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Broad Influence [Download] ➻ Broad Influence Author Jay Newton-Small – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk 2016 will be one of the most historic years in politics It marks the potential for the first female President of the United States and the 100th anniversary of the first woman elected to Congress Addi will be one of the most historic years in politics It marks the potential for the first female President of the United States and the th anniversary of the first woman elected to Congress Additionally in single women will be one of the most pivotal voting groups heading into the general election being courted by both Democrats and RepublicansAt the centennial of the first woman elected to Congress which was three years before women legally earned the right to vote their presence and influence in Washington has reached a tipping point that affects not only the inner workings of the Federal Government but also directly influences how Americans live and workNever before have women been represented in such great numbers in the Supreme Court both chambers of Congress and in the West Wing In Broad Influence Jay Newton Small one of the nation's most deeply respected and sourced journalists takes readers through the corridors of Washington DC the offices and hallways of Capital Hill and everywhere else conversations and deals are happening to demonstrate how women are reaching across the aisles coalescing and affecting lasting changeWith deep exclusive and behind closed doors reporting and interviews including conversations with Nancy Pelosi Barbara Mikulski Kirsten Gillibrand Valerie Jarrett Sarah Palin Kelly Ayotte Cathy McMorris Rogers and dozens of other former and current senators representatives senior White House staffers governors and cabinet members Broad Influence is an insightful look at how women are transforming government politics and the workforce and how they are using that power shift to effect change throughout America.

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  1. Christine Zibas Christine Zibas says:

    Being old enough to remember when jobs were listed in the newspaper under Men and Women this book comes as a revelation All those changes that women have forged over the past 50 years or are still not enough to let women enter some professions think military combat and the board room There's still an old boy's club on Wall Street and yes even in the Obama White House However there is thankfully a critical mass that women can count on according to Jay Newton Small a Time journalistThis fascinating account of women in the halls of power reads like a story that's one step forward two steps back Until that is the numbers of women reach a critical mass 20 to 30 percent a number that allows them to band together in common interest or at least common respect It allows women to be seen and heard when they are comfortable enough that they are not alone It's been most widespread in public service although slower in elected officeEven there however American women have to be wily to truly accomplish anything even going so far as to storm a meeting at the White House if need be In the financial sector and in modern industry women are still fighting to reach critical mass in leadership roles In fact I am sure that many women will be surprised to learn here that the US lags so far behind its allies in Europe and Asia in achieving parity for womenThere are many surprises in this book especially for older women like me the Baby Boomer generation who can see how far we've come since the 1960s and 1970s The simple fact is there's still much to do However this book will likely even be a surprise for those of the Millennial generation who come with an entirely new set of expectations given that they grew up in the era of two working parent households The battle for euality is far from over as the author so deftly demonstratesThis is an important book that both men and women need to read Not only does it demonstrate the need for continuing work toward achieving parity for women it demonstrates clearly just what women bring to the table and how needed that contribution is Only resolute action will prevent women from taking another 50 years to get there

  2. Katharine Katharine says:

    A patron suggested that I buy this book for the Library and I am so glad I did Couldn't set it down Should be reuired reading for anyone with a sincere interest in bettering our society men and women

  3. Katie Shields Katie Shields says:

    Published before Trump was elected this proved to be sobering I've been taking gender euality for granted I'll be at the wwwwomensmarchcom

  4. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I'm going to copypaste the review I wrote on I am writing a review of this book for a course on women and politics but it is far too long to post here Saying I love it I love it I love it and wish it were longer is far too short So let me attempt to make this something in between the twoFirst of all I want to address the writing style Jay Newton Small the author is incredibly talented at this part of writing I consumed this book in under an hour and then I went back and immediately reread the entire thing I am reading it a third time to make notes on pages for my review for my course; I was too caught up in the book the first two times to remember to do thisNext the book topics themselves need to be addressed and topics plural is the correct word Newton Small addresses women in all branches of the political spectrum the business field the police force in the military and the true economic need in America to reach something like parity in the near future and fields too I learned about things I had no idea had taken place accomplishments and trials that women have made and facedstill face I was interested in how women who have succeeded in the various fields addressed believe based on their experiences that women have different traits than men that help success be reached in each field I was then even interested in reading about the accomplishments made by women that show those traits being used and the conclusions of studies that reaffirm these different traits existingThat said I will admit that there is one thing very important for those using this in the academic sense and possibly less so for those reading it in their personal lives only that I wish was different about this book Newton Small did not choose to include citations of the things she wrote about at the bottom of each page Admittedly there would be plenty of citations on some pages Despite that fact I feel the book would be slightly better if she had included them in that manner I feel I should mention again that I am using this for a course making me one of the readers using it in the academic senseGiven that lack I would probably rate this book 475 stars if I had to for school and I may do so at the bottom of my review for my course A review based purely on my love for the book however? That would earn this book 10 stars if I could rate it that wayI am incredibly glad that this is one of the three books I chose to review for my course which sadly is not normally offered by my university; I created the course myself with my advisor approving it for an independent study courseIf I were not taking this course I would hopefully somehow come across this book and choose to buy it anywayI hope this review helps you choose to buy it or that it helps you choose to borrow it from your local library Reading it will enrich your life and knowledge of both what women have done in all sorts of fields that have helped enrich America what they are still doing to enrich America and how it is necessary that the federal government help women reach parity in America when it comes to employment on all levels CEO's as well as entry level positions or working two blue collar jobs to support themselves andor their families Why necessary? In order for us as I am an American to remain an economically successful country Or alternatively we could admit immigrants to employ I admit this second option exists when it comes to a need for workers in America's near futureIt’s the poorer option of the two however by farEDIT One tiny ualm Pg 178 of the hardback edition made me see red briefly I love comics I know comics To uote the book partly because of the trend in films based on comic books which historically don't have many strong female characters This is factually incorrect I'm setting a timer to see how many I can type in 30 secondsShadowcat Storm Phoenix Marvel Girl Catwoman Poison Ivy Wonder Woman Dust Magik I Magik II Black Widow Raven Wasp Spider Woman Viper Karma X Time's up I'm mostly an X Men fan can you tell? The last one would have been X 23; I refuse to call her Wolverine Sorry Laura no Be they heroines or villainesses comics are rich with examples of strong female charactersI actually believe I will write to the author about this for any future editionBut hey we can't all be geeksEDIT 2 I messaged Jay Newton Small on Twitter about the issue of strong female characters in comicsShe retweeted a tweet of my own linking to this review In doing so she also wrote point well made about strong female characters in comicsAwesome womanI also edited this review which I originally wrote with a migraine for clarity ease of reading and so I am notwell embarrassed by itNever write a review with a migraine Lesson learned

  5. Saleem Kassum Saleem Kassum says:

    Well researched and written While covering the influence of women in all sectors both public and private must read especially with upcoming elections in the USA and elsewhere Although written prior to 2016 the issues covered persist

  6. Kara Poe Alexander Kara Poe Alexander says:

    Insightful analysis into the influence of women in public and private sectors Compelling and hopeful I look forward to reading by Newton Small

  7. Judy Judy says:

    Jay Newton Small's parents met in Zambia both UN professionals Her mother spoke seven languages graduated from Cambridge Oxford and Columbia where she earned a degree in international law The UN had a rule against UN couples marrying but because her mother outranked her father at the time and they wanted to keep her on the rule was changed And yet her mother endured insults being ignored various sexual assaults because she loved her work This book is well researched and written by an obviously bright young woman There are statistics and uotes to support her premise but the book reads like a novel I recommend this book to all women who care about our role in the future of our country and indeed the world She informs us of the role of women in other countries Australia England Brazil and India We must have critical mass in all sectors for us to be truly eual Ms Newton Small encourages us with facts and opinions of the women shaping American today Women are better at listening and striving for compromise Women use words and logic instead of force and bravado I encourage you to read this book whichever side of the aisle you support or even if you reside in another country

  8. Ballerina60 Ballerina60 says:

    i am woman; hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore i SAW a LOT of this stuff i was in a manager's meeting with some kind of special guest speaker from upper management when i asked a uestion the speaker actually had the nerve to call me HONEY when i answered him i called him DEAR boy did i get in trouble it was worth it there is a balance in the universe male and femaleyin and yang are all part of that balance when we are not in balance nothing works as it should this critical mass is part of getting to that balance and let's face it when you exclude half of the population you reduce your possible numbers of great minds and great achievers in half when i was in college not telling we had a course called Womens Studies great book for that courseRead this

  9. Katherine Katherine says:

    Fantastic look at the changing role of women in the public and private sector Truly encouraging

  10. Melissa Bakkila Melissa Bakkila says:

    This book is a treasure of facts and anecdotes of women all across America in politics It addresses how women handle things differently and approach things differently Although it does mention women being democratic than Republican it does prove to be mostly bipartisan focusing on obstacles women face how they handle conflict and disagreements and their positive impact on the government regardless of partyI had no idea the amount of obstacles that face women until I read some anecdotes from women as little as a few years ago It's empowering to hear instead of getting upset about their struggles most of the time they just push through and force the men in their field to include and accept them and the men most of the time doAnecdotes help to paint a picture of struggles and they are from real women in our government however they are not proof of ineuality as much as statistics and facts which this book is also full ofAlthough it highlights some places where we as a society need to improve on it mostly is inspiring highlighting all the obstacles we have overcameA wonderful read for any feminist

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