    The latest in the Charming Academy Series The book follows George's uest to find his princess as well as rescue some of the Lost Princesses along the way This book incorporates parts of several of your favorite fairy tales like Jack and the Bean Stalk and Rumpelstiltskin Great characters fun adventures and of course a happily ever after

  4. Jessica Elliott Jessica Elliott says:

    I honestly believe my writing gets better each time I start a new book this was a challenging story but what I love about it is the message You can overcome hardship and heartache to reach happily ever after

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I think this is Jessica's best writing to date The story is engaging and I had trouble putting it down at times

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